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Below you'll find:
  1. Dreams induced or shaped by long training in meditation, as in The Boulder Dissolves or Peacock Kings
  2. Dreamers who try meditation within a dream. The effect can be subtle, as in Ink Mountain, to spectacular and physical, as in Surrender to the White Buffalo
  3. Dream characters who meditate with unexpected results, as in Awkward Enlightenment or Meltdown Valley
  4. Dreamers who get to interview master meditators in dreams, as in Etna-Shasta, or, Groom Your Own Feathers
  5. Nondream meditation with results so dreamlike I just had to include them, as in AE's apparently telepathic Egypt, or Equinity's shamanic Summoning Shadow
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ATMAVICTU: by Carl Jung, c.1919/12/4; portrait of dream figure in a different phase of life
Jung's ally in killing the murderous German archetype Siegfried was Atmavictu.
Here he's worn out, turning to stone, ready to manifest as a different guide...
AWKWARD ENLIGHTENMENT: by Wayan; 2010/1/13; a dream of spiritual and practical advice
Anxious about a big party, I dream of being crowded. But
a cat-centaur in the crowd attains sudden enlightenment...
BIRTH, INITIATION, INDIVIDUATION: by Anonymous #6; summer 2007?, a dream of spiritual ascent
I swim the flooded tunnels and pass the crocodiles to enter the house of mystics... but now what?
THE BOULDER DISSOLVES: by Myoe Shonin; mid Dec. 1230, an old monk's dream of liberation
I was trapped inside a boulder, but as I chanted it melted around me until it resembled a discarded skin...
THE CHIANG-SHIH: by Julian Garberson; 2004/8/23, a surreal Han Dynasty nightmare
A vampire wrestler on the Throne of Heaven pins me. Visualization and prayer don't free me--in fact, they get me killed...
DAPHNE THINKS: by Wayan, 2007/6/10, a dream warning of (two?) unacknowledged needs
My co-worker Daphne is snappish and stressed. She meditates, seeking the cause, and
becomes a half-newt-half-koi in a giant fishbowl. Up shambles a curious AI...
DEER AND WOLF MYSTICS: by Wayan; 2015/2/1; an odd peacemaking dream
The wolf and deer people are getting along well--a relief since I like both.
Now, can the wolves learn from the deer how to open their third eye?
DON JUAN AND THE FLYERS: by 'Rasselon'; 2009/12/17, a shamanic dream about focus.
Winged things lurk in the shadows. When I focus on them, they attack! Castaneda's teacher watches amused...
DREAM-DENIERS: by Wayan, 2014/5/31, a dream contemplating the meaning of dreams
In a museum I talk to a stained-glass artist who's a dreamworker like me.
But a meme seems to be spreading that says dreams mean absolutely nothing...
ECCENTRIC: by Wayan; 1990/5/17, a two-page dream-comic.
I'm a small planet in an eccentric orbit: a one-day summer, a two-day winter. Rest and hibernate, or...
THE EGG CRACKS: by Carl Jung, 1914/1/10-1917/2/4; meditation-images
A green monster guards the divine egg; with the right prayer, it
explodes in a fountain of mad color, half grenade, half freed jinni...
EGYPT: by AE (George Russell); 1890s?, a brief telepathic vision
I wondered where a friend was, and felt as if I were walking at night near the Sphinx. Months later...
THE ENTANGLED MAN; 2012/5/5 by Wayan; a singular dream
On our expedition to a singularity, one researcher gets quantum-entangled with it! He could become anything...
ETNA-SHASTA, or, GROOM YOUR OWN FEATHERS: by Wayan; 2008/9/18, a dream-poem, Dreamverse #28
On a volcano's rim, watching the lava fountains, I interview a huge blue alien bird who never planned to be a monk...
FLOATING: by Wayan; ink with acrylic wash 1982, digital tweaking 1997; sketch of daydream.
Hokusai's wild mad lines inspired me to draw myself his way, floating asleep on the astral sea...
FLUID REALITY: by Wayan; 1983/8/8; a magical dream-sea voyage that turned out to be predictive
On my quest I find magic portals, snarky flower-fairies, undersea redcoats,
reassembling bodyparts, living chess, and Nosferatu the Cheating Vampyre...
FLYING FISH AND LOTUS: by Katherine Metcalf Nelson; 1983/4/10; a dream of quiet transcendence
I catch a magical fish and let it go. A friend and I consider higher learning--and we don't mean academia.
My friend lays a lotus in a chair on the beach. A man baptises in sunset water, shining like a certain fish...
