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Don Juan and the Flyers

Dreamed 2009/12/17 by "Rasselon"
Rasselon's Dreamlog:

I was talking to don Juan, or someone I interpreted as him. We were walking through the ruins of some old building... we talked about glancing at things, and then I saw the flyers show up. I walked into another room and made a sweeping glance from right to left. Part of the right wall was missing and I saw a yellow and orangish sky, like sunset, with a bunch of birdlike things flying in the distant sky. I registered them as flyers but thought nothing of it, had no thoughts or feelings about them at all, just let my gaze pass on by without focusing on them. But then, a moment later, I thought about how they don't like the light and when they come down, they get in shadowy places of buildings and was thinking of asking if that was right. I think that may have been when they started attacking me.

They came at me from behind and one after the other would attach itself to the back of my neck and I would reach back and pull it off, throw it on the ground and step on it. Whereupon another would attach to the back of my neck. They were small, ten or twelve inches long, and were folded up like a dart, or like a triangular kite folded up like they are in the sleeve you buy them in without the cross stick attached. It had a hockey puck shaped head and big camera lens in the center (artificial-looking, but I didn't think of them as mechanical but as living things). Felt like thin dry leather that made a crinkly sound when I grabbed it, like they were brittle and dry. I think they flew like a delta wing with a fat disk on the point, but as they hit me from behind, I never saw one up close with its wing(s) spread.

Anyway, I was pulling them off and was concerned about how to stop them. I think he told me how but I'm not sure. Anyway he was saying that that was how you glance at the world and that is what I was doing and why I could see them. It's not physical glancing but glancing with the mind. Sort of like noticing without registering as if it's something you see everyday so ignore, you see it but don't think about it. Hard to describe. Maybe taking everything in without prejudging what should be there? Wish I remembered more clearly so I could describe it accurately.

Don Juan seemed to be amused in a mischievous sort of way when the fliers were attacking me, but I wasn't annoyed with him. It seemed like a normal thing for him to be that way. I was very interested in everything he had to say. After stomping on the third one, I woke up.

Very rad dream. Was cool to be learning stuff instead of going around doing stupid things.

This reminds me of a dream when I was younger...


A white haired guy told me "Notice the seven-eyed dragon, but act as if you don't see it," which meant not thinking about it as well, or it would get me. I accomplished this by not looking at it, and focusing on not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk, focusing on going into a store and shopping. Even though I was aware of its presence and what it was doing, which appeared to be massacreing everyone in town as I could hear their yelling and screaming, I never thought about it and continued shopping as if I wasn't hearing it. This was not a dragon, it's just what the guy called it. It had no physical form. More like some force or non-physical entity. When I first saw it in the distance over the mountains, I saw 7 huge, different-sized eyes randomly spaced in the sky over the mountain.

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