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Dreamed 1989/10/12, by Chris Wayan.

On a path lined with meditating women holding roses, two playful little black animals tumble.

My life-drawing teacher said "Go home and draw a spiritual experience with several figures." So I painted a path with pyramids and a friendly sphinx and sexy meditators holding roses. Since my computer only had 16 colors, I made them loud.

That night, I dreamed I walked that path, but two sharp-toothed animals appeared, tumbling and chasing each other across the path. They said "little animals playing are the real spiritual path."

So I put them in before I printed the picture for my class.

I showed a two-foot printout to my class--the first digital painting I ever showed in public.

And here's what my classmates and even my teacher said: "That's not a picture! You didn't draw it. A machine drew it. Computers are soulless! Computers are taking over!" They couldn't SEE my painting, let alone critique it--blinded by fear. In the heart of Silicon Valley!

I couldn't find many other little animals who wanted to play, but I kept computer-painting alone. If you're reading this in a village somewhere, be aware: cities are no magic answer. John Lennon was right:

"The world is just a little town
Everybody tryin' to put us down

Though I soon moved to San Francisco and found SOME cities keep their promises.

Then, anyway. Now money is pricing out artists fast here.

What's good for business is bad for stillness--and silliness, and laziness, and happiness, and creativemess, and lochness.

Watch out. You may be next.


Be agile, little animals. And find someone to play with.

Spiritual message? That IS spiritual! What do you want, extra fries?

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