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Dreamed 1992/12/14 by Chris Wayan

I dreamed a 'toon liberation manifesto. I dreamed I was drawing a new self, a cartoon self... but slowly she grew realer. She worked her way up till she became the first 'toon CEO of Disney! After the billions they've made off toons, it's about time...

Just follow the film through the movie projector's sprockets and reels, (there are small red arrows if you're reel-impaired) to read the tale of the first 'toon CEO and her war with Frank Sinatra, just as I dreamed it... hot off the splicing room floor.

movie poster telling a dream of a three-eyed wolfgirl who becomes CEO of Disney
Who is Frank Sinatra here? Only when he said "I got friends in da Family" did I get that he was my family's values and demands... and the CEO is Silky, my anima, standing up for romance, play, fun, and something unexpected in an anima: dynamic leadership.

"I'm not a bimbo, I'm just drawn that way," is a tribute to Jessica Rabbit, hottest of the 'toon sirens from the golden age of Film Noir. Sigh. Where are they now?

Many thanks to Porky Pig for donating his time for our closing voice-over: "The-the-that's all, folks!"

Why are the movie reels slightly oval? Well, when I drew the dream they were round, but... this was perhaps the last picture ever done on an Amiga, that mad marvelous antique sportscar of computers, whose pixels could be various proportions you chose, all based on the Golden Mean... that's a lot of fancy talk for why the image translated into nice dull modern square-pixel format with funny proportions, okay? Stretching it back to its original circularity means some finicky guesswork, and this was the cleanest stretching-ratio I could find. Truer circles made worse jaggies... It's analogous to the way time gradually distorts our perception of history. Facts may be solid but their meanings and proportions shift...

ASPCA NOTE: No wolves, film producers, Sinatra fans, or other poor dumb animals were harmed in filming this dream, OK?

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