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Based on a 1987/11/28 dream; 1991 digital image (primitive--just 16 colors!) reworked 2000, by Chris Wayan

Once a goddess in a dream told me to seek three things in a mate, and only three: she had to

  1. want me as much as I wanted her
  2. be warm-hearted, and
  3. be brilliant--no matter how weird.
Then the goddess added "...and if you can't find me in one person, find me in three. But find me." I got very nervous. Guilty. I'm too shy for communes and group marriages!

Yet since then, in dreams, I keep meeting three goddesses and find to my surprise that I'm comfortable living with them. So when I dream them I paint them and think of them, trying to get my day-heart used to the idea. Here, they're tiger-strong: they just built a universe.

three leonine goddesses

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