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Deer and Wolf Mystics

Dreamed 2015/2/1 by Chris Wayan

That Day

Work hard on dream poetry--finish Let Go The Safe, illustrate What You Imagine Happens and No Room on the Moon.

That evening I start reading The Accidental Highwayman by Ben Tripp, a sweet little fantasy of an interspecies romance.

That Night

The wolf people no longer eat the deer people, or even raid them. Both have advanced technologically to a roughly human level, so fang and claw don't count for much. And the deer are a large majority. No fighting in recent years, but suspicions remain, and both groups keep to themselves.

Until now. We're on a quest, and our group is mixed. Thrown together by accident--or fate--we found we like each other. More than like--I find both wolves and deer people attractive. Shaggy, bipedal, charming. And not so different as they think.

Wolf girl; pencil sketch of a dream by Wayan; click to enlarge. Deer girl; pencil sketch of a dream by Wayan; click to enlarge.

Many deer are mystics. Some deer retreats have masters who have opened a latent third eye--not a metaphorical one, a literal eye. It gives them not just psychic perceptions (though they do have odd powers and visions) but stereo perception--mere two-eyed deer have eyes so wide-set that each eye sees a separate visual field, and they're flat. An eye in the middle gives deer depth-perception. The solid world humans take for granted is, for deer, transcendent. A kind of ESP, magic!

We visit such a deer-retreat and apply as a group to study--the first time in history any wolves have visited. The lamas are wary of the wolves at first, but they can't ignore the obvious trust and affection among us. I lack a third eye and don't seem to be growing one, but my own cruder human-style ESP sometimes glimpses major historical forks--and I sense a coming sea-change in relations between species.

No formal decision yet from the lamas, but I'm hoping to soon see the first three-eyed wolf.

Notes in the Morning

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