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Bear, Read, Dune

Dreamed 1981/1/28 (digitally painted 10 years later) by Chris Wayan.

On grassy dunes, a bear reads Shakespeare and a girl talks with a gull and a cat--lovers. We guard the stairs winding into the sky, the astral planes. Text in sky: We live on sea-dunes: me, the bird, the cat who becomes a bird, and the bear who reads. The bear's been struggling with the collected works of Shakespeare. Her glasses help with the fine print of the human heart. But she avoids them; she prefers natural vision. The bird is happily pregnant; the cat was her mate on the last level. I love them all so much! My adoptive family. But soon I must leave. We guard the time-stair from the underworld to Earth, and on up to the spirit floors. Monsters climb those stairs, troubling the upper worlds. Soon I must descend to their world to stop them. And I went down into the dark, and here I am in your monster world, telling you in shapes and colors that we dreams are real worlds, as real and vulnerable as your body. Please learn fast. I miss home.

2001 NOTE

This early dream predicted my path as a shamanic artist and writer fighting for the rights of dreams. In the dunes, on the high plane of the dream, I didn't really grasp that descending the stairs to the underworld would mean incarnating in Ronald Reagan's America. But I did it, to tell you what's upstairs. Please, please, please listen.

So I can go home.

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