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Vampire Love

Dreamed 2013/9/6 by Sarah Binkley

So I had this crazy weird dream (first time I have ever had a dream like THIS). I am a female, 22.

In my dream I was just watching--someone I have never seen was the star. But I could still feel everything she felt. She was under 30, chubby, blonde, pretty. A loner. Not afraid of anything, very independent. She was walking through some sort of park after dark, and came across a group of vampires. I THINK they were vampires. Dark, brooding,sexy. But this wasn't so much your typical bloody sexy vamp dream...

They approach her, and offer to have her come with them. She agrees, stone cold and brave.

They get back to some sort of underground sewerish tunnel. They all talk about the leader of their group, and the girl gets excited. She desperately wants to meet this man.

He enters the room, tall, dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes, very handsome (but not in a model sort of way). She instantly feels overwhelmingly attracted to him, and wants him. He speaks with her about coming with him, and "being with him", and offers to sleep with her, and make her "his". She agrees, almost giddy.

The other members try to scare her/warn her that "The others cried, and couldn't finish" because it was too painful for mortals. The girl only gets more excited by that thought. The lone female member snickers/smiles and says "Will you cry?" with a devilish grin. Almost immediately after...

The metal floor slams open, and the girl (now dressed in a leather corset dress), falls into a cold vat of crystal-clear water. She is not scared. She is excited. The leader whooshes in within seconds and is in front of her, towering over her, holding her with a tight grip. He says "Being with you will be quite difficult, as most mortals do not survive."

She says "I'm ready, why won't you do it already!" almost begging him.

Within seconds, the handsome, terrifying man has his hands around her throat, choking her and holding her head underwater, touching her, testing her. He lifts her up then slams into her hard, she winces, but LOVES IT. She chokes out water and smiles, encouraging him to continue.

He feels accepted, liked, loved? Not sure. He gets ahead of himself and nearly takes it too far, only bringing her up for air long enough to slam into her again.

He does not have a "giant dick" or anything, in fact, it is quite average. Perfect.

She turns slightly pale blue, and he worries for her, within half a second, he has her completely up in his arms, and the water drains. He bends over her, still worried. She chokes out more water, he feels ashamed... She smiles wide, and asks for a kiss. Not upset at all. Not afraid.

He is shocked, and instantly loves her. He stays bent over her, at her side, and they talk. About him, his life, everything. She feels completely at ease and giddy with her new lover.

The rest, I can't remember :( But it was the most vivid dream I have ever had. I could literally feel everything, including the burning of the water in her lungs, and him entering her.

Any thoughts? I am stumped! But I really really wish I could find a way to re-live this every night with this mystery villainous brooding man, as this mystery woman.

--Sarah Binkley


Well... the only thought I have is pretty obvious. Sounds like your dreams consider your current love life bland. The intensity of the dream isn't purely physical, either--it's emotional too. Your dreams seem to be hinting they don't want to settle for comfort; they'd take some risks, if it led to a love like this.

--Chris Wayan

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