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Dreams of angels... but that word can have two meanings. One is physical: winged humanoids, not all of whom act traditionally angelic. The other is a job description: indermediaries between gods and the mortal world, responsible for watching and guarding. You don't need wings for that--or a human face.

So what do dream-angels mean? Depends on your background, I think. If you grew up in a culture full of Judeo-Christian-Muslim ideas, then a good fit between advice and appearance (is it big-hearted, positive?) suggests good advice, while contrast between appearance and behavior sharp enough to shock you (dogs, dinosaurs or devils filling an angel's shoes, or angelic figures behaving shabbily or worse) sure invites skepticism. Your dreams may be warning you someone's behavior doesn't match their position, or the role you've cast them in. Think critically.

Given my nonreligious background, this may seem odd, but my own dreams of guardian angels giving solace or advice have been pretty reliable. Whether they're beings visiting you or your own mind sending you advice, I don't know, but anyone going to the trouble to rent that fancy costume to grab your attention probably has an urgent message. So check those brakes, make that call, whatever. I'm skeptical only when you've had previous dreams of resistance or a saboteur, and when heeding the message might further the goals of that saboteur side of you. Or when angels suggest buying explosives. Always a bad idea.

You can ask for verification, you know. A proper angel should be willing to put in the overtime and come back the next night to confirm or clarify what needs doing.

Having said all that, you'll notice many of the angels I meet aren't oracles or advisors at all. They have their own odd agendas--taking a vacation, getting laid, quitting angelic work and getting parts in movies... Job burnout is universal.

Or you may find that you're the one working as an angel. And why not? Why wait til you're dead? If you're sleeping, your spirit has some free time, right? In fact, it's an uncomfortable question for believers; as evidence mounts that dreamers can share dreams, that limited dream-telepathy is real, doesn't it become possible that ALL angelic visitations are from living souls? What if we are EACH OTHERS' guardian angels, and always were?

Done your bit lately? Ouch.

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ABOVE THE WHITE TOWER: by Wayan; 1990/1/14, a flying sex-change dream of love
Flying in a wild wind, I mate mid-air with an alien, get pregnant, change sex, fight the inlaws...
THE ANGEL: by William Blake; early 1790s; a gender-bending dream-poem
Blake dreams he's a young queen with an uneasy relationship to her guardian angel...
ANGEL ON MY SILL: by Wayan; 1993, digital portrait of spirit seen during sex
A guardian angel who's a sort of kindly, sacred succubus...
ANGEL SHOWDOWN: by Wayan; 2020/4/2, a dream mixing shamanism and Barbarella
I see parasitic spirits sickening their human hosts. Can't get rid of them, so I try to teach them how to
keep their hosts healthier. An angel suspects I'm a necromancer, and shows up armed for a shootout...
ANGELS AND SHARKS: by Wayan; 1975/10/11, a surreal warning dream
I was an angel slipping through matter, who, like a shark, needed to
keep moving to breathe--stop and I'd dDISTURBING PREMISE, LOWBROW ANGEL
ANGELUNE: by Wayan; 1999/5/10 acrylic painting
The joyful animal-angel I feel myself to be in my happiest dreams.
ANIMANGEL: by Wayan, 1983/10/1-2010/7/22! An ink portrait-poem of my clashing guardian angels
My loud, spiky, tailed angel of change and potential, and
my calm, skeptical devil of gradualism--a star-nosed mole...
ANNUNCIATION TO THE SPHINX: by Wayan; 1995, digital painting of nondream vision.
I think Yeats was wrong to use the Sphinx to symbolize the brutal post-Christian era he foresaw...
ANOREXIA NIRVANA: by Wayan; 1993, a digital picture-poem of astral temptation.
I was anorexic for years; I only mastered it when I saw it was a hunger for the spirit world...
APOLOGETIC OGRE: by Wayan; 1990/3/1, a nightmare.
I hop on a bus in mythical Greece, and this woman's guardian angel acts racist. OK, I'm an ogre. So?
