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Reservation for Bizarre and Extinct Beasts

Dreamed before September 7, 2003 by Orion Sandstorrm

An illustration of a futuristic science fiction adventure dream that I had.

Click to enlarge. Faux ukiyoe print of a bright-feathered bipedal dinosaur with two riders, one in jeans, one in medieval Japanese armor, flee a tyrannosaur in the 'Reservation for Bizarre and Extinct Beasts'. A woman peers through a window at the scene; a sign in Japanese points toward an exit. Dream image, copyright Orion Sandstorrm (the double r is correct); permission requested.
I decided to do it in an ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock print) style. So, I researched it a bit: the style itself, armor, the appropriate Mesozoic flora. Really fun, although all the plants got a bit frustrating. The undefined-species dinosaur we were riding on was probably only feathered in businesslike gray, beige, and white, not at all parrotlike in rainbows, but where's the fun in that?

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