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Buddhist dreams--including dreams of meeting Buddha(s).

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AFTER THE FLOOD & THE PIG-EARED BABY ALLIGATOR: by Skiznot; c.1995, an oracular dream
My hometown floods. I swim after some strange fish and find
a scientific community where a scaled baby tells me who I am...
AIRPLANE DISASTERS: by Jack Kerouac, early Aug? 1954, a helpless-witness nightmare
An indestructible camera relentlessly shows me what passengers feel on every crashing plane...
AMERICAN TANKA: by Wayan; dreamed 1989/7/26, painting-poem-story on 30" disk, 1995.
I dreamed I circumnavigated the entire Buddhist wheel of existence in a single night...
AT A CALIFORNIA CAMP: by Jack Kerouac, spring 1955, a nuclear testing nightmare
My family and I are prisoners in a camp that will be H-bombed so our remains
can be studied. I write a Buddhist poem preparing for death...
AWKWARD ENLIGHTENMENT: by Wayan; 2010/1/13; a dream of spiritual and practical advice
Anxious about a big party, I dream of being crowded. But
a cat-centaur in the crowd attains sudden enlightenment...
BALANCE?: by Wayan, 1984/10/10, a dream about dreams.
Silky, my sentient starship, gives me a scolding about playing it safe...
THE BOULDER DISSOLVES: by Myoe Shonin; mid Dec. 1230, an old monk's dream of liberation
I was trapped inside a boulder, but as I chanted it melted around me until it resembled a discarded skin...
BRICK AND SKIN: by Wayan; 1988/10/18, a dream of spiritual stretching.
I'm analog myself, but in Tibet, I meet a digital shaman whose body's a sort of ...
THE BRIDGE: by Wayan; a 3-page comic from two linked dreams, 1989/5/28 & 1989/10/1.
The Hunt of the Unicorn (yeah, guess who I am), as I fly through the worlds fighting Reaganism...
BUDDHA BEARS: by Wayan; 1994/12/10. Digital sketch of a dream image I forgot was a dream!
Gosh, I'm speechless. How Zen! Market me at once!
CAMERA STRIKE: by Wayan, 1996/10/19, a dream within a dream with a point.
I dream I'm a lemur-girl in an emotional maze.
I wake to find I'm really a satyr cartoonist.
Funny, we have a lot in common! I wake to find...
CELLPHONE HEAVEN: by Alder, 2008/8/28, a dream of practical sainthood
I visit a Tibetan monastery with great cellphone reception from the gods.
But all their calls are messages to pass on to others--none for us...
THE CIRCUS HUMANS' DESERTION: by Wayan; 1988/2/19; a holy dream.
I join a circus, but soon all the best carnies sail off to the Blessed Isles. The circus animals pitch in
and carry on--clumsy and lonely. Then a divine herald arrives from the Isles: Donald Duck! He says...
CRONE AND SAGE AT THE MALL: by Wayan; 1991/6/22, a mystical dream-sonnet about malls.
I dream up a shining mall. At a booth selling herbs I meet my mentors, Crone and Sage.
They tease me for building a venue so banal. But I tease right back: "This place shapes you..."
CROSS THE BLACK RIVER ONE DEATH AT A TIME: by Wayan; 1990? Astral landscape
Buddhism is a 12-step program; it has its pitfalls for those of us who already detach all too easily...
DARUMA DOLLS: by Wayan; late 1994. Nondream digital sketch.
One of Aline Kominsky's comix has her in a bar and a guy asks "Que pasa, muñeca?" and...
DREAM-DENIERS: by Wayan, 2014/5/31, a dream contemplating the meaning of dreams
In a museum I talk to a stained-glass artist who's a dreamworker like me.
But a meme seems to be spreading that says dreams mean absolutely nothing...
A DREAMKU PRIMER: by Roswila; 2007; how-to guide to dream haiku
Distilling a dream to one key image can clarify it. But don't be ruled totally by traditional haiku form...
DREAMKU, JUNE 2006: by Roswila; various dates up to June 2006; thirty dream-haiku
Daily dream-poems in haiku style, nonstop for a month. A flood of animals, revenant ghosts, sex changes...
DRINK THE DOVE: by Myoe Shonin; c.1202/9/11, a pre-Surrealist surreal dream
The sparrow died in the ashes, but the dove in my hands became a blue cloud.
I drank it, thinking "This will benefit us all"...
FEVER HILL: by Wayan; 1991/4/13, a comic Buddhist nightmare.
My fever-dreams manifest physically and mess up my whole neighborhood. Seismic inspectors arrive...
