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What ESP is For

Dreamed 2012/12/10 by Wayan


Go out with my friend Cory to hear some standup comedy in the back room in El Rio Bar. Our bar-talk swings round to ESP. Both of us have experienced flashes of it. I mention The Candle of Vision by "AE" (George Russell), a century-old but rigorous guide to visualization with some powerful examples: George wanted like-minded friends, pictured what he wanted, and within weeks he met... W.B. Yeats! Now that's manifestation. The New Age is not new, and the folks who started it weren't fools.


Dream 1: WHAT E.S.P. IS FOR

I use ESP to sense the underlying structure of the world. It's useful to predict earthquakes--political and scientific ones too. When the tectonic plates shift, and there's a new given.

Really, sensing people's hidden characters or getting an occasional stock tip... those are nice, but just side benefits. ESP's meant mostly for larger things.


Wolf singer hugs her boyfriend, a deer guitarist. Woodcutty dream sketch by Wayan.


I long envisioned a filmscript--a furry romance between a predator and herbivore, both drawn to the music scene on a planet in cultural transition. The twist: our "wolf" is female, our "deer" male. So much for our stereotypes of male hunter, female prey!

Now I dream it, shifting viewpoint between them, easily identifying with both. Why not? They're both musicians. And misfits. The only community really accepting them them is other artists.



"Wake" remembering the above two dreams and considering what they say about the dreamer--especially since what they say is intentional! I'm a character in a story, and our author likes to characterize us via dreamscenes!

These two dreams sum me up pretty well. A gifted furry--evolved from some other line than apes! Isolated, one of very few of his species in the area. Smart, but relying a lot on intuition. Who relates as much to the environment as to other creatures--as cats do--and is MEANT to be that way.

Then I wake again, to find I'm not a book character--and I look human again. A relief? No. A disappointment.

I felt more like myself in the dream.


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