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WAITING FOR PIGFALL: by Wayan; 1979/10/31, a puzzling Halloween dream.
The messiah of a suicide cult prepares to ritually sacrifice me. Then a miracle occurs! But... whose?
WALDROP'S SUMMONED: by Wayan; 1994/2/2, a dream on spiritual callings.
I'm in Middle Earth, interviewing hobbits who've experienced a phenomenon called Summoning...
WALKER'S DREAM: by Madame C.J. Walker; c.1895, a dream-cure that worked AND made her rich
My scalp had an infection that just wouldn't heal. I tried everything. Then I dreamed I met
a big, black man who advised me to use certain ingredients from Africa...
WALL TO WALL WATER: by Larry Vigon; 2003/3/18; a surreal, beautiful dreamlet
The home we were to stay in was on fire. The next had a living room
that was shallow water, wall to wall, where turquoise fish swam...
WALRUSHMORE: by Wayan; 1982/1/8; a dream pun with political bite
In my sister's house I saw a magazine cover showing that famous
national monument in the Black Hills: Mt Walrushmore...
WALTER'S DIVE: by Walter's father; pre-1961, a predictive dream disastrously forgotten
I dreamt my son Walter drowned in the creek by a certain tree. I woke in tears, and resolved...
WAPATO BIRDS: by Wayan; 1986/2/2, a subtly psychic dream.
I'm a Wapato Bird: part crane, part elk, part tree-bud. Despite my
shyness, I must lead our people's migration to the Grand Teton lakes...
WAR IN THE RING: by Bruno Oliveira; May 2011, a happy nightmare
War, monsters, plague and bombs are just thrills spicing up
this city rising from a tropical sea on an alien world...
WARIA: by Wayan; 640 x 450, 1989, digital image based on a 1987/3/23 dream.
My life was a sex disaster. I felt ugly and sick. Then I dreamed I found a counselor
who really helped. But my parents warned me against her. Why? They explained:
WARM FUZZIES: by Wayan; 1990/2/20, an origin-myth dream.
I take a shortcut with the Warm Fuzzies, boating on lava through the earth's core,
and now when a volcano erupts, I know who it is that's quarreling beneath..
WARM MOTHER: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2001/3/24, 3/29, 3/30 & 4/1; dreams
I dream my mother takes over caring for my sick daughter; I feel pushed aside.
When I wake, I try to paint a more positive image of mothering.
For a week, dream after dream has opportunities for patience and letting go of jealousy...
WARRING MOIRES: by Wayan; 1988. Abstract nondream digital picture-poem-thingy
Dodging between all your -isms, I feel like a bird on a battlefield...
WASHINGTON'S DUNE: by Wayan; 1992/1/18, a dream on perseverance.
George Washington faces sniper fire, kamikaze birds
and critics claiming the fight for freedom is doomed...
WASP: by Madellyne Waugh; 2010/4/22, a punning dream on... guilt?
A giant insect chases me around our gym. A girl tells me it's harmless but I'm sure it's a...
WASTE: by Wayan; 100K, 1990/5/15, a desert singles poem, 11 images.
A road trip through New Mexico mutates into a tour of my relationship disasters...
WATER BOOKS: by Marilyn Stablein; 1968, a dream while visiting Nepal... for six years
In a Tibetan monastery on an ancient lakebed, I swim through a vast sunken library.
Books open like sea anemones, letters float to the surface like kelp...
WATERCATS: by Wayan; 1987/9/10; an epic, clear predictive dream
I dream I find a few 'extinct' watercats--in a slum! They talk. They say I'm one of them,
brainwashed to think I'm human. I wake, go to a dinner, and hear a tale of... watercats!
WATERFALL: by Wayan; 1986, ink blown up via Xerox, with acrylic wash; nondream.
A stylized waterfall--a distillation of all those childhood summers camping in Yosemite...
WATERSHIP DOWNTRODDEN: by Wayan; 1983/6/22, a dream of another life.
I'm an intelligent rabbit in an alphamale's harem, organizing a feminist movement...
WAYAN SAYS: by Wayan; 1992-94. Digital portrait of dream-self
I'm a lean loose cheetah who works best in short bursts and
long lazy rests. When I get to thinking too human, I overwork...
WAYAN'S STUDIO: Wayan, Sept. 1999 (workspace sketches), 2007 (text)
These sketches bare my work process: I multitask, but without planning, in a
flow state. I really do just follow my bliss. Works better for me than logic.
WE GO IN PEACE: by Florence; pre-1961, a telepathic dream-report of another's death experience
My father-in-law looked me in the eye and said, 'Florence, the Lord is my shepherd and we go in peace'...
WE MARCHED THROUGH THE CITY OF SAINT FRANCIS: by Wayan; 1982/5/1?, a dream-tinged poem.
After a peace march in San Francisco, I saw us as deer, and Americans as dogs. Yet WE frighten THEM...
WE MEET IN DREAMS: by Katie Hofgard; 100K, 2005?, a dream-portrait
I only meet my wolf-soulmate in recurrent dreams...
WE TALK IT OVER IN HIS BRAIN: by Wayan; 1989. Digital portrait of dream characters.