ARCHANGEL: by Wayan; 1997/10/19, a dream-farce--or is it?
Sure I've been through hell, but how the hell did that get me elected archangel? And why's my butt itch?
ARENNA, FREED: by Wayan; 1991/11/6, a magical pastlife/flying/freedom dream.
I learn to fly from Arenna the moon-girl and Crest the dragon, in the House of Deep Memory...
THE ARRIVAL: by Elizabeth Gibbons, 2014; a spiritual dream about dreams
I'm a priestess from an island of women; I meet an angel
who charges me to harvest all the dreams of the world...
ARROW OF FIRE: by Archbishop Anselm, King William Rufus & a monk, 1100/8/1, 3 predictive dreams
Anselm dreams God orders King William's death by an arrow of fire; the
King dreams his blood covers the sun. Waking, he mocks a third man's ominous
dream, goes hunting, and dies bloodily at sunset, an arrow in his heart...
ASTRALNAUT: by Wayan; 1994/7/30, a reverse ghost dream.
I have amnesia. Plus, I'm dead. But I have this great NASA job! Only there's a saboteur...
BAR BET: by Wayan; 1982/4/30, a dream-quest on not settling for less.
On a bar bet, we seek God. We reach the Isles of the Blessed, but they're complacent. We want the wild
God, the real God, the Bad Taste God. Onward, pagan questers! Because we want to win our bet.
BATMAN'S LOVE: by Wayan; 1996/3/26, a dream-epic of love and time.
A New Age graduation party spurs a wild dream of the spiritual odyssey of Catwoman,
starring Alexander the Great, Batman, God, and Rumi the poet (played by Frank Zappa)...
BIRDMAN TEACHES "NO!": by Miriel as told to Wayan; 1985/7/11, a poem on flight/assertion training
In the canyon behind our home, a steel-clawed birdman taught my brother and me to fly by shouting "NO!"...
THE BLACK WAVE: by Wayan, 2016/10/18, a poem on a hypnogogic healing dream
After days sick, I open myself to unseen spirits and let a black wavefront
go through me--and the healing begins. But what did I let in?
BLESS MY PHOBIA: by Wayan; dreamed 1992/8/15; story + silk painting.
I was Eve's guardian angel the second time round, and I blew it again. But this time, it came out right....
BLUE MER-ANGEL: by Wayan; 2000, ceramic sculpture, 11.5" long.
Seems strange to have no hands. How do dolphins get things done? By not needing to get things done?
BLUE SOUP, NO SPARK: by Wayan; 1985/6/1, an epic dream on outgrowing God
A visit to a world where they fear blue soup ends in death and resurrection, so I'm pissed at my boss--God.
BUMBREE SYNDROME: by Wayan; 1984/3/14, a comic dream about dreams.
Princess Chinchilla and I use an umbrella to escape the Wizard. Now to escape the Dream Researchers!...
CARRIED UP: by Wayne Miller, 1972/3/3, epic nightmare turning transcendent
I'm in a huge colonnade. An army of blood-painted men sacrifice the dove of peace. Their masked leader drinks its blood.
But then I'm carried upstairs to meet... the prophet Daniel! I'm amid the angels, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel...
CLOUD OF GLORY: by Wayan, 1986/5/19, a dream on identity loss.
Abducted as a kid by alien angels, raised in a luminous cloud, I find it hard to keep a human perspective...
CONFUSED?: by Wayan; 1996? Digital painting of my main mental state.
When I'm confused, this angel comforts me with this MORE confusing quote...
COYOTE ANGEL: by Wayan; 2000/1/3, sculpture of dream figure.
A shapeshifter caught in the moment of transformation, just as her arms unfold into smoky wings...
CREATING WINGS: by Robert Southey; 1805. Beauty to nightmare to flight.
Saints and devils in a sunken statuary garden turn too real for comfort; so, creating my own wings, I fly...
DANCING ROBBANE: by Emily Joy; 2007/8/1, sculpture of a dream sculpture.
