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Tandem Dream in Katmandu

Dreamed 1998 by Clancy Cavnar

In 1998 I was at Kopan Monastery, near Kathmandu. I was attending a course for English speakers. There was a German girl there I talked to sometimes, though we were not close.

One morning I saw her during a time when we were not supposed to be talking. I whispered to her, "I dreamed about you last night" and she said "I dreamed of you too."

She told me that she dreamed we were ice skating in Holland, and she fell, and I helped her up, and kissed her on the forehead.

In my dream, we were ice skating in Holland, and my skates didn't fit, and she gave me some newspaper to put in the toes so they would fit better.

But after I left the monastery, I didn't stay in touch with her.

--Clancy Cavnar


Had this been my dream, I'd have interpreted it pretty simply: assumed that meditation in such a spiritual place had cleared some elbow room inside for new talents to bloom (like smooth ice for skating). So I'd take the ESP in stride, and focus on the message common to both dreams: "we can help each other." Not that we're soul-mates or have to have a dramatic affair, but that we're enjoying a similar holiday, like each other, are mutually attracted, and are good for each other--can help each other.

But Clancy got cold feet. A lot of us do. If we don't dismiss such dreams as coincidence, we get spooked by the questions they raise about physics, ESP, boundaries, and free will... ignoring their practical advice. Or we feel like they're outsiders meddling in our sex lives, and balk, or freeze--when they're us.

--Chris Wayan

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