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She Dreams of Belly Dancing

Dreamed 1999 (or 2000?) by Roswila [aka Patricia Kelly]

The World card in 'The Tarot of the Cat People'
The World card from the
Tarot of the Cat People

In the dream, she sashays
down the street in a saucy
costume, followed closely
by two friends each in outfits
diaphanous and daring.

Tight, taut, tense
Thighs trembling.
Ten, nine, eight
She counts
And pushing my
Belly-button into the floor
I wait

Down into the center of the world,
tapping a well of rhythm
both ancient and familiar.

Water earth sea sun
surge splash undulate reach
roar syncopate breathe

Reach for what connects us all,
there in the belly,
the belly that births us all

Surge .... Ancient ....
      Splash.... Familiar ....

and return to the world
the gift it gives:
ripple and expand
the Universe
belly laughs


Alternating stanzas written (and © 2007) by Patricia Kelly and Daughn Lee, based on a dream recounted in the first stanza by Patricia.

Neither Daughn nor I have a dated copy of the above. But I knew it was written between 1999 and 2005, as I remember posting an exploration of the dream the opening stanza is based on to the web site I had at that time. Although I don't have the dream journal for those years anymore, I did save to my computer everything posted to that now defunct web site (Pegasus Dreaming). And in those copies of those old posts is the one about that belly dancing dream with the year 2000 above it.

Probably more interesting would be how we came to write this, but I can't recall that either. All I remember is writing my stanza in an email. Then happily awaiting her reply appended to mine and so on, until we agreed it felt finished. We had plans then -- and if the Deities cooperate will still do this -- to read it together at an open poetry reading.

Both Daughn and I actually feared we'd lost this poem, never to be seen or read again, as neither of us could find our copies when she brought it up some time ago. Then yesterday I was going through my writing files (a never ending job it seems :-D) and, voila, there was one copy, undated, but complete. Yes!

What a delight to have this lost poem come home!


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