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Dreams Block Vampire Arrows

Dreamed 1995/3/30 by Chris Wayan

I'm climbing around the upper floors of a big maze. Where it has floors, I mean--where pits don't yawn.

People are hunting me. Oops, here they come--firing arrows at me.

My main enemy is a vampire with great magical power. All I've got is armor. I'm covered in dreams--typed ones, computer printouts inches thick. Sound flimsy? It's so thick, it's better than Kevlar! Their arrows stick in till I look like a pincushion, but they've hardly nicked me inside my shield of dreams.

I bluff that it's some mysterious power, yell mockingly "You've met your match, vampire!" And... the idiot buys it! He COULD have defeated me easily. Just one match, and my whole suit would burn.

But he backs off, afraid his other powers will fail him like his arrows did. Doesn't want to risk it. HA! I bluffed Mr. Fancy Fangs!

I wake, pleased that I outsmarted that bastard with nothing more than a bit of paper. No, be fair--with dreams. They felt flimsy, but they did the job!


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