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Gimme Air!

Dreams of air: breathing and respiration, anoxia, choking and drowning, air pressure and composition, stratospheric journeys and alien atmospheres...

RELATED TOPICS: water - fire - earth (the underworld) - climate and climate change - terraforming - See also the full INDEX OF SUBJECTS.

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AIR OASIS: by Wayan; 1984/4/15, a dream of marginality.
Why'd I have to get my big inspiration deep in a lake
in the Land of the Lizard People high in the Andes?
ALPHA RALPHA BOULEVARD: by Wayan; 1997? 14"x17" watercolor of recurring dream
I keep dreaming of this path or road arching up into the sky...
ANGELS AND SHARKS: by Wayan; 1975/10/11, a surreal warning dream
I was an angel slipping through matter, who, like a shark, needed to
keep moving to breathe--stop and I'd drown in the world, lose myself...
ATTAHUAH: by Jamie Sawyer; summer 2015, a postapocalyptic lucid dream of vengeance
Four guys plot to enslave my girl and kill me; I have lucid powers, and kill them instead.
My girlfriend Attahuah gets poisoned, but...
BALLOON DIVE: by Wayan; 2007/6/17, a nightmare saying I made the least bad choice
A boy leaps from a runaway balloon, falls 100' into a pond, and floats face-down.
I'm sure he's dead, but when a woman fishes him out...
THE BIOSPHERE VARIATIONS: by Wayan; 2004-, sculpture-photo-drawing-travelog-webtours:
Tour bizarre worlds most exobiologists would dismiss as hopeless for life--and meet the natives...
BOY SCOUTS: by a Maryland woman; pre-1961, a predictive warning dream
I dreamed my toddler son followed two Boy Scouts down to the creek, and drowned. That morning, on my curb, two...
CABIN IN THE SKY: by Wayan; 2005/7/25, a nervous, guilty dreamlet of escape
Bart Simpson leads me down from the Cabin in the Sky back to being... grounded?
CIRRUS: by Wayan; 1982/12/7, a dreamlike but waking skyscape.
I was hunting edible fungi in Foothill Park near Palo Alto when I saw this...
CLOTHES MAKE THE HERO: by Wayan; 1995/4/9, a dream on the power of tackiness.
I always laughed at those silly superhero outfits. But when it's my turn to fly, I find out why...
THE CREEK: by Louisa E. Rhine; c. 1925? a lifesaving predictive dream
I was camping by a creek. I went to get soap and returned to find my baby son face-down in the water...
THE DARII: by Wayan; 1994/8/15, a psychic dream of another life .
I'm trying to prevent a race war, but can I kill someone I admire? And if so, can I live with it?
DRACULA'S SANDWICH: by Brenda Ferrimani; 1997/8/22, a death/rebirth nightmare-painting
Dinner with Dracula goes well, considering, except for the mayonnaise. But suddenly I'm drowning!
No one sees or hears me. Am I a ghost, am I dead or alive? And how would anyone notice?
EMADRO: by Wayan; 1983/6/4, a wild dream on clinging--and letting go.
An elephant sinks in the North Sea, and the Oracle Mink says a wizard did it. Can old Lady Gandalf help?
THE ERTHEDNI: by Wayan, 1977/1/8, three transformation dreams, the last with advice
1: I'm starving in a lush valley; a cult claims all the food, the water, even the air.
2: I'm drowning in a cage but find a corner with water I can breathe--just barely.
3: I'm a merman with a wise friend who hints I need to leave those who starve & drown me...
THE EXPOSURE OF HUMANITY TO THE VACUUM OF SPACE; 1999/6/5 by Anonymous #37; a brief apocalyptic nightmare
One patch of the night sky had a huge number of stars compared to the rest; there was no atmosphere in that portion of the sky...
A FACTORY FIRE: by J. W. Dunne; 1900, a detailed predictive nightmare.
Dunne dreamt of a fire so smoky it killed people on a balcony in open air! Then came the evening news...
FISH BIRTH: by Katherine Metcalf Nelson; c.1978/11/15; a nightmare
My little son accidentally tears the tail off our goldfish. The wound
looks vaginal. The fish, moaning in pain, turns into my daughter...
FLOWER CONVERSATIONS: by Larry Vigon; 2004/1/12; a surreal psychedelic dream
Worms rappeled down from my ceiling. My friend says "I've had great talks with those creatures."
They became flying flowers exuding a gas that, if you napped, let you have wonderful conversations...
FOUR ELEMENTALS: by Wayan, four recurrent 2009 dream-figures, 2010/1/1 to 1/14
For the New Year, I draw a group portrait of the old year's main dream-figures. Four needs came up constantly...
THE FOUR WINDS: by E.M. Martin; 1915, a harsh antiwar dream poem.
Three wind-gods are so revolted by humanity they want to kill us; the fourth says we'll kill ourselves soon enough...
