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Let Illness Go

1999 daydream image by Chris Wayan. Acrylic, 9 x 12", with digital tweaks

I've had severe allergies all my adult life. Being in constant danger shapes you till you don't know where your character ends and illness begins.

It's not always an enemy, though. If you're shy and unassertive like me, illness is such a handy excuse when you need solitude, care, rest, or just time to think.

But now, I stand in a field like a medieval falconer, with illness resting on my wrist. And I find myself saying "You've been a good friend, but it's time."

I stand in a field like a medieval falconer and let my illness fly from my hand, saying 'You've been a good friend, but it's time.' Click to enlarge.
"Time to quit using you as my excuse, and say what I want directly. Fly free!"

And I let illness go.


Did it work? Well, yes. Slowly. Over the next year, I got gradually healthier and more energetic--so energetic I built the World Dream Bank. There was a price: I had to learn to say no. And that wasn't so easy as I'd thought.

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