The clay came alive, shaped itself, started dancing...and mutating.
DEFENDING MYSELF BEFORE A JURY OF MEN: by Jack Kerouac, 1958?, a transcendent advisory dreamlet
I'm on trial. As I argue in my own defense, I float over the court! The jurors murmur
"Why does he even bother protesting? He's beyond this world"...
DIVINE IMAGE, or, A VISION OF ADONAI: by Anna Kingsford, 1877/7/23, a waking vision
Gazing at the moon, Anna finds herself touring the Solar System, meeting all the planetary guardians...
DRAGGED TO HER HEART'S DESIRE: by Wayan; 1997/9/16, a dream with a lesson.
The friends of a touchy aviator have to kidnap her just to give her a present... and WHAT a present...
DRESSER GUARDIAN: DRAGON: by Wayan; 1999/11/26. Dream-figure portrait, acrylic, 6x5"
A guardian figure who recurs in my dreams, painted on my dresser to guard my sleep-journeys...
DRESSER GUARDIAN: MER-ANGEL: by Wayan; mid-May 1999. Dream-figure portrait, acrylic, 5x5"
A guardian figure who recurs in my dreams, painted on my dresser to guard my sleep-journeys...
THE FACTORY: by Sunshine; 2015/9/25, a metaphorical dream
Elegant, ancient, the tower rose into the clouds. Inside? Smoke and darkness. Workers roasted meat on a huge range...
FALLING INTO A TESSERACT, and Meeting a Being of Pure Energy: by Dustin Latham, 2019/11/7
I knew I was on my bed, yet I felt myself falling into a tesseract--huge, crystalline, colorful.
Inside I met an energy being who explained I'm not meant to die yet; this was just training...
FEATHERWOLF: by Wayan; 2018/9/20, a joyful gender/species-bent flying dreamlet.
A shapeshifting girl lets me try her spell--I become a
wolf-raven-parrot-human blend. Weird, but I love flying...
FEVER DREAMS: by Wayan; 1993/9/8, a set of wild feverdreams.
While my body expels a kidney stone, weird scenes happen on the astral plane. At least I get to dip the pope.
FLY SOLO: by Rick Veitch; pre-1995; a joyful flying-lesson dream
I tell the angel teaching me to fly that I'm not ready to go solo yet--
I'm wobbly, the terrain's unknown. He lets go, and I...
FOUR ELEMENTALS: by Wayan, four recurrent 2009 dream-figures, 2010/1/1 to 1/14
For the New Year, I draw a group portrait of the old year's main dream-figures. Four needs came up constantly...
FREEBIRD TOWER: by Wayan; 1975/1/10, a rebellious flying dream
I was a bird-girl, the pet of some rich, royal humans. I summoned
a storm of rebel birds, flooding the moat and driving out our owners...
GENNADIUS: by Gennadius, ca. 415 AD, apparently the first recorded lucid dream
Gennadius re-dreams a previous dream, helping him see he's dreaming. His guide points out spiritual implications...
GREEN RAY, BLUE WINGS: by Wayan, 1974/7/14, a joyful apocalyptic dream
High in the Sierra during a thunderstorm, I dream aliens steal the gold, and the sun's
going nova. But Life wants us to conquer space, so we all grow wings...
GREEN SCREEN ANGEL: by Wayan, 2018/10/18, a bizarre predictive dream
A reporter interviews the guardian angel of my dead sister Jill in front of a
green screen. He's dissolving in grief--luminous holes show through...
THE GUARDIAN ANGEL COURSE: by Wayan; 1984/9/29, a long-term predictive dream
I get bored with crime, and then I die. So I take a workshop: How to Find your Guardian Angel. But things go strange...
GUARDIAN ANGELS FEUD: by Wayan; 1995/10/9, an epic, heretical dream.
You know angels feud over regional underfunding of Divine Grace. But you don't know how low they'll go...
GYRLFALCON: by Wayan; 1971/11/26, a genderbent, speciesbent & predictive dream
I'm a Gyrlfalcon in a theater, fighting the Wolverine and his Morlocks with my lover the Green Lion...
