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Why Are We Afraid to Die?

Dreamed summer 2008 by "Hopper"

I knew I was going to wake up soon, and I had a question. I was unsure who to ask… wasn't even sure how to phrase the question exactly, just knew it was important and I had to find the right Being to give me the answer before I woke up.

Then I saw the spirit of a little girl floating behind me, on her way somewhere and kinda in a hurry. I knew she had been alive and in a body, but had died… I thought, "Well now, how about her? She's been alive just like me, and she's been to the Otherworld too, she knows both sides… and best of all, she's a child. She of all people would have no reason to lie." I wanted to be absolutely sure that whoever answered my question would answer honestly, based on personal experience.

So as she floated by I asked her, "Why are we afraid to die?"

I was a little disappointed in myself, and thought "I should have come up with a better question, I don't know if that one's answerable." It felt as if someone else had asked my question in words I wouldn't have used. I had the feeling I only had this one chance to get a really important answer.

But she answered. As she floated on by, she said, "For the same reason we're afraid to be born."


This dream has been in my head ever since. I don't quite understand it, but I've thought about it a lot. I have always been a bit fascinated with death in a very curious, "I have to know what happens" kinda way. Maybe it has to do with fear of the unknown, of losing the sense of one's identity and individuality/personality, plus sadness for having to leave loved ones, and/or fear death will hurt.

Lately I've also been wondering why so many people I care about saw my face last as they were dying. I hate that. I always come too late, just as they're going. Am I supposed to learn something from that?

I've always thought, felt with my very bones, that deep down I would prefer to have remained a bodiless soul. But I also know that I am not one to take such a task as living this life so lightly that I would not do all that I could to do it right the first time... because I really don't want to have to come back... at least not in a physical body. So she was right, I do fear being born. Again.

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