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Dreamku Posted in March 2007

Dreamed various dates up to March 2007 by Roswila [aka Patricia Kelly]


These haiku were not necessarily written on the date they were posted, nor were their source dreams dreamt on that date. I choose a dream haiku to post on any given day by looking through my handwritten notebook and picking one that appeals to me for one reason or another. The dream haiku in this little notebook are based on dreams I had from yesterday all the way back to many years ago. I do have the month and year of the dream recorded with the haiku so I could sort all these dream haiku in date order of their source dream should I ever want to. Horse Head 2, by Patricia Kelly (a/k/a Roswila); white line drawing on black.

I had a hard time discerning any theme for my dreamku last month. I'd have to say a theme for this month isn't readily apparent either, though I do note a lot of animals, especially horses. That I would be choosing horse-themed dreamku to post makes sense. The horse is one of my power animals and I always think of it as representing my body. This is highly appropriate as I've been taking very good care of my poor, beleaguered and aging body (even losing weight again) for about a month and a half. These two dreamku struck me as clearly addressing this process:

drawing it out
the horse radiates light
from its belly

an elephant trumpets
the man says he works now
only with horses

That the month's selections end with a difficult "steep descent" also makes sense. I've been through a harrowing few days emotionally and have finally surfaced with some very helpful and motivating insights.

Dreamku Posted in March 2007

March 1, 2007

dead folk from Atlantis
hooked up as batteries
this is not good

March 2, 2007

written in the air:
the blood must be returned
to the fire

March 3, 2007

the ancient tree
takes root within her
an essence of pine

March 4, 2007

drawing it out
the horse radiates light
from its belly

March 5, 2007

(based on 4 separate dreams, 10/06 to 3/07)

I leave them to it
their annoying little dog
follows me

we rush to dig up
the living puppy again
brief relief

the mini-dachshund
drives a land-boat

the tiny dog leaps
over large dogs lying down
unflagging guard

March 6, 2007

an elephant trumpets
the man says he works now
only with horses

March 7, 2007

(from one recent dream)

a spying camel
we halt our horseback escape
into the desert

the escaped camel
wants freedom as much as we
desert night riders

March 8, 2007

I dismount
the lion lies down to rest
should I?

March 9, 2007

the girl sketches dragons
in bright blue-green ink
speaking true

March 10, 2007

(based on dreams of 12/21/06)

he admits to
inappropriate longings
time trip

bed-time story
the young girl threatens
to call the police

the famous man
signs his photo for the girl

I track the lost girl
by her noisy shoes
dark tunnel

the girl rounds on me
with a knife in each hand
listen closely!

March 11, 2007

rocky cove
the red sails on an anchored
sea-faring ship

March 12, 2007

I announce he'll need
a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen
vampire outing

March 13, 2007

for a living
he steals horses and sells them
seedy side of town

March 15, 2007

(dreams of 12/06 and 1/07)

I drag my feet towards
my old family home

* * * *

she leads the way back
to my wood frame house
moonlit grass and trees

March 14, 2007

muddy rebirth
a woman and child hauled up
with the pasta strands

March 16, 2007

(from one dream of 3/13/07)

I guess it's a
fridge we're hooking up
basement work

more basement fix-up
we connect eight
telephone lines

and more basement chores
we bail overflowing suds
from the clothes washer

March 17, 2007

starvation wages
for spinning all this thread
the source of all yarns

March 18, 2007

one swears to save her
the other threatens rape
the priest needs funding

March 19, 2007

she wants to steal
the exquisite rose brooch
so do I

March 20, 2007

girl challenger
mature Queen On'Sa quickly
wins the wrestling match

[In the dream I both heard
and saw the name "On'Sa"]

March 21, 2007

city souvenir
the bamboo staff becomes
my pogo stick

March 22, 2007

she's the least fierce
of my personalities
just wait

March 23, 2007

he rises up
the church's hierarchy
haunting ambition

March 24, 2007

it's the hope of the future
space dragon's hatchling

March 25, 2007

holistic farming
the evidence of old wounds
is more intriguing

March 26, 2007

carriage launch
the small baby jumps
onto the larger

March 27, 2007

upstairs beckons
the escalator speeds me
to Detroit

March 28, 2007

day's end
the tireless chihuahua
jumps over large dogs

March 29, 2007

the car is gone
the garage floor sunk

March 30, 2007

my silver beaked mask
he still fears they'll know
he's with me

March 31, 2007

steep descent
..........razor sharp
..............stair railing


On Roswila's own site, these dreamku were posted in one endless column. I have experimented here with pasting them into a rough calendar form. Lengths vary, so the grid is not too strict, but it does visually hint at the dialogue between nearby days and nights that (I think) happens as Roswila writes.

--Chris Wayan

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