THE GENERAL: by Wayan, mid-December 1975, a nightmare warning of real danger
I'm a child in a Latin American city who's murdered on the street. Then I'm my brother,
seeking my own murderers. I find the General behind it! Unfortunately...
A HISA ON OLYMPUS: by Wayan; 2014/6/15, a dream on the need to slow down
I'm a hisa, a primitive alien who solves a high-tech crime for the humans. Then I hike home,
step by step, down a great shield volcano. Because shuttles leave your soul behind...
I TOSSED MUSIC: by Wayan; 1997/9/19, an advisory dream.
I asked my dreams "should I return to school?" They replied with this bizarre tale of sabotage...
IN IO: by Wayan, 1981/8/7, a wild otherworldly dream with 3 illustrations.
I live on Io. It's nicer than its photos. At least inside, where the oceans are--where I grow a second head...
IN THE STAR; 1988/9/12 by Wayan; an epic, out-of-body, intrastellar quest-dream
I tour the heart of a red supergiant, where dreaming souls explore
their fears and heart's desires, unconstrained by solid matter...
A KNIFE AT HIS THROAT: by Wayan; 1991/1/1; a political dream-cartoon-fable
A courtroom hostage-drama where I'm forced to commit... tracheotomy! And then the Gulf War begins...
LILY OXYGEN: by Wayan; dreamed 1984/1/19, drawn 2000; a strong psychic dream.
I'm Emily Dickinson reborn in 2100 as a breeder of hydroponic lilies, till my dad drafts me as
an Arctic energy-prospector, where I meet a ghost, a fiery Beast, a new me, and the girl of my dreams...
LITTLE BAD DREAM CHARM: by Kathy Fagan; 2001? A slip-filled dream-poem
Half asleep, I scrawl a nightmare of trying to rescue gasping boyfish, but my dreamwriting goes wrong too...
LUNAR WEDDING: by Wayan; 1987/2/5, a poem of a surreal futuristic dream
I'm at a fancy wedding on Mars, I think, but slowly realize the black sky and huge blue ball mean this lawn is on...
...the Moon. In the open. What are we breathing? Well... old money, I think.
LYR: by Wayan; 7MB, 2005, 80 pages w/200+ drawings and maps; a virtual planet
A vast sea-world with 7 times Earth's mass, whose isles are home to at least 19 intelligent species...
MAELSTROM AND BORE: by Wayan; 1995/1/23, poem telling a predictive dreamlet.
An avian friend of mine researches a whirlpool. But it doesn't want to be studied, and it has friends too...
MARIAH: by Wayan, 1994/9/23, a mystical flying dream.
An un-jealous wind lifts me above the San Francisco hills, so I can hunt for my love: the Muse...
MARS REBORN: by Wayan; 15 pages, 27 photos, 2003/9/22, a tour of a sculpted/virtual world
Mars as it will be 1000 years from now, terraformed. A guided tour with photos...
MARTIAN AIRLOCK and JAGUAR MASK: by Wayan, 2015/6/22, twin shamanic near-nightmares
Jaguar Mask: a were-jaguar stuck in human form asks me to sew a new jaguar face on."But won't it hurt?...
Martian Airlock: I'm suitless on Mars. Freezing, choking, I dive into an airlock & slam the switch--but it's sabotaged...
MY LIPS ARE SEALED: by Wayan, 1989/6/3, a moody, psychic, epic, two-part dream.
I'm a Romantic poet who defeats the curse of the fountain, to marry; but when our daughter's grown,
a new curse strikes me mute, paralyzed. And I mistake this for old age!
Then, in real life, my dad wakes up from a nap paralyzed...
MY MOTHER'S CLOSET: by Rachel Hadas, c. 2000;
a dream-poem provoking a 2008/9/16 dream by Chris Wayan
I was in my mother's closet, trying on her outfits, and trapped in Hamlet, too...
OISIN: by Wayan; 2005-2013, 32 maps and images; a nondream virtual world
A model of a moon, half-Europa, half-Mars, with (intelligent?) life in seas under a skin of ice...
PEGASIA: by Wayan; 10MB mini-site (200 maps & images), spring 2006 to present (ongoing); tours of an alien moon.
A contest! Here's a wide, fertile world full of empty ecological niches for intelligent creatures. Design one!
THE PERFECT MUSICAL GENIUS: by "Agnes"; before 1922, a Romantic romantic dream.
I'm to be martyred. I ask if the man I love can strangle me. Yes! I say farewell to our hermaphroditic genius baby...
PLANETOCOPIA: by Wayan; 2002- (ongoing Sisyphean project)
19 nondream imaginary worlds rendered in text, art, & sculpture. Most teem with intelligent life--alien Edens!
POOL ASSASSINS: by Wayan; 2017/3/1, a nightmare after hearing of a real assassination
Four women with guns attack me at a public pool. Trapped in the water, can I survive? Only by being ruthless...
PRECAMBRIAN SLEUTH, or, MURDER BY ATMOSPHERE: by Wayan; 2013/6/2, a warning dream-poem.
