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Ground Zero

Dreamed 2001/9/9 by Al Davison

Page 1 of a wordless three-page color comic by Al Davison telling a dream he had just before 9/11: children emerge from holes to find ruined towers.
Page 2 of a wordless three-page color comic by Al Davison telling a dream he had just before 9/11: Children stand in a circle, crying; their tears flow together at ground zero; a sapling sprouts.
Page 3 of a three-page color comic by Al Davison telling a dream he had just before 9/11: At ground zero, a gigantic flowering tree rises. Quote: 'Great events never have minor omens. When great evil happens, great good follows.'--Nichiren Daishonin. Dedication: 'to the memory of Jack Hawthorne.'

--Al Davison


Ground Zero is from 9-11: Artists Respond, an anthology of comics about the attacks.

It's hard to avoid feeling that Ground Zero foresaw 9/11. But notice the dream doesn't try to prevent the disaster. In the dream, it's already happened, a given--and it provokes social and spiritual rebirth! My own predictive dreams often see catastrophe as necessary, either to clear space for new growth or simply to awaken us from complacency. But not always; I've gotten clear warnings that let me avoid trouble ahead.

My conclusion? Don't get all mystical, don't get all practical. Dreams, even psychic ones, aren't one-size-fits-all.


Cartoonist Al Davison is well-known in the indie comics world for stunning autobiographical work like THE SPIRAL CAGE (1990, Titan; republished 2003 by Active Images with 40 pages of additional material.) It contains some vivid childhood dreams, but the real treasure-trove for dreamworkers is a collection, SPIRAL DREAMS (2000, Slab-o-Concrete); its last chapter, "Inexplicable", presents both predictive and apparently telepathic dreams, like the startling "Kolchec" story, with dream art by Davison and Sara Welponer. When the descriptions of two dreams seem similar, it could be coincidence; after all, words are vague. But when two dreamers are both gifted artists who draw and name portraits of the same bizarre dream-spook miles and years apart, well, it's a lot harder to brush off! Highly recommended.

--Chris Wayan

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