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Wolf Drool

Dreamed 2011/12/16 by Wayan

We're tiny today. Bacteria loom
big as Bactrians. A bald Refugee
begs me to Smuggle him beyond
the Border--I know a Half-Wolf
(Dad an Alaskan sled dog; Tough).

Wolf agrees to hide him Inside her
to Bear him over barbwire Border.
Stow gear, strip our Clothes away;
Transgression is not Dry.

Her creamfurred Belly looms abridge,
like Golden Gate. Up Thigh,
in her slippery Cunt. Hot wet! I get
Erect, enhuge to Wolfcock size,
a Salmon swimming in Massage.
In Rapid Lust I writhe.

But ere I wriggle Upstream enough
to come, Half-Wolf gets inspired--she
urges us all to Ride in her red Maw
instead. Wise--for her Refugee
is Wounded--bloody Scrapes--
and Wolf saliva Heals! So we

(I reluctant) Wriggle out like Eels;
Wolf Girl cups us Lovingly on
her Amazonian Lilypad Tongue.
We lounge, three Tastebud Odalisques
Fang-Pillowed. Wolf's no Canned
food Pet, but more a Salmon kind
of Girl--all smoke and Sea--
so we're Spared that Curse
of American Dogbreath. Still I

Long for Netherlips--taste Sweet
and such a sexy Slide. But I do see
his Weals zip clean--Lupine Drool
does, as Rumored, truly Heal.

I worry my Mystery Fever might
infect kind Wolf. But Herbs I take
seem to send it Dormant. Hope so.
She feels safe--but it's best to Know!
Angry that Health not Lust must be
Now's priority, I (grumbler) Wake.

Three flea-sized humans plan climbing route up a giant wolf's thigh. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Cutaway view of dollsized man riding in a wolf's vagina. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


  • Big as Bactrians: big as Central Asian camels. That is, pretty big.
  • Tiny creatures climb up fur to slit: tiny kangaroo newborns must climb from vagina to pouch. Mom licks the fur smooth but won't nudge or lift: a survival test!
  • Scraped-up guy: me. I've been replacing our uninsulated windows. I constantly get little wounds from clumsy carpentry--and enough stress can trigger flare-ups of my mystery fever. A self-inflicted stress test?
  • Smuggled in canine orofice: Mexico-to-US guides are coyotes. And mules carry drugs inside, though mostly intestinal not oral or vaginal.
  • Dog-drool heals: Science News found wounds licked by dogs healed faster than sterile ones! Yet human saliva slows healing; its enzymes apparently changed to help us handle cooked food.
  • To heal, ride in mouth, not vagina: had a dull talky yoga class today. I prefer another class; sexy students, more active. But was the dull one healthier?
  • Fish breath not dogfood breath: a diet hint? I'm normally vegetarian but have noticed I crave deepwater oily fish. Anti-inflammatory oil?
  • Worry I'll infect partner: real. Dream points out symptom relief isn't enough; this recurring fever is awful, I must be sure I can't spread it.
  • ACTION: find a doctor who'll agree to a full course of antibiotics, because this isn't just about me; I mustn't pass this on.
Three tiny humans on a giant wolf's tongue. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

At last I found an open-minded doctor willing to risk prescribing long-term antibiotics for an undiagnosed recurring infection. Took doxycycline & azithromycin for nearly a year. Ate lots of probiotics and took my herbs, too. Result? Vast improvement, and I've kept the gains since. I feel well, but can't test to be sure I'm infection-free without a diagnosis; I plan to stick to safe sex.


Under the weird images, it proves that dreams read science articles! This isn't an archetypal "Swallowed by a Wolf" a la Red Riding Hood, but a dream tweaking Grimm, Jung, and Freud too--the core is straight from Science News, on the unlikely healing power of doggy drool. The notion that dream-thinking's primitive is kinda primitive itself.

So why a wolf-vaginal-sex scene at all? Well, picture me on Freud's couch telling him just the oral scene; wouldn't old Sigmund call it Oedipal? Back to the womb, to... Maw! (Sorry. Couldn't resist and neither could Freud.) But the blatant sex of the vaginal scene torpedoes any dream-as-disguise theorizing. Only comparing vagina and mouth brings out Wolf's lesson: to cross to the promised land, you need not hot furry sex, kinky fun though it may be, but... dog drool. Healing!

This dream knew its audience--me. Only contrasting two bizarre scenes made the meaning--"prioritize healing"--inescapable. And it had to be unmistakable, for I didn't want to face months of antibiotics (side effects can be harsh). But Half-Wolf made it utterly, nuttily, smuttily clear I had to do it. Fun or not.

So I did. And it worked.

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