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Who is Outside my Window?

Dreamed 2008/6/25 by Krista G.


This type of dream is somewhat familiar to me. It is one in which I have an intuition that someone malevolent is outside my window and I am trying to wake up, but am paralyzed. Tonight it is so hard to get to be able to move.

Finally I do. I take a reverse-psychology approach and creepily tap on the window from the inside to freak out whoever is out there. Finally my ex-boyfriend from a few years ago appears. (I ended up getting a restraining order against him; despite the order, he left me a cryptic, somewhat threatening note on my car.) He tries to tell me "I've been feeling discarded," etc.

I tell him "You can call me if you feel this way, but if you ever come here again, things will be very bad for you."

When I wake up for real, that too is a struggle, and then I am surprised for a few moments that I was not awake already.


Some things stand out about this dream...

  1. My intuition is like this in waking life, not just dreams. Once, I sensed that I needed to look out the blinds on my front window, and a few seconds later a man appeared from beside my house. When he saw me peering out he turned and ran. I suspected that it could have been a friend of my ex, planting another note. Maybe not.
  2. Another point is that I have just gone through a very difficult break-up, and am feeling some of those same things myself, like being thrown away, etc.
--Krista G.


--Chris Wayan

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