My personality is borderline multiple: they veto and sabotage each other if not consulted first via dreams...
WEAVING MATS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2009/3/15; a predictive dream from the Box of Dreams
In a camp, women wove mats. I was tempted to try. But it was
months before I learned what they'd really been weaving..
THE WEB-BIRD LED ME: by Wayan; 1994; digital sketch previsioning the World Dream Bank?
Maybe the wed like a shining dove will lead me from my lonely cave
into the light. The glaring light... Wait! That can't be right!
THE WEED: by Elizabeth Bishop; before 1946, a dream-poem on death/rebirth
I was dead. A weed grew from my heart; then two streams poured out--not
water or blood but experiences. I asked the weed what it was doing, and it said...
THE WEEPING BRAIN: by Wayan; 2010/12/5; an anti-workaholic nightmare poem
My sister just bought a biocomputer: an enslaved human brain in a box of weeping skin...
THE WELL: by Denise Levertov; 1960?; a dream-poem
I meet my own muse--the muse of all of us, perhaps--scooping water from a sacred well...
WELL-MEANING GRASS: by Wayan; 1982/5/17, a diagnostic Trek dream.
On a gene-engineered world, the Prime Minister tries to assassinate
the Bug Princess by tricking a well-meaning smartlawn...
THE WELL OF WOMEN'S WISDOM: by Wayan; 1991/3/25, a dream on gradualism.
I find the Well of Women's Wisdom. Lucky I'm female tonight! A girl sneers "Narrow!" Is it, or her?
WELLS'S QUEST: by Wayan; 1992/7/14, a benevolent dream.
I'm on a world inhabited by hobbits when H.G. Wells shows up, looking for a Ring of Power...
WENDY NEGLECTED: by Wayan; 1996/7/22, a paradoxical dream.
Ari neglects Wendy till she doubts she's sexy. I show her she is. But am I using her too?
'WE'RE ALL HUMAN': by Wayan; 1987/3/13, a dream trial.
For flirting in the astral cafeteria, we all get sentenced to group therapy--
till I catch the lie in my life. What lie? Read the title...
WE'RE ALL SOMEONE'S TOYS: by Wayan; 2013/12/27, a stage-dreamlet in FOAM FURS
WERECAT SYNDROME: by Wayan, 2017/4/23, dream advice on Asperger's. Or masculinity?
Werecat Syndrome runs in my family. Academics assume I'm a savage predator.
Why? All I want to do is rub up against girls and find one who purrs back...
WERE-COMPOSER: by Wayan; 1995/2/15, a trashy dream.
I help a brilliant, starving composer turn his family curse into a profitable business...
WEREDOGS AREN'T RACIST: by Wayan; 1974/3/31, a surreal sarcastic dream
I'm a girljock waiting to see a movie when a weredog in line involuntarily
shifts from dog to human, and a Berkeley radical takes offense at the symbolism...
I'M A WERE-TIGER: by Wayan; 2015/2/6, a dreamlet in FOAM FURS
WERE-TROUT: by Wayan; 1997/8/2, a dating-advisory dream.
I'm a one-legged hopping hermit in the ruins of LA, and my only hope
for love is to conjure up a girl out of a trout and a puppy...
WEREWOLF TRANSFERENCE: by Larry Vigon; fall 1997?; a nightmare reversed by courage
Chased by the old movie Wolfman, I get tired of fear and turn on the monster. I take on his wolfness!
But in me, wolf-nature manifests differently--as a human body with a calm, happy wolf's head...
WEREWOLF PARADOX: by Garvin Jabusch, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; an ironic nightmare
I must outrun the rising moon so I don't turn into a wolf and
kill my friends, but only a werewolf is swift enough to...
WHALE BIKES TO HEAVEN: by Wayan; 1974/5/6, a shamanic double-flying dream
A road trip with no road--levitating over the Arctic Sea to meet the Whale Philosopher.
Then it's time for us all to bike to the stars, leave this world behind...
WHALE SPEAKS: by Brenda Ferrimani; dreamed 2014? An epic dream painting.
I dreamed I was a whale swimming against a Christian ebb tide,
trying to lead humans to a cleaner spiritual current...
WHAT ARE THE ISSUES?: by Carla Young, 2010/3/16; painting of a political dream pun
My friend's ignorant of our local Congressional race. I loathe Pombo
and like his rival McNerney, but can't pronounce his name right...
WHAT E.S.P. IS FOR: by Wayan; 2012/12/10, three dreamlets on my real nature and purpose
I dream ESP isn't just for oneself.
A romance between a wolf singer & a deer guitarist.
I'm furry too, and better accept it!
WHAT GOD BELIEVES IN: by Wayan; 1984/9/23, a dream of working for a difficult deity
God's my boss, but like a bratty little brother, he's Not Speaking To Me. It's slowing down our office...
WHAT MEN HIDE BEHIND: by Wayan; 1992/11/30, an alarming comic dream
The real pursuit of happiness: she pursues me, and I run in shame and hide! But she's persistent...
