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1982, xeroxed ink sketch with acrylic wash, tweaked digitally 1997. By Chris Wayan

I'd been studying Hokusai--what wild nervous energy! But familiar--I often feel like him. As restless as his lines... but I hunger for some serenity too. Energy, serenity... I want both.

You can see both tugging at me, in this picture where I'm floating on the astral plane. I'm relaxed and happy, but the water/space surging, restless, jammed with stars, kelp-nebulae, soul-birds...

I float in the astral sea as stars and a golden bird fly by; jagged calligraphy like Hokusai. By Wayan; click to enlarge.
Speaking of ukiyo-e style swimmers, I must mention Hawaiian artist Masami Teraoka's series of ukiyo-e prints showing the culture-clash as a tsunami of Japanese businessmen splashes into Western bikini blondes at Waikiki. Funny, sexy, constructively obnoxious. "Kindred Sites" (below) has a link, though his site doesn't show many of his best.

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