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Digital sepiatone engraving, 640 x 680, 1991-4, by Chris Wayan

Maybe the Web like a shining dove will lead me out of my lonely art-cave into the light. The glaring light. Wait, do I want that? I dunno, all of a sudden... I need to quit hiding out in my art-studio, but my stuff is so personal (and so sexy, in a world full of anti-sex religious nuts)...

The Web Bird leads me out of caverns to the light.

What the hell is a "digital sepiatone engraving", you ask?

Well... plenty of web art depicts webs, but this peculiar sepiatone is MADE UP of webs. In an old program called Deluxepaint, I found a complex mixture of settings that let me paint with radar-sweeps leaving webby trails like this. The figures, the rocks, the light, all are built up of masses of cobweb! I can't duplicate it in Photoshop or any other program, but I like the effect: a bit gothic, a bit nineteenth century--like engraving. And it'll do sepia just as well as grayscale. It doesn't compress well--all that texture--but it's great for printed images. Cobweb Comix...

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