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A waking vision, 1890s?, by AE (George Russell)

I brooded once upon a friend, not then knowing where he was, and soon I seemed to myself to be walking in the night. Nigh me was the Sphinx, and, more remote, a dim pyramid.

Months later, my friend came to Ireland. I found he had been in Egypt at the time I had thought of him. He could not recollect the precise day, but had while there spent a night beside the great monuments. I did not see him in vision, but I seemed to be walking there in the night. Why did the angle of vision change as with one moving about? Did I see through his eyes? Or did I see, as in the other incident, images reflected from his sphere to my own? Where does this vision end?

--AE (George Russell)

SOURCE: The Candle of Vision by AE (1918), a fascinating manual for visionaries. The passage was untitled; Egypt is just my title of convenience.

--Chris Wayan

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