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Who Shatters?

Dreamed 1995/6/18 by Chris Wayan

Dream: in a dark space, I stare at a frayed, loose braid of orange and white wires.

I'm in a strange dark void, staring bewildered at a knotted cable of translucent strands, orange, beige and white, braided together into a rope.

I know it represents a person, in this spacetime. The strands look like colored rice noodles, but they're not--they're my relatives.

The energy or feeling they give off, their auras (what can I say? In this black void, noodles have auras) are unmistakably like mine... Wait, is that because they're not my family at all but my own traits, my inner personalities? Is this a schematic diagram of Wayan's wiring?

What an opportunity to learn!

So I follow this braided cable through the void. I find a sharp 90-degree bend. The strands are bent unequally--those with the most pressure on them have snapped. Some break free as I watch--not just fray loose, but splinter off entirely, like shards from a cracked candy cane.

They swim off like slim fish.

I look close at one noodle-sliver. Now there's no doubt about it! This isn't me. It's one of my sisters!

I always thought I was the brittle one--when it's my family.

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