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The Boulder Dissolves

Dreamed mid-December, 1230 by Myoe Shonin

There was a large boulder, which had a small opening in it. I entered it and thought about how I would not be able to get out.

Girin and Enchi were passing over the top of the rock, and I, inside of it, called out to Girin, saying, "How can I get out?" Then he taught me some chants and made me recite them. Those chants were like linked verse: "Izanagi's... "[gap in manuscript]

I received this, and, as I was chanting, the huge rock, like ice being exhausted by the sun, slowly melted in accordance with my chanting. As it melted, my head slowly emerged from the surface. After this emerging, it melted further down to my hips. Although a little of it still remained and had not melted away, I extricated myself out of it.

What was left of the boulder was like cast-off skin; it was thin and light, and I threw it away. Now, I thought, it will completely vanish.


A statue of Myoe Shonin, a 12-13th-century Japanese Buddhist monk who kept one of the world's earliest surviving dream-journals.

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