WHAT! MORE?: by Wayan; 300 x 500, ink 1985, digital color 2001.
The world needs Zen cards, to balance out the Tarot.
So here's my Zen pack--all one of them. One too many.
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: by a Coon Rapids woman early 1993,
(as reported by Janis Amatuzio); an almost-lifesaving dream of a ghost who wasn't dead!
I dreamed my husband told me he'd been in a car crash and was in a frozen ditch not visible
from the road near our house. I woke and called 911 who found him just twenty minutes later...
"WHAT SHARKS?": by Wayan; 1990/4/22, a dream of multiple viewpoints.
A cowgirl is driving us in circles round the dusty parking lot, fleeing the air-sharks... or is she?
WHAT STARTED THE PILLOWFIGHT: by Wayan; 1983/2/16, a strangely innocent dream.
My sister and I get into an argument about different kinds of incest, in embarrassing circumstances...
WHAT TO DO IN A WIZARD'S LAIR: by Wayan; 2013/4/23, a comic dreamlet
A friend who's a sorceror's apprentice shows me his Dark Master's tower. And
his Dark Master's bed strewn with all his stuffed animals! I just can't resist...
WHAT YOU IMAGINE HAPPENS: by Wayan; 1982/2/21; a dreampoem on quarks. Or spooks.
I'm stuck on a runaway bus. So we decided to picture the axle falling off, and
it obeys! But the bus zooms on, carried by a horde of little animals...
WHAT'S IN THE BASKET?: by Ceridwens_Descent; 2007/8/4, a dream of embarrassing head loss
I cut off my own head! But I grew a new one. Only what to do with the old one? It's starting to rot...
THE WHEEL by Nancy Price; 1948, an early, intense dream of Future Shock.
Lost in an industrial maze, my memories hopelessly outdated, I resign myself to the Wheel...
by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2000/3/23 & 2000/4/19, twin dreams of carved women
A woman is knifed by the sea. I cradle her, but she's probably dying...
For my intitiation-ordeal, I have to cut designs in my own back! I can't reach, so...
WHEN THE SPIRIT MOVES YOU: by Wayan; 1996/5/1, an alternate-world dream.
An empire of creatures asexual most of the year has affected its human neighbors--or bred a new type.
WHERE'S IT COME FROM?: by Wayan; 1995/3/19, a dream squared.
Why am I an outsider? Can I change? Even my dreams don't know. I wake to find my
meditation was a dream, and as much of an answer as dreamwork can give...
WHERE'S MY MUM?: by Pauline Ramsey; 1972, a long-term predictive nightmare.
My mum's under my bed, unconscious, her head cracked. I wake knowing she'll lose her mind...
WHICH ROAD? 1999/1/13. Digital sketch of a dream voting for slow.
I was on a path winding over grassy hills, while humans zoomed by on a freeway below...
WHILE THE MEN WERE HUNTING by Wayan, 1981/11/3; a crayon-ink-Xerox art-prayer.
In cave times, while the men were all out hunting, it was
the women who learned to paint the cave walls to summon...
WHIPPING NIGHTMARES: by Jamie Sawyer; 2014/9/3; non-lucid yet lucidlike dream
Attacked on the ground, in the air, even in space, I fight back effectively.
Not lucid, yet in my dreams I now have real power...
WHITE AND MALE ARE SLURS: by Wayan, 2017/3/8, a dream venting political grievance
Activists rant to a crowd "White males should shut up so we all can speak!" All?
To them, MY issues don't exist--autism, prodigism, second sight... shamanism.
THE WHITE DEER, RE-ENACTED: by Wayan; 2009/3/2, a parabolic dreampoem.
I'm living in an England rendered in chalk. We wander the woods with butterfly nets,
ritually hunting the White Deer--if that's what they really are...
by Wayan; 2013/4/13, an epic shamanic epiphany dream with tinges of ESP
I meet my Creator--a were-deer. No wonder I'm a shy, horny herbivore
so unlike these naked apes! She tells me my divine purpose...
WHITE-FACED: by John A. Symonds; 1861/7/3, a mutation nightmare
My face was leprous white like parchment; my eyes shone with
a cold blue eerie light. I shrieked "Papa, don't you know me?"...
A WHITE-FACED MARE, 29 YEARS LATER: by an Iowa grandma; 1918, a predictive dream
My grandmother dreamt a white-faced black mare trampled me in our orchard.
We had no such mare. But 29 years later, I boarded a man's two mares...
WHITE-HAIRED WOMEN: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 2002/5/4, a dream painting
I'm in a ring of seven white-haired women, our arms all interlocking.
When I woke I had fun working out the pattern of those interlinked arms...
WHITE-KNUCKLE FAIRNESS: by Wayan; 1999/3/23, a dream of not being me.
I'm a conscientious saurian who feels obliged to duel with a hot-tempered friend.
Preparing, wanting to fight fair, I don't just file my spurs blunt, I...
THE WHITE MARE OF TRANSFORM RANCH: by Wayan; 1982/2/18, a dream of my anima
I visit a dude ranch where you learn to turn into other species--see
how others live. A white mare I barely recognize says Hello...
