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The Furniture

Dreamed 1989/2/17 by Chris Wayan

Late night. I go round the house, locking up. I find one empty room with all the lights on. Turn them off and leave, then return, puzzled by something I barely noticed. It's my sister Althea, sitting in a lotus pose. She's in plain sight, but I didn't see her... because her aura is so empty and quiet, I mistook her for furniture.

I'm looking right at her now, and as long as she keeps her mind empty, she seems no more here than a cardboard cutout. I had no idea I see people mostly by their aura, but apparently it's true.

Like furniture. Is this how others see people? Just a body, no aura at all? No wonder they put so much importance on appearance, then!

But I guess for me appearances literally don't... appear. I do see them of course, but I barely even notice--blinded by the glare of all those thoughts and feelings. And till I saw a human being gone aura-silent, I never knew.

I always pitied those rabbits that live by airport runways. Since hearing is useless and painful, deafness is a survival trait; after a decade or two, all airport rabbits are totally deaf. Growing up in America where everyone feels so much and wants so much has made me more like one of those rabbits than I'd ever have guessed.

Never encountered spiritual silence! Is it that rare?

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