THE FURNITURE: by Wayan; 1989/2/17, a physics dream.
My sister Althea meditates. With her aura quiet, I mistake her for furniture! That blind to the physical...
GIRL IN THE WATER: by Wayan, 2000/10/7, twin dreams on... dreamwork?
In a California with no Gold Rush, wild deer carry a girl over the San Fernando hills to a secret dream-pool...
Then in a Japantown hotel lobby, that girl floats meditating in a huge aquarium, as local gossips lie about her...
GOLDEN EGG: by Larry Vigon; 1984; a real, nondream, synchronistic... summoning?
I was on a London train. An ad had an image from "Jack and the Beanstalk" and I pondered
the tale--the meaning of the golden eggs. A man got on, held out a golden egg, and opened it...
A GOLDEN KEY IN A CHEAP LIGHT: by Wayan; 1996/7/9, a subtle dream lesson
I was so lonely the potheads on Haight looked good. I dreamed I had the Golden Key, but under a cheap
sodium streetlamp, ALL my keys looked gold! Then I met true gold: a woman meditating until she shone...
GURU GUTS: by Wayan; 1989/4/12, digital sketch of my perceptual world.
If it takes a whole village to raise a child, it also takes a lot of guts to raise a kundalini. Voila!
INK MOUNTAIN: by Wayan; 1992/8/5, a tutelary dreamtale.
A Himalayan peak boils with warring creatures, but a guru says "They're just your conflicts. Sit, watch..."
INUIT MEDITATION: by Wayan; 1989/11/16, a comically surreal dream.
I'm the first tuna to get a scholarship to Stanford.
Naturally I sign up for a course in Inuit Meditation...
THE KEY IS HERE, BUT BEWARE; 2012/3/8 by Eleanor; nested nightmares of enlightenment
The moment I find the Key, I'm possessed! I wake to find it's just a nightmare. Only who's broken into my house?...
LET ILLNESS GO: by Wayan; 1999/6/7. Acrylic/digital painting of a meditation not a dream.
Illness is such a handy excuse when you need solitude, care, rest, or just time to think... but...
THE MAGIC OF WRITING: by Diana Wynne Jones; 1974, '82, late '83, early '84, & '87; prediction, or causation?
What I write in my books and think I have made up has a creepy way of coming true. I noticed it first...
MANDALA: by Carl Jung, c.1915; a drawing he lied about for decades
Jung, in crisis, drew a complex mandala, and then wrote about its
symbols & archetypes, always claiming a patient had drawn it...
MANDALA OF THE EIGHT DREAMERS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2007/9/16, painting of a group's dreams
Our dream-group's dreams had a lot of imagery in common: circles, groups, meditation. I fused them into this piece...
MEDITATION BLUES: by Wayan, 1983/2/13, nondream sketches of meditative state.
Meditation's hard for me; I expect to turn on instantly, like a lamp plugged into Enlightenment...
MELTDOWN VALLEY: by Wayan; 1993/2/13, a dream of scrupulous balance.
A park in San Francisco has melted into a bizarre mutation-zone. Its guardian is a lonely elf-woman...
MONASTERY: by Anonymous #7; before 1986, a predictive/advisory spiritual dream
I happily meditated alone in a monastery. But when I woke, I saw no way to act on the dream. Then a friend...
by Jenny Badger Sultan; 14 dreams (mostly Jan-Mar 2011) painted on one canvas
A dream urged me to paint a big landscape with cutout movable (magnetic) dream figures
and liftable flaps revealing hidden dream scenes...
MY RITUAL BEHEADING: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 1996/3/24, painting of a nightmare
We stood meekly in line to be beheaded. I tried to accept my fate and commended myself to God...
OCTOPIA: by Wayan; 1996/3/21, a spiritual dream-comic on play; ill. text version
I'm a stratospheric bat who finds a flying swastika. Is it creeping fascism?
Or a Hindu blessing? Neither! It's an Octopian frisbee. I return it...
PATH: by Wayan; 57K; dream figures (1989/10/12) invade a waking landscape.
My art teacher said "Draw a spiritual experience." I did, but that night, I dreamed of sharp-toothed...
PEACOCK KINGS: by Myoe Shonin; 1196/8 or 1196/9, an ecstatic dream
I meet two Peacock Kings bigger than human beings, who chant blessings until I wake with tears drenching my pillow...
THE POWER OF NON-VISUALIZATION: by Wayan; 2018/4/29, a mystical dream whose teaching worked
I'm listening to a film-talk on Non-Visualization. "Don't wish--don't will--don't visualize.
Just face what you really want, and then don't push..."