FOR THE FIRST TIME: by Jack Kerouac, Nov? 1954, a lucid dream of escaping a rut
I've climbed a cliff and cower on the brink; but for for the first time I need not
fall or retrace my dangerous path down. I know I'm dreaming, and wake...
FORKS AND SAUCERS: by Wayan; 1988/10/18, a dream on when to quit
Tibet, 1910. I find a cult whose ancestors manned a radar station that shot down
flying saucers. But were the aliens really hostile? I'm not so sure...
GABORS: by Jack Kerouac, late Jan. 1954, a dream of celebrity delusion
Starlets Zaza and Eva Gabor grow old shopping, smiling, covering their fears, until...
GRIEF KIVA: by Wayan; 1980/2/16, a lucid psychic dream.
In a Hopi underworld, I find even lucid dreaming can't cure guilt and grief over losses yet to come...
GROUND ZERO: by Al Davison; 2001/9/9, a predictive dream-comic.
Two days before 9/11, I dream I'm a child at ground zero, mourning the devastation--and witnessing rebirth.
HELL CAFE: by Wayan; 2009/10/21, a dream poem w/sketch; Dreamverse #62
A Buddhist scroll shows me Hell Cafe, where diners become entrees. But I read the scroll
backwards! You can escape Hell just by walking out, against the traffic flow...
HIGHER LEVEL: by Wayan; 2011/12/13, an absurd transcendent dream
I paddle through the grim streets of Karachi on my belly, on a skateboard,
with my flipper-hands, until at last I reach the border to a Higher Realm...
HILLMAN ON DAIMONS: by Wayan; 1998/9/7, on Greco-Roman and Jungian ideas of a life-goal
James Hillman and my own experience suggest we enter life with an agenda. But what if our goals are sick?
HIS MINE: by Wayan; 1985/12/2, a wild dream epic.
I'm a hobbit seeking Henry Fonda's haunted gold mine. And find it. Or is that chocolate?
But I get caught in a shamanic showdown in a bar where they serve real spirits...

HOW TO SURVIVE NUCLEAR WAR: by Maxine Kumin; early 1980s, a dream poem.
In Japan, sick in bed, reading a book on radiation sickness, I dream of a restorative ritual for trees...
HUNT AND PECK: by Patagia; 1997/6/16, a dream on the creative non-struggle.
I’m a brown sparrow scratching in the dirt, looking for bugs. Focused, tireless, I hunt and peck...
I ALSO DREAMED...: by Jack Kerouac, Summer 1958? an early dream of the world as a simulation.
I also dreamed the world was a mathematical abstract, like, by subtracting 740 from 1000
you got 260 which meant 'Egg' more or less, so if you wanted an egg you had the egg...
ID FLOWERS: by Wayan; 1989/10/8, a dream of wish and fear
The villagers warned me not to walk in the alien graveyard; for at night, the Id flowers wake...
THE ILL-FORMED TALE: by Wayan; 160K, 1981/4/7, a wild dream anti-epic.
To reach the Peak of Happiness on the Isle of Dreams, I must pass four Perils--but they're all backwards...
IMMOLATION MAZE: by Richard Turner; 1973, a nightmare expanded into both sculpture & story
Saigon, 1973. Lost in a fabric maze. I find, wearing Buddhist robes, the skeleton of a dog.
Years later I write of Buddhist monks burning themselves, and build an ominous maze...
THE INCIDENCE OF BUDDHAS: by Wayan; 1996/4/24, a dream testing me.
I'm in a mall that enlightened customers alter with a thought. But too many Buddhas spoil the architecture...
JADE JACKPOT, or, A HEAP O' CHANGE: by Wayan; 1990/1/7, a dream of shaking down God.
I'm slipping dimes into a boulder of jade: a vending machine that fills every order wrong. Why feed it? Well...
THE KEYRING OF ATTACHMENTS: by Wayan; 1974/5/31, a dream gone too far.
Swayed by sinister surgeons, I go all Buddhist and give up my attachments, including various organs...
LEARNING SCALES: by Wayan; 1985/6/26, an epic dream of Chinese dragons.
I find myself in astral China. The Empress is banished, the Jester rules. Wisdom is lost.
We need an Imperial Dragon...
LION-MEN: by Wayan; 1995/7/9, an eye-opening dreamlet.
I'm a traveling Zen warrior talking to a circus girl in a barn. Four guys enter--and my life changes forever.
MAGIC SCHOOL: by Wayan; 1982/1/26, a major, political dreamtale.
Phyllis Schlafly, killer of the Equal Rights Amendment, provokes a dream where I'm Captain Kirk trapped in a magic school, with no way out but the graduate exam. Can I learn the lesson of the tree?
