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1982. Ink, about 11 x 14"; study of a dream-character, by Chris Wayan

This may look like a pure study of minmalism, stylization and negative shapes, but if you happen to be a part-time horse, like me... it's covert flirtation. She could lower that tail if she wanted.

She wants something else.

Stylized ink drawing of a horse lying down in a high wind, mane and tail flying.

This specific image wasn't a dream, but all that year, images much like it filled my dreams: diverse beings, but each visually fragmented by hair, mane or tail the same color as the background. I think now they were warning me I wasn't seeing myself as whole, was fooling myself into thinking I was shattered--when I wasn't. Just a form of protective coloration! Examples: Krelkin Camouflage, Blue Swimmer.

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