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Thar She Blows!

Dreamed 2008/3/27 by Madeline
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I was on the run, with a very strong man who was tan with black hair. He seemed to be on my side, but neither of us were very nice people. I thought "If this were a sitcom, we'd have to be the villains." But everyone we met was even worse--real villains. It's why we kept running.

As we fled through a circus tent, we met a lycan [a werewolf or human/wolf mix]. I found his brown skin and long brown hair quite handsome, but he snarled at us and I knew he wanted my partner in crime to hand me over. I don't know just what he had in mind for me, but no matter--we ran on.

And then a cartoon pirate ship sailed up, hovering just off the ground. Out came Captain Hook--not quite Disney's Hook, but that style. He declared "I have a new secret weapon!"

And out of the ship swam a blonde mermaid. She looked Disneyish too, like a sister of Ariel the Little Mermaid. She waved a magic wand, chanting a word like "arrebella" or "aquafina".

Hook turned to her and cried "It's called aquafina?" incredulously.

But the word worked. A giant cartoon map reared up behind her, unrolling... then turned into a great wave that crashed over the side of the ship, engulfing the circus in a flash flood!

The water instantly turned a filthy brown, as if this was the flood scene from "Spirited Away." I treaded mud and looked around. Nearly everyone was washed away, but Captain Hook had grabbed the hovering mermaid and hugged her. He was laughing and squealing with joy at this show of destruction.

The mermaid grinned. "And the next time Jamestown pisses you off, we can make them regret it."

They shrank as I was washed further away from the ship. I paddled, keeping my head above water, watching things float past me. One of these things happened to be an erect pink penis, sticking out of the water. Though it was pink and the lycan guy was brown, I was sure it was him. Besides, this cock was enticing me, so I grabbed hold. I've heard that if you give a drowning man a blowjob or handjob, you can save him--give him air. "Like a snorkel" I thought, ready to see if I could make him spout, and then...

...then my mom woke me up. Just when it was getting interesting, too.




--Chris Wayan

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