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Presidential Dreams

Dreams of American presidents. Sorry for my regional bias--I grew up there. After years of delay, at last there's a broader page for leaders and leadership in general.

A few of these dreams, like Trump on the Run and Ordeal by Infrastructure, refer to presidents years before the WERE presidents! Mysterious.

By the way, I hear there's a whole book collecting hundreds of dreams about presidents--supposed to be quite funny. Anyone know the title?

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BIDENT: by Wayan; 2019/9/29, a punning political nightmare
The Evil Librarians drop a 19th Century book-character on my head--a blue-skinned paranoid!
He tries to kill me with a trident missing one prong... a Bident? Oh, no! He's Joe B...
THE BRIDGE: by Wayan; a 3-page comic from two linked dreams, 1989/5/28 & 1989/10/1.
The Hunt of the Unicorn (yeah, guess who I am), as I fly through the worlds fighting Reaganism...
BUGS AND ROOSEVELT: by Wayan; 1982/5/2, a wild predictive dream illustrated as an epic poem
I'm Bugs Bunny. I torment Daffy Duck till I learn that in many time-branches the New
Deal happened late... or never. I decide to prod a reluctant Franklin Delano Roosevelt...
CHELSEA AND THE PRESIDENTIAL COMPLEX: by Wayan; 1999/12/25, an odd political (?) dream.
I was hot tubbing and flirting... so how'd I end up as Chelsea Clinton running for office?
A CLINTONIAN AFFAIR: by “Kate”; 2008/2/18, a dream of strange political bedfellows indeed
Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush were having a secret love affair, and I was sharing their bed...
COOLIDGE'S DUCK: by Wayan; 1981/4/29, a political dream.
Calvin Coolidge takes over the White House and invites his rich fossil friends over for a bath...
DE GAULLE: by Hélène Cixous, 1998/5/20; a dream perhaps hiding a political metaphor
General De Gaulle gives me a ride in his armchair with the plexiglass
roof. Alarming--since he drives backward at full speed...
DOG IN A CASSOCK: by Wayan, 1972/2/3, a comically surreal dream-poem
A master criminal is tracked down by a hound in a monk's robe
who's introduced to me as... the President of the United States?
FIND SOMEONE SPIRITUAL, STUPID!: 1996/9/5, by Wayan; dream-figure, clay, 9" tall
A sculpted reminder I hung over my desk like Clinton's sign "It's The Economy, Stupid!"...
FIRE IN THE BELLY: by Wayan; mid 1990s crayon of (nondream) vision
I have 'fire in the belly', so I cheer up--if the magazines are right, I'll be President. But it's just bad food...
FIRST LADY: by Alder; 2008/7/2, a possibly psychic dream-within-a-dream.
I'm the First Lady. I have a dream that my husband's assassinated, and wake and try to warn him...
FOOD CAME BETWEEN US: by Wayan, 1993/4/25, a tasty dream epic.
The terror of Navy breakfast, the joy of filterfeeding, how to marry pudding, and a sniper lunch with kisses...
HILLARY AND TEAL: by "A 24-Year-Old Californian Woman"; around 2008/2/28, an absurd political dream
Hillary Clinton hid her cancer, but the GOP found out. So a monster kidnaps Rainbow Brite, and...
HILLARY’S EYES: by Margaux Williamson; February 2008, a political romance dream
Hillary Clinton was trying to seduce me, and doing a pretty good job, too...
IN MY DARKEST HOUR: by Arlo Guthrie; 1967, a song heard in a dream.
A man in a castle plots against his enemies, while his rebel-daughter meets her lover outside...
IT'S A DEAD MAN'S PARTY: by Wayan; 1988/10/18, a nightmare of identity.
I find myself at a creepy party supporting a dead man who's running for office. And am I Dan Quayle?
JACK DANIELS: by Wayan; 1983/10/14, three short dreamtales.
