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"AE" (George Russell)

AE was a visionary who literally wrote the book on how to cultivate mystical awareness and powers (The Candle of Vision, 1918). A friend of Yeats and a key figure in the Irish Renaissance, he was a gifted painter, poet and prose writer, as well as a political reformer, but the core of his life was the spiritual world. He considered clear dreams to be as revelatory as (indeed indistinguishable from) the highest waking, intentional visions. The two best examples below are Over the Volcano and Planet-Sculpting Ape.

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EGYPT: by AE (George Russell); 1890s?, a brief telepathic vision
I wondered where a friend was, and felt as if I were walking at night near the Sphinx. Months later...
OVER THE VOLCANO: by AE (George Russell); c.1900, an embarkation dream.
We're spirits over a volcanic fountain of energy. And some of us prepare to ride the current up to...
PLANET-SCULPTING APE: by "AE" (George Russell); mid-1870s, a childhood characterological dream.
On a cloud in space I met an ape molding a model of the Earth, glancing at the original far below us. We were much alike...
THE SHOP SPILLED OVER: by AE (George Russell); early 1890s, a telepathic vision
I closed my eyes at work and saw an old man and a red-haired girl in a shop. My workmate was writing a letter home, and I asked...
SURF DREAMS, DEEP DREAMS: by AE (George Russell) and Wayan; 1918 and 1996, twin images of our limited conception of dreaming
What you call dreams are just the surf-zone between waking and dream! Swim out past the foam to the deeps and you'll find...
UNICORN FEEDBACK: by Wayan; 2009/1/3, a double dream of advice
A unicorn advises me. I wake, and tell a friend, who proves I must have misheard. And then I wake again...
WHAT E.S.P. IS FOR: by Wayan; 2012/12/10, three linked dreamlets on my real nature and purpose
I dream ESP isn't just for oneself; then of a romance between a wolf singer & a deer guitarist; then that I'm furry too, and better accept it...

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