I'm a detective sent to a research station two billion years ago. The ancient atmosphere isn't just anoxic, but deadly...
PUFF TIDE: by Wayan; 1993/5/1, a nightmare on indulging rage and tears; 8 illus.
I'm swept off sea-rocks, as my scaly guardian watches calmly--letting me drown in the tears I shed...
PULLED UNDER: by Wayan; 1976/4/15, a nightmare.
One by one, we're pulled under the water, the earth... eaten. That's the fate of all flesh. And we're flesh.
A PULP MYSTERY: by Wayan; 1997/5/7, a nightmare.
A detective talks all his suspects into suicide. But they still bury me in wood pulp and beat me to death...
RED LIGHT by Nancy Price; 1948, a predictive dream of the past!
I'm in my home town, but at two times at once! Murderous boys explain why: I died here in 1861...
ROCKET BREATH: by Wayan; 1989/2/17, a physics dream.
Floating in my parents' house, I get trapped in free-fall! How can I get a grip? (Nothing symbolic here!)
SERRANA: by Wayan; Oct-Dec 2004, a sculpture/webtour; 60 maps, photos & sketches
A dry little world with many small seas, Serrana has at least six intelligent species
and an anarchist culture. It's a tribute to Ursula Le Guin's anarchist utopia,
"The Dispossessed", and Kropotkin's theories of biological cooperation...
by Daughn Lee and Roswila; 1999 (2000?), a collaborative dream-poem
Alternating stanzas by very different poets, based on
Roswila's dream of bellydancing in the streets...
SIPHONIA: by Wayan; 30 p, 2006-14, a nondream virtual world, in progress; maps, tours
First, suck up 90% of Earth's seas. Now wait 90,000 years for life to adapt. The continents are now
Tibetan plateaus above steamy new Deeps, ruled by giant parrots, ravens and otters...
SPECKLED EGGS: by Starvibes; 2008/6/16, a dream of intrigue.
I dreamed of speckled eggs, Caribbean drug traffickers and of
almost drowning near a sinking boat...
SPONTANEOUS DUCK: by Wayan; 2010/9/14, two dreams on feeling magically inadequate
I spy on a girl learning magic in a quilted ditch. She lets me join her telekinesis lesson! Can my mind move a balloon?
Then I tour a witch-world where normality's shameful. One kid's not witch or normal--he keeps turning into Donald Duck!
SUBMERGED IN THE WAVE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1988/8/3, a comic nightmare
I'm holding a pornographic novel, trying to keep it dry, as huge waves
flood the room. The book and I are both going to get drenched...
SULFUR GROTTO: by Wayan; dreamed 1988/8/30, a psychic genderbent rescue-dream
I'm a teenage girl diving for treasure. In an eerie coral grotto reeking of sulfur,
I spot a diver in trouble... and wake to find the grotto is real..
THE SWORD DANCE: by Wayan; 1988/4/29, a very unlikely predictive dream.
I visit my friend Xanthe's lungs, where I meet a swordswoman in a red bikini. I get a unicorn pendant,
go lucid, and become a heron too, but next day, it's the red-bikini-swordswoman I actually meet...
THAR SHE BLOWS!: by Madeline; 2008/3/27, a pirate mermaid shipwreck sex dream.
On the run I meet a lycan, a pirate, and a mermaid. She causes a flood, and something floats by I just have to grab...
THARN: by Wayan; 2006, 45 p, 200+ ill., a nondream virtual world: maps, photos, portraits, tours
Tour a rugged, scenic moon with air and water in deep canyons sheltering a dozen intelligent species
VAMPIRE LOVE: by Sarah Binkley; 2013/9/6, a near-drowning sex dream
I volunteered to meet him underground. He held me underwater and slammed into me. I nearly drowned, yet...
VARTENA: by Wayan; 1986/9/9, a psychic nightmare.
I find myself coaching a violent version of water polo called Vartena. A friend near-drowns. The next day...
VENUS UNVEILED: by Wayan, 2004/8/30; a virtual world with c.200 photos, maps, portraits.
Tour Venus as it will be in 1000 years, after terraforming: paradise for dozens of intelligent species!
WHAT THE PTEROS TELL: by Wayan; 1995/9/11, an archeometeorological rant.
The size of ancient flying creatures implies that Earth may lose more atmosphere over time than we think...
THE WHITE WAVE: by Jenny Badger Sultan, 1988/8/3, a comic nightmare
I'm holding a pornographic novel, trying to keep it dry, as huge waves
flood the room. The book and I are both going to get drenched...
WINDBAG!: by Wayan; 1982/7/24, ink, dream drawing
I didn't even think of "windbag" since it didn't talk a bit.
That bag was all action--full of flying magic...
THE WIND FROM HELL: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, a dream-poem.
Hot air rises, right? So there's a monsoon from Hell,
lifting souls. Lucky for us that gravity balances it...
XANADU: by Wayan; 2006/6/6, a nondream virtual world
An alternate Titan, Titan as it should have been, with ethane seas full of life...

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