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Lunar Wedding

Dreamed 1987/2/5 by Wayan

Step to the high bay window. Look out
at the murmur on the plain: a crowd
in tux and gown. "The marriage" says
Jung in my ear, "of filthy and rich."

The couple mingle--champagning until
friends lift them atop the earth ball.
Totter and logroll across the North Pole,
dance awkwardly on continents, then fall.

Sip a flute amid the throng. The guest by me
hisses "She had no say, not one detail. She
might as well be one of those Rockettes
the groom hired; except

Not as pretty. One more prop, in his clan's
display." My eye, uneasy, looks away; pans
to horizon: gold future towers shine
beneath black starry sky.

Not night! The lawn lit by fierce sun-blaze.
I think "It seems so stark; not Martian haze."
A Lunar wedding instead? Yes! Overhead
A benedictory angel smiles blue and white:

Crescent Earth. "Sloppy dream!" I growl. "Air,
or airless?" But these guests are careless;
wealth is their air. Sip champagne on bare
grass under domeless sky.

A wedding on the Moon. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



It took me four more years of saving up, but I did move to San Francisco--and was healthier there. It had partly been that South Bay smog keeping me so sick. Or the champagne bubbles of all those tech zillionaires.

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