Three dream-reactions to a (real) psychic experiment that went badly awry...
KICK THE PRESIDENT: by Wayan; 1999/6/1, a dream on consequences.
I win a free game of Kick the President. But what if everyone can see your kick-ass Prez but you?
LBJ OR WOODROW?: by Lyndon Baines Johnson; July-Sept 1955 and Feb-Mar 1968, recurring paralysis dreams
From the neck up I was me; from the neck down, Woodrow Wilson in his old age, paralyzed.
My presidential aides divided up my duties, and ignored me...
LBJ SHACKLED: by Lyndon Baines Johnson; c.1962, a nightmare foreseeing his presidency
I started to get up from my chair, but I couldn't move. I looked down at my legs
and saw they were manacled to the chair with a heavy chain...
LBJ'S RIVER NIGHTMARE: by Lyndon Baines Johnson; Feb-Mar 1968, a nightmare on political paralysis
I was trapped in a river, trying to swim to shore. But I was in a powerful eddy. No matter which way I swam...
LINCOLN’S ASSASSINATION DREAM: by Abraham Lincoln, ca.March 31 1865, a predictive nightmare.
Lincoln dreamed his body was lying in state in the White House. A guard said he’d been assassinated. Two weeks later, he was...
NIXON NOSE: by Wayan; 1997/12/10, a predictive dreamlet.
A dream girl with a giant ski-jump nose turns out to be less symbolic than expected...
NIXON'S BLANKET POLICY: by Wayan; 1974/5/30, a political dream.
After a class in nonverbal communication, I meet Richard Nixon under embarrassing circumstances...
ORDEAL BY INFRASTRUCTURE: by Wayan; 1987/11/22, a Clintonian dreamtale--before Clinton!
I want to join the inner circle of America's political elite.
But to do that I have to survive the Ordeal by Infrastructure...
PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD: by Wayan; 2009/10/19, an illustrated dream poem; Dreamverse #61
I get stuck with a one-year mandatory gig as President of the
World, just as Saudi Arabia collapses, and fools rush in...
PRESIDENTIAL TACO: by Robert Adams, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; a dream farce
I botched President Clinton's taco. And on the way home, I fell in the river.
Luckily, Jesse Jackson happened by and pulled me out, restoring my faith in...
THE SEA-HAG RIOT: by Wayan; 1989/6/5, a wild dream hiding a warning.
Aliens, hypnotherapy, dancing molars, riots, witches, flying pianos, lettuce... yet there is a point.
STOP OBAMA'S ASSASSINATION: by Wayan; 2012/2/10. A dream about politics? Or health?
Two child prodigies fail to stop the killers stalking President Obama, but a geek with a homemade laser...
TRUMP ON THE RUN: by Wayan; 1990/3/8, an illustrated dreamtale.
The manhunt is on for Donald Trump, rich sociopath. But he too is pursuing something: happiness...
TUTUCHMAN: by Wayan; 1994/4/11; book-inspired digital sketch
I read Barbara Tuchman's history of the American Revolution and had to paint this portrait of George...
VERY FUNNY, MR. MOSLEY: by Wayan; 2009/10/8, a dream poem with sketches; Dreamverse #58
Trapped in a blend of Joan of Arcadia and The Tempest Tales, I'm tired of being the pratfall sidekick...
WALRUSHMORE: by Wayan; 1982/1/8; a dream pun with political bite
In my sister's house I saw a magazine cover showing that famous
national monument in the Black Hills: Mt Walrushmore...
WASHINGTON'S DUNE: by Wayan; 1992/1/18, a dream on perseverance.
George Washington faces sniper fire, kamikaze birds
and critics claiming the fight for freedom is doomed...
"YOU'RE NOT MY BOSS!": by Wayan; 2019/6/27, a disturbing political dream
In a busy, shorthanded market, the store owner's running a checkstand.
He mistakes me for an employee and starts ordering me around...

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