THE WHITE SNAKE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1998/4/1, a dream painting
DAY: we're preparing for a trip to Malta to see ancient sites.
DREAM: Hiking, I discover a gigantic white snake. It feels like a good omen...
THE WHITE SUBMARINE: by Wayan; 1974/7/6, a dream of love and flood.
My girlfriend and I ride out the Great Flood in the White Submarine,
but there are romantic complications. Some things never change...
THE WHITE WAVE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1988/8/3, a comic nightmare
I'm holding a pornographic novel, trying to keep it dry, as huge waves
flood the room. The book and I are both going to get drenched...
WHO ATE MY LETTUCE?: by Wayan; 1983/1/13, a short dreamfable.
An invisible monster is eating my lettuce patch.
It casts a huge blurry shadow, leaves footprints, but...
WHO CENSORS BIRTH?: by Wayan; 1994/5/2, a dream speculation.
I'm assisting a hard birth as photos are shot for an article. Why's birth so rarely seen, what do we fear?
THE WHO IN HELL AM I: by Wayan; 1984/1/28, a stubborn dream.
I'm Pete Townshend of the Who, climbing stubbornly out of Hell by noticing what I don't want...
WHO IS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW?: by Krista G.; 2008/6/25, a recurrent false-waking dream.
Someone's prowling outside my window. I'm paralyzed in bed, but I force myself into action...
WHO KNOWS WHO'S YOUR MATE? mid-1980s, ink, Xerox, acrylic; a nondream picture-poem
Share? And who? And WHAT? Who knows who's your mate... and who's NOT?
WHO'LL BE MY LOVE?: by Wayan; 1986/4/14, a dream noir farce; part 4 of UNICORN TAG.
I'm a hardboiled detective wincing as I grill a meek little psychic
(probably me) about squish-softboiled topics like unicorns and love...
WHO, ME?: by Wayan; 2002. Acrylic of dream figure.
Some shy folks don't even know they're dragons....
WHO SHATTERS?: by Wayan; 1995/6/18, a cryptic culinary dream.
Dry noodles shatter when bent. Wait, not noodles--they have auras! Feel like me--parts of me? Oh!
These aren't noodles or strands of my being. I'm not this brittle. They're relatives!
WHO WERE THEY?: by Wayan; 1999. Digital sketch of daydream.
Who were they? I don't know. But they were doing something powerful on top of that mountain.
WHOSE DREAM IS THIS, ANYWAY?: by Anonymous #25, c.2005, as told by Patti Allen; a cledonic dream
A dreamer I know dreamt she was fired by a Mr Bleeden. Baffled her, but made shocking sense to me! My dad...
WHOSE DREAM WAS IT?: by Wayan; 2008/10/18, a nested-dream poem, Dreamverse #35.
I'm a Chinese kid fleeing the Japanese Occupation in 1938. As we near San Francisco,
I wake to find it's all my dad's dream. Wait--he's alive again? But he was never a refugee.
Is it a pastlife memory? If so, whose--his or mine?
WHY ARE WE AFRAID TO DIE?: by Hopper; summer 2008, an astral-interview dream.
I meet a ghost girl and ask her about death. I figure she knows first-hand. And she tells me...
WHY COWGIRLS LOVE BROCCOLI: by Wayan; 1987/8/19, a surreal dream of love.
I'm a cowgirl in Nevada circa 1900. In the canyon below Haunted Mansion,
I meet a broccoli-green lizard girl. Naturally I help a lady in distress...
WHY I BECAME THE SEA: by Wayan; 1980/6/19, a dream of containment.
I get so mad at a bunch of cops who harass gays, that I become the sea itself and chase them...
WHY I LIE: by Wayan, 2016/10/7, a dream on privacy-guilt
In a class, asked to share a bit about myself, I lie. Why? Not only are people like me
illegal, my particular story would be seen as impossible...
WHY PROGRESS IS SLOW: by Wayan; 1991/1/26 & 2/16, twin timetravel dreams
Time-hopping through centuries, I learn how slow
deep social change is. How we cling to the old horrors!
WIDE FACE: by Wayan; Digital sketch, 1991, of hypnogogic image.
A portrait of Snow White's eighth dwarf, the one Disney had to leave out...
A WIFE OR A GHOST: by Justin Masi; 2014? a surreal dream-painting-prose-poem on grief
My sister's fiancé Billy died a year ago. I didn't realize how deep the grief ran till I dreamed...
THE WILD HUNT: by Carl Jung; Sept. 1922, a clairvoyant dream hinting what death is
A huge wolfhound tore past me. My blood froze. The Wild Hunt was carrying off a soul...
THE WILD HUNT: by Wayan; 1998/7/24, a dream of myth--or abuse?.
We're exploring the English farm we inherited, when The Wild Hunt storms over the hill...
WILD MAGIC: by Wayan, 2018/1/8, a dream on finding a place
A teacher drafts me into her magic class to shake up her sheltered wizard-wannabes.
My magic's wild, ignoring spells and rules. I don't think I realized how wild...
WILD W.I.L.D.: by Dream Junkee; 2008/1/19, an epic lucid frustration dream?
