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Eyelash Guy

Dreamed around 2003-2005 by Hare Trinity

Some time ago, I got viciously fucked in a maze by a gothy-looking vampire. I'm pretty sure I was anally raped to be specific.

Yes, in a dream, but still...

He was oddly cute for a guy with a silly hairstyle, stubble, and freaky eyes (and it's an old picture but I think the eyes as I drew them aren't as off as in the dream). An odd dream in which I got fucked doggy-style in the centre of a maze by a coach-driving vampire.

As opposed to the normal dreams of mine where that happens.

Line drawing by HareTrinity of a dream face: a vampire guy with pointed ears, a crazy stare, and huge eyelashes (or clown makeup).

And probably just as well.

All right, I admit it. I really asked HareTrinity if I could include this one because of that great, ironic line, "As opposed to the normal dreams of mine where that happens."

OK, HareTrinity's being a tad sarcastic, but you know, it's true. Most of us do have recurring dreams, or themes, that other people would find grotesque. Well, not me, I just have these ho-hum dreams of sex changes and talking cats and doors to alien worlds. It's easy to forget that other dreamers out there are having, well, you name it... and thinking that is ordinary.

--Chris Wayan

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