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A Clintonian Affair

Dreamed around 2008/2/18 by "a married woman named Kate"

Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush were having a secret love affair, and for some reason, I was sharing a one-bedroom apartment (and a comically over-sized bed) with them. At some point they wanted to get freaky, and I stomped out of the bedroom in a huff.

Next thing I know, I'm in the kitchen frying bacon and suddenly Bill Clinton comes bursting in, all "Where are they!?" I gesture toward the bedroom with my spatula.

As he's heading back there, I ask him "Please don't hurt anyone or break anything." He turns to me and starts laughing.

"Sweetie, I ain't gonna hurt nobody," he says. "I just wanna see what the hay-ull this looks like."

Then he starts hitting on me.



Well! In this world of strange political bedfellows, it's nice to know there are some people you can rely on to always be themselves. Thanks, Bill.

--Chris Wayan

This is a sample dream from Sheila Heti's wonderfully absurd collaborative site
So if you've dreamt of Hillary, Barack or John McCain, Uncle Sheila wants YOU!

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