I'm lucid but paralyzed. A weird child spies on me; is she controlling me?
Then I'm having sex--but if I come, I'll wake up! Then some thugs jump me.
I make sure they won't bother me again, but... is everyone in this dream out to distract me?
A WILD WOUNDED BITCH: by Wayan; 1979/11/28, a dream of displacement.
My dad steals my furry girlfriend! The maid and I spy on them;
we get hot and do it, but it's just not the same...
WILDERNESS OF VIRGINIA: by Jack Kerouac; around Oct. 1, 1953; a capitalist nightmare
I feel horrified--how publishers will batten on the sufferings of junkey musicians... unbearable...
WILL I BE BITTEN?: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2009/3/15; a predictive dream from the Box of Dreams
A friend who's fought lymphoma invites me to sleep in a cave, but I fear a rattlesnake will bite me...
WILLPOWER (HAPPINESS): by Wayan; 1991/1/17, a didactic dream.
At age 90, the first female high-rise steelworker tells me
why she did it--and why she regrets it now...
THE WIND FROM HELL: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, a dream-poem.
Hot air rises, right? So there's a monsoon from Hell,
lifting souls. Lucky for us that gravity balances it...
WIND OF SELF-HATE: by Wayan, 1976/4/4, a dream warning of family brainwashing
Biking around blindfolded and half-naked, I fight winds
of self-criticism and self-hatred that only I can feel...
WINDBAG!: by Wayan; 1982/7/24, ink, dream drawing
I didn't even think of "windbag" since it didn't talk a bit.
That bag was all action--full of flying magic...
WINDFALLS IN EDEN: by Wayan, 2000/3/30, a religio-politic dream.
I'm a part-owner of Eden, harvesting windfalls.
But a renter says his Landlord promised him all the apples...
WINDOW IN THE SKY: by Emily Joy; 2006/10/15, an epic, flying, apocalyptic dream
When my friends and I learn to fly, all of Middle Earth turns against us!
Fleeing from Saruman's army, I discover the backstage truth about our world...
WING IT: by Wayan, 1995/12/29-1996/2/14, a 9-page improv comic.
An art experiment--the only rule is DRAW without preconceptions--
no models, no ideas, no plans, not even dreams. Drawing from the void!
WINGED BOOBY SNAKE: by Brian Harp; 2005, a dream character
A winged serpentine beast from my dreamscape...
WINGS by Nancy Price; 1948, two bird-people dreams, one psychic
I have a long chat with two songbirds. Next I'm a parrot, living in rainforest. Then the mail comes...
WINGVOW: by Wayan; 101K, 1994. Digital collage of dream figures
Here's an incantation to induce flying dreams. "Bring me wings NOW, or forever hold your peace..."
WINTER DREAMS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; winter 2004/2005, a painted series of color-dreams.
After teaching a class on color, I had a series of vivid dreams
about color, and tried fusing them into one painting...
WINTER SNAIL: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1994/1/22, twin dreams of renewal fuse in a painting
At the beach, a barrel of huge snails somehow heal my legs.
In the next dream, back on the beach, I give birth to our son...
WIRES: by Wayan; 1957-1963, a recurrent childhood nightmare resolved by drawing, Dec 1999
I was bodiless but trapped. All I could see were these moving wires. Whenever a knot drifted by...
A WISE WRITER PROTECTS HER EYES: by Wayan; 1998/8/19, an advisory dreamtale.
A writer I meet either starts flirting with me obscenely, or advising me about eyecare, or... both?
WISH AND WAKE: by Wayan; 1998/7/9, a dream within a dream.
I wake up praying for love--and then realize my wish is contradictory, and revise it to...
WISH-RATIONED EARTH: by Wayan; 2015/6/19; an advisory dream on...miracles?
I'm stranded on an alternate Earth under strict rationing--of wishes!
But you need to wish a few times a year to keep the system greased...
WISHING RICOCHETS: by Wayan, 2017/7/18, a shamanic dream on will and restraint.
Trapped in segregation-era Florida, I force a racist waitress to go bother someone else.
Disastrously, she does. Someone more vulnerable. Self-assertion's not always wise.
WITCH AND WITTENS: by Wayan, 2012/2/20, a dream about sexual ambivalence
I never find girls I dislike hot... so why do this smugly seductive witch
and all her pointy-hat minions simultaneously attract and repel me so?
WITCH AT THE IRON CORE: by Wayan; 1998/10/16, an engineering-proposal dream.
A witch in the future invents a new way to terraform small dense moons--and it'd work!...
WITCH, FLY FREE!: by Wayan; 1997/5/3, a predictive dream.
A castle of witches in Europe. Persecuted for centuries, they're wary.
Still, such a treasure-trove of kindred spirits! Can I find a witch to love?
THE WITCH-PIMPS NEXT DOOR: by Wayan, 2015/12/19, a dream on healing from abuse
First I dream the neighbors are powerful witches offering dog-collared children
to the local men. Later, on a train, I meet two kids who managed to escape...
WITH WILD AND TURQUOISE EYES: by Joan-lee Woehler; c.1950, a dream of a Jungian Shadow
I slay the beautiful dragon attacking us, despite my regret.
