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Dreamed 2020/5/14 by Wayan

I'm a mermaid, but also a weremaid--I can walk around and pass for human on land, but if I swim for a minute or two, my tail regrows.

I'm happy being a shifter--the worst limitation is that I can only wear dresses or big T-shirts and loose sandals around water; my sprouting tail rips pants, shoes and swimsuits apart. After a certain amount of sartorial torture--literal panties in a knot. Not a comical phrase when it really happens to you.

So I have to live in a pretty warm climate, and no Arctic vacations--just in case. But really, exploring rivers, lakes, reefs and deep seas more than makes up for it.
Three costumes that work for weremaids and three that won't. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge. Mermaid in pink tunic--me. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm not just a weremaid. I'm a queermaid; I like this human girl. And I think she may just like me back. But she's got a secret sorrow distracting her from even the possibility of romance. I've been hovering, wondering what it is.

One day I find her on a riverbank gloomily eyeing the water. At last I suspect what her secret is! I decide to take a chance. Wade in till my tail grows, then wriggle out and wave it dry till it splits into legs again. Her eyes get big and round, but she doesn't run.

I sit on the stone bank by her and just.. hold her. She bursts into tears and clings to me.

As I suspected, she's a weremaid too. One who's been hiding her whole life, knew no one like her, assumed she was a freak. No. Just half merfolk, half human... and all adorable.

And with luck and patience, all mine.

Two weremaids embrace on a riverbank. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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