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by Chris Wayan

I haven't checked all these links--some may be out of date. Please email me if you find bad links or know a good site to add.

Association for the Study of Dreams: Huge! ASD's the best node for dreamworkers. Relatively weak on dream art, though.
Electric Dreams, at, is a large online magazine about all aspects of dreamwork.
Linda Magallon's Flying Dreams (at is a good-sized site. Besides flying, it's strong on puns, lucidity, ESP and nightmares. Clear, strong writing.
The Lucidity Institute at Stanford is Stephen La Berge's project promoting lucid dreams. Narrowly focused. is a nonprofit site focused on dream interpretation. It's a simple, well-organized set of short articles--a good basic reference. is a directory page listing smaller dreamsites. is a surprisingly comprehensive links page on all sorts of dream topics and types.

DREAM LIBRARIES has dreams on 2008's major presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain. Funny! Three samples: Hillary's Eyes, A Clintonian Affair, and Hillary and Teal. a good-sized dream library. Iris particularly likes surreal dreams, but they run the gamut here.
Twisk is a dream-sharing site with good feedback. Dream texts aren't edited, and often badly need it--but that's true of most dream-sharing sites.
Weremonkey's Lair, at, is a small dream library. Two sample dreams: Creepiness and Regeana's Dragon

DREAM BLOGS AND PERSONAL SITES A big, well-written site with as many as a thousand dream-poems, though most are brief--Roswila specializes in dreamku (haiku-like distillations of a night's dreaming). But I find her occasional longer dream poem even more interesting. Her advice and links are also top notch. Dream Junkee has intense lucid dreams full of sex, tornadoes, fights and transformations. Vivid if sometimes angry stuff.
S. Toth has a large site with photocollages and rambly but oddly compelling dream narratives. You'll either love or hate it.

DREAM ART Jenny Badger Sultan is a sophisticated dream artist with decades of dream paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor, collage). She layers, textures, and incorporates multi-dream time into paintings--related dreams may show up in a grid or strung along a path through a landscape. Some of these are gorgeous and fantastically intricate. Brenda Ferrimani has also been painting dreams in acrylic for years. At times she gets New Agy (gratuitous auras & floating planets), but her best work (like Fall Into Fear) is surreal, dynamic and powerful. is Roger Omar's longstanding (since 2002!) online gallery of a special kind of dream-art--he gets adult artists to illustrate children's dreams. Interestingly, artists' comments on interpreting other dreamers' material describe the same struggles I and other contributors to the World Dream Bank have with illustrating our own dreams. is Jesse Reklaw's site showing his ongoing online cartoons, illustrating his fans' dreams. Several collections are in print too. I prefer longer formats myself, (see Bibliography), but admire the project's sheer scope--and humor.
Dreams: Artwork of the Collective Unconscious shows contributed dreams and art. Small, but it welcomes additions, and it works, unlike most others I found!
ASD (see DREAMS, above) has archived its annual dream-art shows from 1996 onward. Only samples, not full shows, but it's something.
Mark Ryden does dream-based paintings a bit like Junko Mizuno, full of cute kids and toys all gone a little greenish and moldy...
Franz Miklis does science fiction art he says is based on dreams. Not my thing, but quite accomplished art--you wouldn't guess they're dreams!
S. Toth has a large site with photocollages and rambly but oddly compelling dream narratives. You'll either love or hate it.
C'mon, people! Find me more dream artists! You have to be out there!

DREAM COMICS (send me suggestions!) is Jesse Reklaw's site showing his ongoing online cartoons, illustrating his fans' dreams. He's published two collections. I'm ambivalent about his format (see Bibliography), but admire the project's sheer scope--and humor.
Visionary cartoonist Al Davison's small site (see bibliography).
Haunter by Sam Alden is at An excerpt is in Best American Comics 2013. Based on a series of recurring nightmares, it's a scary tale set long after civilization crashed.

http:// A big, well-written site with as many as a thousand dream-poems, though most are brief. Roswila specializes in dreamku (haiku-like distillations of a night's dreaming) but I found her occasional longer dream poem even more interesting. Her how-to pages are also top-notch.

Stephen LA BERGE can be reached via his Lucidity Institute Dream Junkee has intense lucid dreams full of sex, tornadoes, fights and transformations. Vivid stuff.
There are several large lucid-dream libraries online, but so far I've found them all poorly structured--it's hard to find interesting/relevant content. And they're all unedited, so the writing is weak. If you like a lucid-dreaming site PLEASE EMAIL ME with your recommendation!

VCL gallery: the largest furry artist site. Uncensored, unedited, frequently crude, mostly junk of course, but full of weird and fascinating stuff. Try Chris Goodwin, Ursula Vernon, Corene Werhane, Melissa Loh, Vision, Sabrina O'Neal...
Deviantart: the largest general-purpose art site--so large its furry content alone is huge. Like VCL, it's unedited, frequently crude, but...

GLASER, Nina: Butoh-influenced, dreamlike staged photos that influenced several of my dreams. See Bibliography.
O'NEILL, Dan: pioneering underground cartoonist (see bibliography). His strip "Odd Bodkins" warped my worldview for life.
Kristen SARD: sexy dreamlike staged photos, distorted nondigitally. You won't believe me when you see them, but it's true. No computer.
TERAOKA, Masami: paintings in old Japanese style on modern issues like AIDS and culture clash.
GRIFFIN, Nic, also known as LOTTA RUBBISH: surrealist fashion made of garbage.