And then, as I sleep, glowing eyes advance on our keep AGAIN...
WITHOUT KNOWING: dreamed before 2009 by W.S. Merwin; a dream poem on flying
I was flying south so it was autumn, numberless autumn with its leaves already far below me...
WITNESS: by Patagia, 2006/2/16, a poem of a redemptive nightmare
A woman I had wronged set her pit bull on me! Hand in its jaws, I gave in, and we both began crying...
WITWEET WAYAN: by Wayan, 1979/1/10, a dream of butch and femme.
Six generations in the future, I find a poodle who can defuse the bomb my snotty friends can't...
WIZARD GIZZARD: by Wayan; 1996/8/5, a diagnostic dream.
I have a tummy ache. Our local wizard says "no wonder, with fascists occupying your colon"...
THE WIZARD'S HORSE: by Wayan; 2018/9/3, a magical dream about... toxic waste?
I'm a wizard's horse, trying to warn him about a toxic spell on a roadside corpse...
Wake into a second dream, but try to return to being a dream-mare and warn my rider...
And then wake to realize my Nightmare was warning about a home-renovation project!
WOLF AND BURROWING OWL: by Wayan; 1999/12/5, a scientific fairytale dream.
A burrowing owl invites her friend the wolf over for tea. It sounds very Beatrix Potter, but...
WOLF DROOL: by Wayan; 2011/12/16, a seeming sex dream that's really a health advisory!
Miniaturized, smuggled over a border inside a she-wolf's mouth, I long
for where I got briefly hidden--her labia. But healing first, sex later!
WOLF EXOGAMY: by Wayan; 2010/12/19; a furry dating-advisory dream
A dream of human and wolf people intermarrying provokes both a sculpture and a more wolfish attitude...
WOLF, NO WOLF: by Wayan; 1996/7/24, a nondream rant on place.
Is there really that much difference between the rootless yuppies flooding the West, and war refugees?
A WOLFE TRIANGLE: by Wayan; 2013/9/24, a short comic/erotic/literary dream in FOAM FURS
WOLFWALL: by Wayan; 106K, Jan. 1994. Digital image of daydream/trance
Drew all night in a trance and only learned at dawn what this flirting otter and wolf were trying to tell me...
WOLVES EVOLVE: by Wayan, 1983/11/11, a Darwinian dream.
After seeing 'Rear Window', Grace Kelly and I are wolf children in a pack that's quickly evolving into...
WOLVES IN THE BOOTH: by Thordhr "the Terror"; c.1000, a warning dream
Thordhr dreams a pack of wolves attack him in a trade-booth! He wakes sure the trade-fair will be trouble...
WOMAN WITH PLANS: by Wayan; May 1981, a crayon portrait
A figure study teaches me a lesson about the sexiness of brains. And about the unsexiness of no brains...
WOMBERS: by Wayan; 1997/8/23, a journal entry on peace-at-any-price personalities
Nancy Friday describes a kind of weak guy disturbingly like me--I think chronic illness has...
A WOMEN'S WORLD: by Wayan; 1996/8/6, a psychic dream.
I visit Earth during an all-female era. I'm a woman, can pass for local--so why do I lie to fit in?
WONDERFUL SPECTACLES: by Anna Kingsford; 1877/1/31, a clairvoyant advisory dream
A mystic postman delivers a letter on the world's best glasses and a reply from me, telling how to find them...
WOODCUT: by Wayan; 1997-1999. Digital "woodblock print" of dream-self.
Cartoony self-portrait as I paint with Persephone's pomegranate paintbrush. A mock woodblock print...
THE WOODRING LAYER: by Wayan; 2008/7/7. A dream questioning art's job.
Great towers rise into a fog zone--or is it another world with other rules? And how to draw both levels?
WORD AND DEED: by Wayan; 1989/8/1, a embarrassing dream fable.
In bed with my sister and Emmanuelle of the sex films, I learn a little something about denial...
A WORD DREAM: by Maude Meagher; before 1936, a wild word-association dream.
I often dream of words forming on a page as their images dance around me. Here's an example...
A WORK OF ART: by Carla Young, early 1970s; dream painting and story
I'm to be beheaded. Guards chant "It's important to enjoy what you're doing."
I know my spilled blood will create a work of art...
THE WORK OF POWER: by Anna Kingsford; Dec. 1880, a wildly uncompromising dream-sermon
A dream telling how to acquire mystic power: raw food, no sex, meat, or booze; just meditate in rural solitude...
WORKIN' FOR PEANUTS: by Wayan; 1990/12/11, a crude but perceptive dream.
I'm an elephant working in a diner. In the bathroom, I inadvertently summon the Genie of the Urinal...
THE WORLD-BIRD: by Wayan; 1982, crayon, 11x14." Nondream dreamlike image..
The bird that carries the world through space, whose eye is the sun...
WORLD-BUILDERS: by Wayan; 2006, nondream: Planetocopia's sources
The life experiences, writers, artists and scientists that inspired the building of Planetocopia...