HAWK ANGEL: by Wayan; 1982/12/28; a dream on rejecting hearsay.
I dreamed I met a sort of hawk angel, but there was this preachy guy between us...
HELL-TORNADO: by Wayan; 1988/7/2, a dream on social engineering.
Who built the tornado in the Heartland, that sucks anyone who opens their spirit-wings down to Hell?
HELP, NOT CURE: by Wayan; 1996/12/26, a dream on autism.
Gay angels try to help an autistic woman. Change her past? Only if they pass the Ass-Backward Guardians!
IS GOD GOD?: by Wayan; 1984/6/17, a dream of the school of hard knocks.
God watches over me--to slap me down. If God is even God. So I set out to learn about this jerk-God...
JACOB'S LADDER: by Jacob, grandson of Abraham; c. 2050 BCE; a self-fulfilling prophetic dream.
Jacob dreams of angels climbing to heaven. He meets God, who promises the Holy Land to him and his tribe. Jacob uncritically accepts...
JILL THE PEST: by Wayan; 240K, 2001/2/22, a nondream visionary comic.
I had a headache and couldn't sleep. I started drawing, and asked for a cure. And a cartoon angel said...
JOYOUS RIDE: by Janis Amatuzio, c. 1953; an ecstatic childhood dream of flight with a guardian angel
I was about three. A big, luminous figure said he would be my guardian always. We went horseback riding in the sky...
KING OF THE KILN: by Wayan; 1996/11/25, a psychic dream.
I dream of a scary king who offers to bake my dreams to strengthen them. Then my friend Mark calls...
LOLA: by Wayan; 1995/4/22, a wild dream: psychic, shamanic and... economic?
How the hell do I summarize this? Lola, a werefox I'm hot for, becomes my feudal Japanese brother, and
her fox-shape reappears as the truck-driving maid for a Han Dynasty lady. We counter the interdimensional
energy vampires by importing ghost unicorns on sailing ships, who have an orgy. Two weeks later,
it all comes true. Literally? No, but closer than you'd think....
LONELY NO MORE!: by Wayan; 2000/3/27, a sculpture of American singlehood.
The Dating Fairy, built on lonely evenings waiting for her to call me back--whoever "her" was that week...
LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN: by Edwin Muir; 1920, an epic hypnogogic shamanic initiation
Creatures in the primal sea touch my third eye, dragons cry their eyes out, I fight the Sphinx, and arrive at last in...
LUCID FLIGHT: by Lisa Reich; March 2003, an ecstatic lucid dream of flight.
I flew as if part of the air--an otherworldly freedom so exquisite I wonder if it's attainable at all in earthly existence...
LUCID FLIGHT TO VALHALLA: by Paul W. Coca; 1991/4/5, a lucid flying sex dream
I realized I was dreaming, and flew. My friends were skeptical and held me down a while, but
soon I had them flying too. At a party in Valhalla, I made love with a mer-angel named Ealswa...
LUNAMOTH (Around #11): by Wayan; soon after 1998/8/7; 2 portraits of a dream-self, one digital, one acrylic
Day Me curls up and Night Me unfolds: a girl with dark moth-wings, not angel-white but camouflaged...
LYR: by Wayan; 7MB, 2005, 80 pages w/200+ drawings and maps; a virtual planet
A vast sea-world with 7 times Earth's mass, whose isles are home to at least 19 intelligent species...
THE MAD UNVEILERS: by Marie-Claude Girondé, early 2009, a dream painting.
The dancers, in a frenzy, stripped themselves. Not just their clothes; themselves...
MATISSE IS NO MOE: by Wayan; 1988. Matisse-style collage-poem.
An elegy to a great paper-cutter, and three (or was it four?) sado-humorists who still scare me a little...
MIRYAM'S THEFT: by Wayan; 1996/9/24, a psychic dream on being used
I'm a ghost dwarf in love with a Lady trapped in a magic Arabian castle. But our love is being used...