MAHAKALA, MOZART, AND THE CRIPPLED BIRD: by Wayan; 1985/4/17, a dream on facing shadows
The Christian God vs Mahakala, Buddhist god of right anger! War in Middle Earth, as Pink Floyd sings...
MEDITATION BLUES: by Wayan, 1983/2/13, nondream sketches of meditative state.
Meditation's hard for me; I expect to turn on instantly, like a lamp plugged into Enlightenment...
THE MAGIC WORDS: by Wayan; 1974/5/29, an early dream on word-magic.
Humanity in the future desperately needs the magic words from the past to free them. But... "pickle?"
MAHAKALA, MOZART, AND THE CRIPPLED BIRD: by Wayan; 1985/4/17, a dream on facing shadows
The Christian God vs Mahakala, Buddhist god of right anger! War in Middle Earth, as Pink Floyd sings...
by Jenny Badger Sultan; 14 dreams (mostly Jan-Mar 2011) painted on one canvas
A dream urged me to paint a big landscape with cutout movable (magnetic) dream figures
and liftable flaps revealing hidden dream scenes...
MY RITUAL BEHEADING: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 1996/3/24, painting of a nightmare
We stood meekly in line to be beheaded. I tried to accept my fate and commended myself to God...
MY SINE-FRIEND: by Wayan; 1984/3/6, an emotional dream of time and rebirth.
An animal-girl I know lives like a sine-wave, first forward in time, then backwards, dying at every zero...
NORASINGH: by Wayan; 1987/1/15, a Tantric Frankenstein dream.
I fall in love with my sculpture of a mythical Southeast Asian creature. Then a mad yogi breaks in...
ON MOLLY'S FOREHEAD: by Wayan, 1988/11/19, a spiritual sex dream.
A child of radicals goes wild in Rio. When we bail her out, we find she's had a strange enlightenment...
PEACOCK KINGS: by Myoe Shonin; 1196/8 or 1196/9, an ecstatic dream
I meet two Peacock Kings bigger than human beings, who chant blessings until I wake with tears drenching my pillow...
A PRISONER OF ZEN: by Wayan; 1980/11/9, a dream on isolation.
The Pope spears our Inuit captain and the Mystic, who turns solitary--a prisoner of Zen. Can I free him?
REBORN IMMORTAL: by Reneta Scian; 2010/1/3, a three-stage flying dream
First I try to break the sound barrier like my girlfriend. Nope!
Then I fly slowly to her apartment. Nothing flashy, but I make it.
Last, I zoom back to ancient China, where I find a candle-lit shrine dedicated to... me?
RING OF WHITE WATER: by Wayan; 1983/1/30, an epic astral dream.
I'm a raft guide on a circular river that may just be reincarnation. A girl in my
tour group jumps ship: she dreads the white water of rocky relationships ahead...
ROBINSON JEFFERS AS A SHAMAN: by Wayan; 1996/7/28, a life-review, with 2016/10/22 followup
Jeffers, that harsh, visionary, ecological poet, seems drunk on Darwinism, blind to how kindness matters...
SATORI ACCORDING TO GHOST: by Wayan; 1998/4/11, a longterm predictive dream
A Buddhist student, troubled by a corporation marketing a product called
"Satori", summons the ghost of her beloved mentor for advice...
SERAFINA AND RAM DASS: by Wayan; a 2000/11/6 dream anticipating an 11/9 experience with auras
A Finnish shaman/witch gives me a lesson in night flying; in the waking world
I meet Ram Dass and sense him speak astrally before his body can get the words out...
SHEEP IN THE SKY: by Myoe Shonin; c.1220/9/20, a dream of strange advice.
A strange transforming thing appeared in the sky--a light, a sheep, a man. It told me to stop burning my head...
SOCK PUPPETS OF THE GODS: by Dee and Wayan; 1994/4/14. Parallel shamanic dreams!
I dream I'm suicidal; but I'm saved when I'm shown the flow of human development--the same pattern,
from souls to civilizations! Eddies and knots recur, but the challenges slowly get more spiritual.
NEXT DAY: I learn what my shaman-friend Dee just dreamed. And now I'm unsure whose dream this is...
SOULS IN THE MUD: by Wayan; 1981/1/14, a thoughtful dream.
I'm being hunted in Reincarnation Swamp, as I worry--the human population boom
means experienced souls are scarce. Are most folks you meet really dogs, cats... rats?
SOUL-WORK GOES ON: by Wayan; 1994/11/3, a journal extract on dreamwork.
As I reread decades of dreams, I see Jung was right: even in crisis-times, soul-work goes calmly on...
SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE? PLEASE, MISTRESS, NO!: by Wayan; 1981/7/18, a meditation on meditation.
A rant on over-disciplined Americans (NOT under; we just think we are) taking up spiritual disciplines...
STRANGE SERVICE: by Gordon B., early 2006, a transcendental dream
The old man sang in the empty church, then looked at me and snapped his fingers. I was filled with voices...
THE STUTTER: by Wayan; 1995/9/7, a religious dreamtale.
Half our religion-founders were just one guy, repeating till he got it right. Practice makes perfect!
SUSHI CIRCUS: by Wayan; 1982/2/17, an illustrated psychic dream.
To avoid being stabbed, I flee the Psychodrama Circus. Wisely--the place explodes!
But it's the filling of the sushi roll that really upsets me...
TAHOE DRAGON: by Wayan; 1980/8/16. A dream of flight and fire.
A dragon killed a friend, and threatened worse. I had to fight.
We dueled mid-air, over Lake Tahoe...
TAHOE TAROT: by Wayan; 1988/4/13, a silly mystic flying dream.
My sister and I are playing cards in the air high over Lake Tahoe.
The stakes? The world. But we both cheat...
THREE-EYED WOLF: by Wayan; 1993/12/14. Digital comic of a dream, done movie-poster style
A 'toon liberation dream. I cartooned a new self and slowly she grew realer, until she ran Disney...
THE THREE VEILS BETWEEN MAN AND GOD: by Anna Kingsford, March 1881, a messianic dream.
I was shown what veils the God in us: Blood (violence), Idols (dogmatism), and the Curse of Eve (sexism)...
TIBETAN DISASSEMBLY: by Wayan; 2007/7/5, a dream of a desperate ploy
A woman in Tibet disassembles herself! A local god hires her spirit,
but she uses the office equipment to backup her memories and...
THE TOMBSTONE TEST: by Wayan; 1986/8/18, a deceptive dream.
I walk in a vast graveyard full of history's most famous
people and treasures. But it's all fake, built to test your...

UNICORN TAG: by Wayan; 1986, a linked series of illustrated dreams.
Animal teachers, mostly equine, drag me (as I scream NO!) beyond plain dreamwork into shamanism...
Chapter 1: The Deer Party: by Wayan; 6 illus.
Chapter 2: Ariane's Honeymoon: by Wayan; 8K
Chapter 3: The Everest Marathon: by Wayan; 1 illus.
Chapter 4: Who'll Be My Love?: by Wayan; 100K, 4 illus.
Chapter 5: Dreamrider: by Wayan; 7K, a nondream interlude
Chapter 6: Half Shaman, Half Statesman: by Wayan; 170K, 4 illus.
Chapter 7: Eight To A Horn: by Wayan; 2 illus.
Chapter 8: Black Magic: by Wayan, 7 illus.
Chapter 9: Misfits On Mars: by Wayan; 300K, 7 illus.
WHAT! MORE?: by Wayan; 300 x 500, ink 1985, digital color 2001.
The world needs Zen cards, to balance out the Tarot.
So here's my Zen pack--all one of them. One too many.
"WHAT SHARKS?": by Wayan; 1990/4/22, a dream of multiple viewpoints.
A cowgirl is driving us in circles round the dusty parking lot, fleeing the air-sharks... or is she?
WHO ATE MY LETTUCE?: by Wayan; 1983/1/13, a short dreamfable.
An invisible monster is eating my lettuce patch.
It casts a huge blurry shadow, leaves footprints, but...
THE WORK OF POWER: by Anna Kingsford; Dec. 1880, a wildly uncompromising dream-sermon
A dream telling how to acquire mystic power: raw food, no sex, meat, or booze; just meditate in rural solitude...
THE WORLD'S FAIR: by Wayan; 1983/3/18, an illustrated dream fable.
The same night I learn of the Kerouac Tree, a wise old man shows me the world's fair. Not the event...
YEATS: by Wayan; 1990/1/1, a poem wrestling with Yeats's visions.
Our dilemma is, now that we have the power to get what we want... what exactly was it we wanted?
YOU'RE THE EAGLE: by Wayan; 2000/2/8, a dream fable.
A hermit spends his life wrestling with shadows. His only disciple becomes famous. Who was happier?
ZEMMYO: by Myoe Shonin; c.1221/4/20, a spiritual Pygmalion dream.
A doll sent from China breaks into tears over her exile here in Japan. I reassure her and she becomes real...
ZEN INSURANCE: by Anonymous #38, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; a mystical frustration dream
My Zen master keeps asking me koans. But every riddle is about insurance
forms. I always reply "I am thirsty." He asks another. It goes on forever...

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