A WORLD DIES WELL: by Wayan; 1981/12/6, a dream of reconciliation.
A world-mind I never really liked dies generously, helping others; so I make my peace with it...
THE WORLD NEWS: by Nathaniel Hawthorne; 1843; a dream-job (and career advice?)
I dreamt the world itself hired me, at a generous salary, to report its great affairs exactly as they happen...
A WORLD TOO WEIRD FOR WORDS: by Wayan, 2011/1/21, a utopian dream--or is it?
I'm in a college class studying a bizarre alternate Earth where
anarchist co-ops never evolved and (of all things) money rules all...
WORLD TOUR: by Sharon Boyle; 1937?, a nightmare told to her mom, poet Kay Boyle
This man comes into the chapel, makes a fascist salute, catches fire, and burns right down to his shoes...
THE WORLD'S FAIR: by Wayan; 1983/3/18, an illustrated dream fable.
The same night I learn of the Kerouac Tree, a wise old man shows me the world's fair. Not the event...
WORLDSTONES: dreamed fall 1895 & Aug 1898 by Mark Twain, & 2002/6/27 by Robert Moss
Mark Twain dreams we're cells inside God, and writes of Huck Finn among the microbes.
A century later, unaware of Twain's dreams, Robert Moss...
THE WORM: by Emily Dickinson, 1860-1886?, a nightmare-poem
Emily Dickinson ties up a worm she mistrusts. Bad move! It grows to a talking snake with a score to settle...
WORM WIZARD, or, TITMAN'S CHAIR: by Wayan; 1997/4/23, a dream of bamboozlement.
In the castle of a wizard who's a were-worm, I let myself become
my businessman-friend's chair! Generous, huh?
WOUND-BARGAIN: by a Marine from New York; 1918/9/12-14, a prediction and possible alteration of the future
I was sure I'd be wounded, but dreaded being crippled. So I tried on injuries! I settled on a flesh wound in my left shoulder...
THE WRAITH OF KHAN: by Wayan; 1982/6/2, a dream on brains
I'm being stalked by Ricardo Montalban, playing Khan, from Star Trek. Why? Oh, I know why.
WRITE A LITTLE DREAM WITH ME: by Ellen Frank, 2015/10/16, a comic poem on dreamwork
Sharks unicorns and moonbeams / Lost loves and karma chocolate I-beams
Raw telepathic bundles of beans / Write a little dream with me...
A WRITER'S MUSE: by Wayan, 1996/12/7, a dreamfable on creativity.
A writer's found in his office mating with an ash-covered creature! But could she be his muse?
THE WRITING CLASS: by Wayan; 1984/3/27, a grumpy dream.
Most writers search for their unique style. Not me--I struggle to convey unique EXPERIENCES...
WYVERN: by Wayan; 1997, 22" ceramic sculpture; recurring dream figure.
I dreamed of a dragon-woman on a reef. She was my guardian, but she let me drown! She had her reasons...
XALGRIIN IN THE LAB: by Emily Joy, 2006?, odd dream scene
Xalgriin is a sweet stegosaurus boy locked up in a research lab, planning to free not just himself but others...
XANADU: by Wayan; 600K, 2006/6/6, a nondream virtual world
An alternate Titan, Titan as it should have been, with ethane seas full of life...
XANTHE'S TUNNEL: by Xanthe & Wayan; 1999/6/11, two possibly telepathic dreams
I'm a dyke playing baseball in Golden Gate Park. Some guys harass us and run into a tunnel. I follow, but...
XIE MENG!: by Wayan; 2003/1/27, digital portrait of my dream lover.
A warning from my spirit wife, Silky, about the World Dream Bank.
Building a cathedral of classic dreams is all very well, but what about NEW dreams?
YAKETY YAK: by Wayan; 1984/5/1, a dysfunctional dreamtale.
I'm at a family dinner. Killer Grampa, kid-hating Ma, larcenous Dad. Then a bum offers some advice...
YEATS: by Wayan; 1990/1/1, a poem wrestling with Yeats's visions.
Our dilemma is, now that we have the power to get what we want... what exactly was it we wanted?
YELLOWBALL ABSTRACTION: by Wayan; 2001, ink sketch at first unrecognized as a dream!
Another lie from those fiendish abstractionists. Turns out it's not a yellow ball at all...
YELLOW CRANE: by Na Liu; spring 1976, a recurrent childhood flying dream.
Each spring my mom took us up to Yellow Crane Tower.
One night I dreamed I rode the crane over the city of Wuhan...
YELLOW SERENADE: by Wayan; 1979/2/22, an absurd dreamtale.
Restrain yourself! Or you too may end up on a giraffe
rollerskating down the freeway singing perverted popsongs...
YES, EMMA, ONE POUND ONIONS: by a Canadian girl; pre-1961, a distracting dream prediction
I was in a small room with a single bare lightbulb and an old man at a desk writing. The phone rang.
He answered--said, 'Yes, Emma, one pound onions, a dozen oranges." Two days later...
YES, YOU CAN DIE IN A DREAM; 1998/12/12 by Anonymous #37; a nightmare
I was fatally wounded in a Star Wars battle, so I shot myself in the head.
