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480 x 640 tall, 1991 digital portrait of dream-friend by Chris Wayan.

This slender, strong mare is how most of my flying dreamhorses look: a practical lot, they know flying is easier if they stay within weight limits.

I can relate; I'm thin. I suspect these dreams come to reassure me that thin's not always anorexic, any more than fat's a moral failing. You hear both, here in America. Please be assured: I eat like a horse, and the dreams come partly to remind me of that.

Winged horse in a woodblock print style.
I've always liked the rich, casual look of certain Japanese fabrics and woodblock prints, where each color has a grain to it, a slight brocade or marbling effect. When I painted this, most home computers had only 16 colors available. I paired my colors up, making not-quite-identical twins. Then I made the most of them--all eight.

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