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White and Male are Slurs

Dreamed 2017/3/8 by Wayan

I'm in a crowd, listening as three speakers in a row rant that after centuries of white male privilege, people like me have no business even speaking. We should just shut up.

And I feel I can't challenge them--this crowd's hostile.

Later in a workplace-kitchen I grumble to an older woman "That group called me a racist for being white, called me sexist and right-wing for being male. Those are SLURS based on my ancestry & looks, not my speech or actions. They're no better than the racists & sexists who slur Obama & Clinton!" In one corner, a tight clump of symbols of race, gender & sexual orientation; in the far corner, a bell pepper. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Free speech, reverse racism/sexism... but a third issue gnaws at me till it comes clear. These speakers defined 'minority' selectively. I belong to multiple minorities--autistic (bashed for it) and a child prodigy (bashed for it) and chemosensitive (Genetic vulnerability to solvents; both my sister and I nearly died of it.) I'd add a fourth, psychic (again it runs in the family; aura-sensing, predictive and telepathic dreams; but also vulnerability to other's foul moods) except of course most American and European readers will sneer at the very idea--though it runs in families just as strongly as autism, prodigism or chemosensitivity... or skin color.

My differences are all realer than skin-deep ideas like race; every one of them makes my world sharply different from normal people. Senses, thinking, what's poison what's not... vital stuff. Treatment by others? The Nazis killed autistics like me and I've personally heard teachers say we're so disruptive we ought to die--or at least be locked up. The Catholic Church apologized for its silence in the Holocaust but not for its own holocaust of witches. Child prodigies get bashed even more often than gays or trannies.

So I'm not gonna shut up about MY issues. No matter who tells me to. Left or right.


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