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Ronald Reagan Stole My Soul!

Dreamed 1983/3/7 by Wayan

Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Yes, this is the whole dream. Confronting the thief was all it took to take back my soul. Assertion!

I had just read Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife. The wife in question had her soul stolen--via black magic, not blame-the-poor politics. She turns passive and mostly silent--yet when asked if she wants anything, she answers in a flat robotic voice: "I WANT MY SOUL." But to win it back, her husband had more of a struggle than I did. Mere assertion's not always enough.

But not a bad place to start. We should try it. Given the chokehold that Reagan's political descendants have on getting even 20th Century policies passed... we'd better.

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