For a solid minute, there was nothing but blackness...
YESTERDAY: by Paul McCartney; c. March 1965, a dream-song.
"I liked the melody a lot, but because I'd dreamed it, I couldn't believe I'd written it..."
YEW: by Mrs. Cl. of S.; 1670 or 71; a risky dream-prescription.
In a dream, a dead friend told Mrs. Cl. how to cure her daughter's chronic illness: the yew tree. But yew is toxic...
YGGDRASIL COLONY: by Exarian; 2009/4/20, an Asimovian dream
I dream of three colonies in the deep future. We outlived the universe itself, but can we survive each other?
YOGA SAINT: by Wayan; 2010/12/4, an incubated, disturbing diagnostic dream
I dream I meet my headaches! An ascetic yogi who punishes jokers, flirts and cynics for worldliness...
YOU CHIPHEAD! : by Wayan, 1997/1/31, a sarcastic dream.
Chips are faster than brains these days, so everyone's upgrading--everyone but me...
YOU NEED TO FIND HER: by B. Bigham; 2010/4/27, a strong psychic dream of history
I walked into a 19th century home--and family quarrel. Decades passed in seconds; then
the house burned--with me in it. Two years later I learned the house and its history were real...
YOU REALLY AREN'T LUNCH; 2012/6/11 by Maia Spencer; a cledonic dream of facing fears
Hiding in the woods I meet a Cyclops. But I'm not me, I'm the editor of the World Dream Bank...
YOUR DREAM LIKES YOU: by Wayan; 3 ill., 1991-2007; three maxims from my anima.
You say you want to remember your dreams, but do you write down what you DO recall? And ACT on it?
YOUR TURN: by Julian Green; 1933/10/18, a surreal but fair-minded dream.
I was nineteen again, riding my horse down a bad road in Virginia. After three hours, my horse spoke up...
"YOU'RE INSANE": by Wayan; 2000/5/26, a nightmare warning I've been misjudged
DAY: My dad's sick; my mom nags me to visit, though hospitals endanger me (weak immune system).
DREAM: My parents say "You're insane. We must take control of your life." So I divorce my family...
"YOU'RE SO GAY!": by Wayan; 2013/1/24. A psychic dream of a time-short oracle.
I'm in line to meet a shockingly accurate psychic. But she's running late, so as I frame my question...
YOU'RE THE EAGLE: by Wayan; 2000/2/8, a dream fable.
A hermit spends his life wrestling with shadows. His only disciple becomes famous. Who was happier?
YUM YUM!: by Wayan; 1985/1/31, a smelly dream.
At work, a toxic potluck. I say no! And dream I'm a scent-oriented alien tossing back stink-grenades...
YUPPIE BREAKUP: by Wayan; 1991/5/22, a dream on values--or the lack thereof.
A yuppie idealist discovers her boyfriend's a cheerful opportunist, and they disentangle their lives...
ZELIG FLIES: by Wayan, 1984/4/29, a psychic, lucid dream epic.
I careen from a sacrificial marriage-altar to the Oracle Harper's secret pool,
into the jaws of Leviathan and the joys of lucid flight, shifting from male to female
and gay to straight--till I meet the Dragonfly People themselves...
ZEMMYO: by Myoe Shonin; c.1221/4/20, a spiritual Pygmalion dream.
A doll sent from China breaks into tears over her exile here in Japan. I reassure her and she becomes real...
ZEN INSURANCE: by Anonymous #38, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; a mystical frustration dream
My Zen master keeps asking me koans. But every riddle is about insurance
forms. I always reply "I am thirsty." He asks another. It goes on forever...
ZENNA CAT: by Wayan; 1972/10/13, a childhood dream.
My cat dissolves in the shower. I follow her to a telepathic world. I want to stay, but can I?...
ZERO SUM: by Wayan; 1996/5/29, a game-theory dream.
I'm lecturing to a crowd: "Love's a win-win game, and abuse, lose-lose. But blame is zero-sum..."
ZILLIONAIRE'S TOWER: by Wayan; 2012/2/9, a financial climbing dream
My mild yuppie friend Lou climbs a bank tower to reach his rich mentor,
and wins an internship. But as he swears his oath to Get Rich Quick...
ZOMBIE RUSH-HOUR: by Wayan; 1993/12/14, a predictive nightmare.
I'm in an apartment co-op in Silicon Valley where people share their skills--till rush hour begins...
ZOOOP'S MAZE: by Zooop and Wayan; 1999/1/21, apparent shared/telepathic dreams.
I wander a sunken maze, meet a playful woman, find a hidden treasure. Meanwhile, my friend Zooop...
ZUCCHINI GIRL: by Wayan; 1996/9/23, a dreamtale on acting out.
I find the truth about my childhood. My parents lied! I hide for days, then dub myself Zucchini Girl
and go onstage, humping squash, calling it performance art! So do my friends see a problem? Hmm...
ZYGOTE: by Wayan; 1999, a comic astral vision.
It's true: after death, angels advise you where to go next.
But what if you get an over-eager travel agent?

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