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Dreamed 1981/4/21, cast as poem 2014 by Chris Wayan
Hot air swells and rises. Hot air Boyles.
So juggernaut gales roar up from Hell
zeppelined by fire. That wind uplifts all
souls. Monsoon sans end! For Hell
repels. The blast relentless tempts, but
not the lure we thought: doth loft
(or fling) us Godward. And it's not
only pinioned minions (feathered or bat)
but mortals too. Surprise you? Oft
theoclimatology bares not Paradise
but Paradox.

Devils must learn the trick of a fall
perpetual. Once is not enough!
Like a looking-glass Red Queen
forever on the run, a Rebel must
fall diligently, fight updraft, just
to stay Helled. If devils ever ease,
they're puffed aft, tornado-chaff,
toward Azimuth.

We mortals (slippery neuts, amphibious)
let gravity's gulf-stream chivvy us:
flesh loves a fall and soul a rise, thus
freeing us. Angelic no, nor devilish,
but like a sleek swim-bladdered fish,
a well-balanced bodysoul's free to will.

Elegant place, this rippleface where
dance and clash like wave and air
our twins: aware and thing.
Hell the keel to steady us in
dry and overhelpful wind
we otherly might ride too soon
back to Origin.

Was that molten iron and brim
stone's whole rationale way back
when we began
the Begin?

Silhouette of angel flying downward through fire; sketch of a dream by Wayan

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: "began the Begin" was unconscious borrowing from the song "Begin the Begin" by Michael Stipe of REM.

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