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Woodblocks and other Prints

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Dream art in the style of woodblock, monoprints, lithographs etc. Many are digital, not real prints--I put it here if it looked like a print. I'm intrigued by that look--the idea of limited colors and an inherent grain in the medium--it's so much like what we early digital artists (do you remember the 20th century?), had to work with--limited palettes, jaggy pixels. So why not make a virtue of necessity?

But printmaking also reminds of dreamwork. It can be an art, and dreams can intentionally make art (and tell you "Hey stupid, it's art," like Jung's anima--not that he believed her), but both are indirect--the dream is like, say, Hokusai's brush drawing, which then gets carved on a printing block (written in a journal) scrupulously but never perfectly, by an assistant (the conscious mind) who may not understand the master's intent; and it acquires a certain grain inherent in the wood (in the words); and what others see is yet another step removed, a transfer from that block/journal, colored (edited)... With so many steps to distort the data, boldness works best.

Dreaming itself may be private (though I have my doubts just how private: see dream telepathy) but WRITTEN and PAINTED dreams are, in a weird way, cooperative ventures. Not an art form for control freaks!

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BEAR READ DUNE: by Wayan; dreamed 1981/1/28, painted 10 years later.
There are many astral planes--this world's just the cellar. A cat, a bird, a bear and I guard the astral stair...
COMING TO THE JUMPING OFF PLACE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 92/5/1, painting of an escape dream
Trapped on an island, spied on and controlled, we decide to jump off a cliff and die; but as we jump, a spirit sneaks us off be reborn...
FAIRE DINOSAUR: by Wayan; 1981/5/5. A dream of forbidden love.
I fall in love with a sexy T. Rex at the Renaissance Faire. Then things get weird...
FASCION: by Wayan; 1992. Digital poster on gender
A sardonic little poster on dating-role reversal with helpful advice...
HORSE IN A TAILWIND: by Wayan; 1982; study of a dream character
It looks like a study of negative shapes, but if you happen to be a part-time horse, like me...
LEONINE TRINITY: by Wayan; based on 1987/11/28 dream; 1991 digital "woodcut" of recurring dream figures.
A goddess in a dream once told me to seek 3 and only 3 qualities in a mate...
A LOST STATION ON THE TOKAIDO: by Wayan; erasable crayon, 1983. A nondream vision.
A tribute to Hiroshige's moonlit landscape prints of the lonely roads of old Japan...
"NOHOR!" YELLED THE NIGHTMARE: by Wayan; 1982/12/27, a passionate nightmare.
I dreamed a black mare was howling "Nohor!" At first I thought she meant "I'm not just a horse", but...
PEGASUS: by Wayan; 1991. Digital "woodblock print" of recurring dreamfigure.
This strong slender mare is how most of my flying dreamhorses look: a practical lot, they know...
RAGNHILD'S TREE and HALFDAN'S CURLS: by Queen Ragnhild and King Halfdan of Norway; c. 850 AD, twin dreams predicting their children and nation will prosper.
Ragnhild sees a lovely tree rooted in her pain and blood; Halfdan sleeps with pigs and dreams he has a great head of hair...
RESERVATION FOR BIZARRE AND EXTINCT BEASTS: by Orion Sandstorrm; before 2003/9/7; ukiyoe of a dream
A futuristic science fiction adventure dream. We rode a feathered, bipedal dinosaur, and got chased by...
TICHANE: by Wayan; 1993-4. Nondream digital "woodblock print".
What the world looks like when you have environmental illness, like me...
WOODCUT: by Wayan; 1997-1999. Digital "woodblock print" of dream-self.
Cartoony self-portrait as I paint with Persephone's pomegranate paintbrush. A mock woodblock print...

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