MOM ON THE WING: by a tail gunner; 1942-45, a lifesaving warning dream
I saw my mother standing on the tip of one wing of our plane. She was
dressed in white flowing robes and calling my name, warning me of danger...
by Jenny Badger Sultan; 14 dreams (mostly Jan-Mar 2011) painted on one canvas
A dream urged me to paint a big landscape with cutout movable (magnetic) dream figures
and liftable flaps revealing hidden dream scenes...
MY SYMBIOTES: by Wayan; 2015/2/8, a dream characterizing our sixth sense, & proposing a seventh
I have symbiotes--a dragonlynx and some flannan, like micro-angels with birdfeet & moth antennae.
Lynx & flannan embody my sixth and seventh senses...
NATALIUS' WELTS: by Natalius the Confessor, ca. 155 AD, a dream leaving physical traces.
Natalius dreamed that angels whipped him for joining a heretic cult, and woke to find welts on his back...
ODE TO PSYCHE: by John Keats; 1819, a poem based on a dream-encounter
Keats met two winged lovers nesting in the woods: Eros and Psyche, the last Olympians, worshipless...
OJIBWAY DREAM NET: by Regina de Cormier-Shekerjian, c.1984, a dream-poem of a visiting animus
I hung the dream-net over my bed. It worked. A blue-winged man with a leg of silver came to me,
drummed, danced, offered to teach me secrets. Awake, I found a blue feather caught in that net...
ORIOLE GIRL: by Wayan; 1992/1/23, psychic dream told as illustrated poem.
While conducting a census of fairies in Golden Gate Park, I fall in love
with an abused oriole-girl, and we try to heal one another...
OVER THE VOLCANO: by AE (George Russell); c.1900, an embarkation dream.
We're spirits over a volcanic fountain of energy. And some of us prepare to ride the current up to...
OVERLAY: by Wayan; 1984/2/11, 1995/8/26, and 2004/9/11, 3 dreams shape a 9-page comic on living with ESP
Dreams of translucent fairies, centaurs, robots & gnomes prompt me to cartoon
on transparent overlays to show how dreamworlds overlay ours...
OZETTE ANGEL: by Wayan; 1988/8/23; dream-tinged landscape.
West of Seattle, near Lake Ozette, a mudslide buried a whole Makah Indian village centuries ago...
PATCHEN'S ANGELS: by Wayan; 2000/1/23, nondream crayon/digital drawings.
I always liked the little creatures in picture-poet Kenneth Patchen's wild collage-pages...
PEAK ANGEL: by Wayan; 1995, dreamlike but nondream digital collage.
A naked angel came and perched on a rock, pointing at a vista that seemed both alpine and undersea...
PICARD'S ANGELS: by Wayan; 1993/1/7, a poem; alternate treatment of the dream PICARDIAN ANGELS
As a boy on Martinique, Jean-Luc Picard wished for so much so hard, his angels have to work overtime...
PINHEAD HEAVEN: by Wayan; 2013/7/12, an absurd dream-poem
I'm in heaven. But... what can you do up here? And it's so small. Where is everyone?...
PLANETOCOPIA: by Wayan; 2002- (ongoing Sisyphean project)
19 nondream imaginary worlds rendered in text, art, & sculpture. Most teem with intelligent life--alien Edens!
PRAYER: by Marie-Claude Girondé, early 2009, a dream painting.
"Our resurrection is not entirely in the future; it's also in us, it begins, it's already begun..."
THE PROBLEM OF PAIN: by Wayan; 1984/5/15, a devious dream.
We sail to the Isle of the Blest, but God exiles me to Fargo, North Dakota. But God's up to something subtle...
MY SISTER'S GRAVITY WELL: by Wayan; 1995/4/25, a dreamtale.
We play with worlds for balls, and gravity wells for goals. How do the worlds see it? Well... I find out.
