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Hillary and Teal

Dreamed around 2008/2/28 by "A 24-Year-Old Californian Woman"

A few of us voters/volunteers were at the mall, sitting on a bench. Hillary comes up to us all nice. I'm about to tell her that, sadly, I'll be voting for Obama, but then she brings us inside this room that I guess is campaign headquarters but looks like a small living room. She sits us down on the sofa and confesses "I've got cancer, but it can't get out because it could ruin the election."

We're all really sad and I start to change my mind about voting for Obama. But then I geek out and tell her "It's all going to be okay because that happened to President Roslin on BSG and she ended up all right."

Hillary looked at me all funny, like "What the hell are you talking about and what is BSG?" (That's Battlestar Galactica.)

I'm like, "Never mind."

Then we all start strategising about how to keep this from leaking to the media.

One of the guys leaps up and finds a tiny dot on a nearby bookshelf, and we determine that it's a bug and that one of the Republican candidates had the room bugged and now they know. Hillary suddenly mobilizes us to find out who planted it and to get them to suppress the news.

But then my dream degenerated into some giant rock monster trying to kill all the kids in Rainbow Land and the monster was keeping Rainbow Brite hostage and forcing her to shoot rainbows out of her belt. He would run the rainbows through this spaghetti-like shredder and turn them into a pool of muck. All the little color kids were slowly getting younger and younger until they melted into the muck, too. Then there was this little outcast girl whose color didn't fit into the rainbow (it was teal or mint) and she alone had the power to stop the rock monster. So she rides up to him on this wire floaty thing in the river of dead rainbows and stuns him with a lightning bolt or something, which makes its way through all the kids and brings them back to their regular size and they start to plan on how to save Rainbow...


Hillary with cancer: sounds like a job for (trumpet fanfare) national health care!

You know, on second reading the Rainbow Brite scene isn't such a non sequitur, is it? A creep with a shredder is turning our rainbow republic into muck! And the only girl who can stop the monster is the girl colored teal or mint (oooh, grown-up business-blouse colors!)... Save the Rainbow, Hillary!

--Chris Wayan

This is a sample dream from Sheila Heti's wonderfully absurd collaborative site
So if you've dreamt of Hillary, Barack or John McCain, Uncle Sheila wants YOU!

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