RAETHE: by Wayan; 1990/4/19; a delicate follow-up dream, drawn & poemed
In the Cave of the Ant Ambassador, I meet his mate, a beautiful translucent fox named
Raethe. Way happier with her mate (& body!) than in that dream just two months ago...
REBORN IMMORTAL: by Reneta Scian; 2010/1/3, a three-stage flying dream
First I try to break the sound barrier like my girlfriend. Nope!
Then I fly slowly to her apartment. Nothing flashy, but I make it.
Last, I zoom back to ancient China, where I find a candle-lit shrine dedicated to... me?
SATORI ACCORDING TO GHOST: by Wayan; 1998/4/11, a longterm predictive dream
A Buddhist student, troubled by a corporation marketing a product called
"Satori", summons the ghost of her beloved mentor for advice...
SERAFINA AND RAM DASS: by Wayan; a 2000/11/6 dream anticipating an 11/9 experience with auras
A Finnish shaman/witch gives me a lesson in night flying; in the waking world
I meet Ram Dass and sense him speak astrally before his body can get the words out...
by Daughn Lee and Roswila; 1999 (2000?), a collaborative dream-poem
Alternating stanzas by very different poets, based on
Roswila's dream of bellydancing in the streets...
SHIP OF THE SUN: by Carl Jung, c.1917/1/10; trance image
An version of the Egyptian Ship of the Sun with a mutant Osiris at the helm,
in a monster-infested sea: image of the spark of consciousness in a sea of...
THE SHOP SPILLED OVER: by AE (George Russell); early 1890s, a telepathic flash
Closing my eyes I saw an old man and a red-haired girl in a shop. My workmate was writing home...
SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE? PLEASE, MISTRESS, NO!: by Wayan; 1981/7/18, a meditation on meditation.
A rant on over-disciplined Americans (NOT under; we just think we are) taking up spiritual disciplines...
STARHAWK THE WITCH: by Wayan; 1983/8/19, 6. illus., an epic, milestone dream.
DAY: I read Starhawk's Dreaming the Dark, on building unity, undoing capitalism;
DREAM: I'm forced to become Time Pilgrim, warning of the dangers of community--indeed, of unity...
SUMMONING SHADOW: by Jo Equinity; 2006. Three meditative paintings apparently cause a miracle.
I had to sell my horse Shadow, but I missed him so much I painted him. As I finished, a strange impulse led me...
SURF DREAMS, DEEP DREAMS: by AE (George Russell) and Wayan;
(1918 and 1996, twin images of our limited conception of dreaming)
What you call dreams are just the surf-zone between waking and dream!
Swim out past the foam to the dream-deeps and you'll find...
SURRENDER TO THE WHITE BUFFALO: by Kathleen Sullivan, 1970s?; a nightmare turned shamanic
A gigantic herd of buffalo stampede toward me. I panic, then surrender in peace to what is surely my death...
SWALLOWED!: by Wayan; 1990/7/30, a warning dream.
An ancient pictograph inspires me to try a meditative technique: shrinking and letting myself be eaten...
TANDEM DREAM IN KATMANDU: by Clancy Cavnar; 1998, two parallel dreams not acted on
Two of us meditation students dreamed one night that we were ice skating in Holland, helping each other...
TELEPATH COUNTRY: by Wayan, 2010/5/25; a weird dream image heralding drastic change
I'm on the border of human territory. Beyond is the land of the unnerving
Telepaths, each one different but every one creepy...
THROUGH WALLS TO SEX CLASS: by Wayan; 2017/6/22, a therapeutic/advisory dream
A trusted college advisor says "Slip through cracks in the classroom walls!"
There's no direct route. Yoga to taekwondo to ballet to... a sex workshop!
WAYAN'S STUDIO: Wayan, 1999/10/6, ink sketches of workspace
These sketches bare my work process: I multitask, but without planning, in a
flow state. I really do just follow my bliss. Works better for me than logic.
THE WEED: by Elizabeth Bishop; before 1946, a dream-poem on death/rebirth
I was dead. A weed grew from my heart; then two streams poured out--not
water or blood but experiences. I asked the weed what it was doing, and it said...
THE WORK OF POWER: by Anna Kingsford; Dec. 1880, a wildly uncompromising dream-sermon
A dream telling how to acquire mystic power: raw food, no sex, meat, or booze; just meditate in rural solitude...
YOGA SAINT: by Wayan; 2010/12/4, an incubated, disturbing diagnostic dream
I dream I meet my headaches! An ascetic yogi who punishes jokers, flirts and cynics for worldliness...

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