A SPHINX'S SKETCHBOOK: by Wayan; dreamed 1994/7/2 & 7/19; a 23-page dream-comic
I find the sketch-journal of a beautiful winged sphinx who left her mythic isle
to explore a great city of crazy bipeds, called San Francisco...
SPIRIT CHORUS: by Wayan; dreamed 2016/2/8, a curative dream
I drum on an ocarina-gong in the dark. My weird music summons a choir of
fierce angels, who send a wave of tingling energy surging through me...
SPIRITUAL TESTS: by Wayan; 2000/8/28, a predictive dream
As my dad lies dying, I dream my sister and I face spiritual tests
given by slacker angels who'd rather be on TV. Learn to let go!
STRANGE SERVICE: by Gordon B., early 2006, a transcendental dream
The old man sang in the empty church, then looked at me and snapped his fingers. I was filled with voices...
STRUCK BY THOUGHT: by Wayan; dreamed 1956-7, 71/11/26, 78/12/28, 82/10/5, & 83/9/12
A picture-poem experiment: one dream per stanza!
Five short dreams exploring the weight of culture on our animal selves...
SWISS-CHEESE FAIRY: by Wayan; dreamed 1983/7/15, sculpted 2000: ceramic/wire/silk, 17"
I met an elfin girl who's tattooed realistic vaginas all over her body, as... decoys? For she has...
TAOIST DEBUT: by Wayan; 2012/9/16, a dreamlet on book-learning vs. living experience
I'm at the court of Jenghiz Khan, as rival priests try and fail to convert the Mongols
to this faith or that. Then a Taoist demigod walks up...
TAROT: DEATH (Resurrection): by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979.
So you die, and to your secular surprise, your soul metamorphoses into...
THREE DREAMS: by Robley Wilson; July 4, 1975?; a dream-poem
Dead fish in a poisoned stream, dead kittens in a pit...
and advice from the woman who revives them with a touch.
THE THREE VEILS BETWEEN MAN AND GOD: by Anna Kingsford, March 1881, a messianic dream.
I was shown what veils the God in us: Blood (violence), Idols (dogmatism), and the Curse of Eve (sexism)...
THREE WAYS TO FLY: by Wayan; 2010/11/10, a dream prompting a shift for the World Dream Bank
I'm shown pictures of three different magical ways to fly. But
the third shows no actual flight--just someone giving away the magical means...
TOWER OF THE MARTIAN DEAD: by Wayan, 1983/7/7; a dream-poem of an exo-Valhalla
Climbing a mountain on Mars, I reach a hall where I'm transformed into a cryophilic being.
Then I feast on methane soup with the heroic Martian dead...
TRENCHCOAT ANGELS: by Wayan; 2010/1/21; a flying diagnostic visitation dream
I'm flying around a half-built house when I'm cornered by three
scary archangels in trenchcoats. But they want my help...
UNDER THEIR MASKS: by Wayan; 2000/3/17, an ecdysiastic dream
Masked champions of Good and Evil fight, peeling off layers till they're
elven-thin--what's left to hide? They can't keep stripping forever...
VERITY'S WINGS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2009/8/21; painting in the Box of Dreams
My friend Verity's given a beautiful set of wings. I'm envious until I consider what angel wings imply...
VERTICAL PLANES: by Wayan; 1990/3/7, an astral pirate dream.
We're air pirates running a music shop, till our biplanes are hijacked by cat angels! Furious, we set out...
'WE'RE ALL HUMAN': by Wayan; 1987/3/13, a dream trial.
For flirting in the astral cafeteria, we all get sentenced to group therapy--
till I catch the lie in my life. What lie? Read the title...
THE WIND FROM HELL: by Wayan; 1981/4/21, a dream-poem.
Hot air rises, right? So there's a monsoon from Hell,
lifting souls. Lucky for us that gravity balances it...
WHAT YOU IMAGINE HAPPENS: by Wayan; 1982/2/21; a dreampoem on quarks. Or spooks.
I'm stuck on a runaway bus. So we decided to picture the axle falling off, and
it obeys! But the bus zooms on, carried by a horde of little animals...

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