The Parapsychological Association: a large, decades-old organization founded by J.B.Rhine (Rhine cards, etc.) Try their Resource page or the journal abstracts in Archives. The site rather courteously lists an article with links to the largest skeptics' organization:
CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. Given their habit of dismissing any amateur experimentation as "anecdotal", I have mixed feelings about them, but do they point out pitfalls and sharpen your experimental perspective.
Psychic Reader: site with 6 years of articles from the Reader, published by the Berkeley Psychic Institute. A sample New Age site, with some decent articles on psychic dreams. Few links. I really listed it because I once wrote for advice on my love life and their resident psychic published a VERY perceptive answer--except she got my gender wrong! Oh well, details, details...

National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children (NFGCC):
The Association for the Gifted (TAG): and for support groups and parents of gifted kids and teens,
National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC):
Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG):
Haven (by and for gifted kids):
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page:

The Society for Human Sexuality (, part of the Sex Education Web Circle, is a serious sort of place but has a lot of reliable links.
The Center for Sex and Culture ( has a library, plays, classes, groups, gropes... and Carol Queen. If it's sexual, she can answer it.

Thanks to Selena for these links Yes you are trans enough, article by Mia Violet now expanded into a book. - Contrapoints, particularly the autogynophilia and gender dysphoria videos, go into details the community generally doesn't, because we have shame and Contra does not.
Fox and Owl at Totnes Pride: Fox and Owl know a lot of people in the community through their work telling other people's stories and being advocates. I haven't seen their videos but they sound good.

Elfwood. A gigantic, well-done gallery--thousands of amateur fantasy and sf artists and writers, with bios and commentary.
Uplift Institute: doesn't exist yet. Let's start one! David Brin began the whole idea in his sf novels, but no one's trying to realize his vision. The basic idea: we're morally obliged to help other species develop sentience, if only to compensate them for killing, robbing, and enslaving them. We owe them big brains, health care, language, opposable thumbs, electric light! An Uplift Institute will collect data and start planning how to create a multispecies world. Uplifting fairly intelligent species may be simpler than we think. Big-brained species aren't rare because brains are hard to build--they're just costly. Brains are gas hogs--they burn 10-12 times as much energy as the average organ. Most wild species can't afford that. It's a poverty issue!

PLANETOLOGY and CLIMATOLOGY is the best atlas of the solar system I've found. When constructing alternate worlds, I used it shamelessly.
Terraforming. This page of is the best I could find, in a splintered but fascinating field. It's a growth industry, kids! Get in on the ground floor!
And for an (alarming) historical perspective on climate change, check out the Ice Age maps of Jonathan Adams, at is Frans Blok's map of a fascinating alternate Mars more detailed in many ways than my Mars Reborn.

PAGANISM (including shamanism, witchcraft, Goddess worship)
Witches' Voice is a huge node.
Starhawk is probably the best-known American witch. I recommend her books, particularly her nonfiction, which provoked a vivid political dream: Starhawk the Witch.
Sacharuna is a fair-sized shamanic site. It's too drug-oriented for me; I get the same effects (with less risk) from drumming, visualization, and especially dreamwork. But their links page is good.
Burning Man. Not pagan? Burning Man's not pagan? What the hell else can you call naked artists building a mad ephemeral city in a desert? really isn't pagan, it's New Age, and too gooey for me. But its networks page is big and diverse.
SHAMAN'S DRUM was the best paper zine on the subject, but their website as of 2014 is just a placeholder.

Thanks to Katie Cook for sending many updated links! has many links plus a large (and excellent) section of essays and advice by autistic author Temple Grandin.
Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical: (because all autistics should understand those people)
Guide to Improving Gastrointestinal Symptoms among Children with Autism Spectrum:
Help with Behavioral Issues & Learning Life Skills:
Health Issues Specific to Autism:,id,466,1-1.aspx
A Guide to Keeping Your Children with Autism Safe:

The 12-step model worked for me, unlike many of the (expensive!) medical programs out there... there really is a spiritual side to the illness in a LOT of cases. Do get tested for food allergies. DON'T just see a shrink! I recommend joining a group, if you can. Physically meeting others like yourself has a strange power that web-talk lacks--you may recognize our body type, mannerisms, pheromones... auras? Still, here are a few sites for isolated anorexics: is the biggest and best online nexus
The National Eating Disorders Association. Biggest nonweb organization
Overeaters Anonymous--despite the name, they also host groups for anorexics and bulemics in my town; they do in most cities. Quality? Variable, but the best are VERY good, and you can't beat the price: free.

Send me URLs of personal sites wrestling with how to heal, and other noncommercial sites you like. I don't want to list ads from therapists. I went to the original San Francisco group that began the ASCA program, and liked it. ASCA started as a rebellion against 12-step programs demanding you forgive abusers; they built their own multistep model. Like AA it's effective structured peer support, not therapy.
A good resource on addiction (and health issues in general) is the Health Vertical Portal, at

Peter S. BEAGLE has no site of his own, but here's a good fan site with booklist:
Ray BRADBURY's site,, has excerpts from each of his books.
Ann FARADAY has scattered articles but no central site. Read her classic books, DREAM POWER and THE DREAM GAME.
James HILLMAN's own site seems to be down a lot, but a solid fan site is
Patricia MCKILLIP has no site of her own, but is a good fan site, with a list of other writers McKillip fans might like--I did.
Ursula LE GUIN: The world's foremost living Taoist science fiction writer (well, maybe the only one). Ooh! Can I be the second?
Philip PULLMAN: two good sites! is comprehensive if choppy. is smaller, but with a good bibliography, including even his disowned first novel.
JRR TOLKIEN: Start with The Tolkien Society and The Mythopoeic Society.
James TREFIL is on a panel discussing ESP research at Intriguing, but mostly not Trefil. Read his books.
Robert VAN DE CASTLE has a small site with an ad for his classic OUR DREAMING MIND. has some of his essays (he's an ASD member). But start with the book.

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