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Vampires and Parasites

Dreams of vampires, in the broadest sense: parasites. Too bad garlic and sunlight don't work on the human ones! We all know a few mooches...

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BEET: Five Dreams One Night: by Wayan; 2013/10/30, Halloween dreams as minipoems
Parasites, Rambo, huge fetus-beets, an exhibitionist and a living statue advise me on my love life...
LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI: by John Keats, April 1819, a sexy nightmare poem
A knight falls in love with a fey woman, until her previous victims warn him in a nightmare that she is...
BERYL BORROWED IT: by Wayan, 1986/3/8, an absurd dream.
My top-heavy friend Beryl borrows my ass and legs to become
a centaur so she won't fall over. But I want them back, so...
BLOOD RUNAWAY: by Wayan; 1994/8/8, a non-nightmare.
Some men get squeamish about menstrual blood, but this girl's plight was extreme...
BLUE CRYSTALS: by Wayan; 1979/5/20 dream offering guidance.
Throw a dream-crystal, or dangle it by a thread, and it'll point the way to go...
BOY BODY: by Wayan; recurring dream 1959-62, a comic on body image. Or illus. text version
A recurring childhood dream on how weird a boy-body is when you've been a girl too many lifetimes.
CELLO CASE: by Jim Shaw; between 1987 & Jan. 1995, an odd dream image
I was going to music camp, but I didn't know how to play my cello.
A teenager and her mother slept like vampires in her giant cello case...
CHESTERTON'S POUNCE: by William Archer; 1920/4/6, a literary nightmare
G.K. Chesterton was a leopard, and he ambushed George Bernard Shaw... Oh, the blood! Why didn't I intervene?
THE CHIANG-SHIH: by Julian Garberson; 2004/8/23, a surreal Han Dynasty nightmare
A vampire wrestler on the Throne of Heaven pins me. Visualization and prayer don't free me--in fact, they get me killed...
DIURNAL AND NOCTURNAL WORLDS: by Wayan; 1993/11/8, an epic dream of the multiverse.
Round the ring of twelve worlds and their twelve gods, seeking one god who's giving me grief...
DRACULA'S SANDWICH: by Brenda Ferrimani; 1997/8/22, a death/rebirth nightmare-painting
Dinner with Dracula goes well, considering, except for the mayonnaise. But suddenly I'm drowning!
No one sees or hears me. Am I a ghost, am I dead or alive? And how would anyone notice?
DRAMATIC PARASITES: by Wayan; 1995/6/28, a dream on fear of success.
I project I'll make a lot more money soon. Good, now I can support all my lazy friends! Wait...
DREAMKU, MARCH 2007: by Roswila; various dates up to March 2007; 31 dream-poems--mostly haiku
Dream poems laid out like a calendar. Themes? Horses, camels, abused girls, vampires--all want their freedom...
DREAM MILKING: by Wayan, 2000/6/30, a dream warning of overwork... but awake or asleep?
After a hard day getting a "free" bed, I dream my milker comes to drain my dreams.
Wait...did I agree to this? Or does milking drain objections, too?
DREAMS BLOCK VAMPIRE ARROWS: by Wayan; 1995/3/30, an encouraging nightmare.
Fighting vampire archers is risky enough WITH proper armor! And all I have is dream-journals...
ELF CIRCLE; 2011/3/19 by Wayan; a complex advisory dream.
After trespassing in a staff-only part of Faerie, I'm cast out.
Only I'm cast like a seed, meant to grow a new elf circle...
EYELASH GUY: by HareTrinity; 2003?4?5?, a fortunately nonrecurring dream
A coach-driving vampire seemed kind of cute until he raped me. If that's even his real face...
FLUID REALITY: by Wayan; 1983/8/8; a magical dream-sea voyage that turned out to be predictive
On my quest I find magic portals, snarky flower-fairies, undersea redcoats,
reassembling bodyparts, living chess, and Nosferatu the Cheating Vampyre...
GITANA AND REX AND KIT: by Wayan; 1988/12/11, a comic nightmare.
My friend Gitana has a grim view of men--a view that materializes, and starts chasing us...
A GOTHIC TALE: by Roswila; 2000/4/7, a dream-poem
Nightwalkers lured our empath away. We come to their castle to rescue her. Pregnant with magic, will she come or stay?
IN WATSONVILLE CALIFORNIA: by Jack Kerouac, early Nov. 1953, a dream warning of mooches
Green snakes fly over Elkhorn Marsh. My mom says "They're just cockroaches." She's not fooled by my... friends?
J.F., T.B. AND ME: by Dream Junkee; 2008/1/24, a lucid nightmare-comedy
Lucid, I summon a sexy literary character. But he tries to take over my personality and make it his lucid dream...
LAMPREYS: by Wayan; 1974/6/27, a dream of assimilation
Pretty much everyone in my school is a bloodsucking alien, but, come to think of it, so what?
MOM POPS: by Wayan; dreamed 1983/8/5, a dream of bursting your inner critic
The flood sickens my fuchsia bush. My mom says my fuchsia is hopeless,
but I make up a treatment. When it works, well... read the title.
MUSTARD VAMPIRE : by Wayan; 1984/3/1, a warning dream.
I love a cute vampire. She's willing to go on a diet. Even so, do I have enough blood to spare?
OFFICE NIGHTINGALE: by Wayan; 1982/9/21, a dream warning I'm in the wrong place
I'm a lonely bird flying in a glass office. Seeking friends, seeing reflections, I fly into windows.
Ow! There's hope of escape only where no false friend beckons...
POD WAR: by Wayan; 1979/10/14, an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" dream
Emotionless Pod People surround the last free humans. I fight for humanity, but I'm not human or pod--I'm...
RATTLER BANQUET: by Wayan; 1993/1/29, a pointed nightmare; it leaves punctures!
My parents invite me out to dinner, but there's a rattlesnake under the table,
and my mom chases it up my leg. I wake to find two holes in my knee...
SMOKING REX : 25K, 1989/3/29, a dream of alliance.
A cigar-smoking tyrannosaur moves into our neighborhood, upsetting us bluebirds and vampire bats...
SPIRITUAL TESTS: by Wayan; 2000/8/28, a predictive dream
As my dad lies dying, I dream my sister and I face spiritual tests
given by slacker angels who'd rather be on TV. Learn to let go!
TERTIARY INFECTION:by Wayan, 2016/4/28; a therapeutic/advisory dream of a helpful disease
Flying saucers land, and give us weird compulsions. I catch an unusually mild case,
a tertiary infection, and find I'm actually better off...
VAMPIGS AND SMILES: by Wayan; 1991/12/9, an advisory dream.
Our landlady was a friend, but she broke our rental agreement. Talk, compromise, or rent strike?
VAMPIRE LOVE: by Sarah Binkley; 2013/9/6, a near-drowning sex dream
I volunteered to meet him underground. He held me underwater and slammed into me. I nearly drowned, yet...

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