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The Taoist Debut

Dreamed 2012/9/16 by Wayan

Digital sketch of a dream face--a folk Taoist god or demigod with a fierce face colored brick red and mustard yellow.

I'm in a Central Asian court, six or seven centuries ago, during the Mongols' rule. Many foreigners, though--diplomats from allies and tributary nations and various churches--a Jesuit from Portugal, Buddhists from Tibet.

One day, to the shock of all, a superhuman figure walks in--well over 2 meters tall, with angular features in brick-red, mustard-yellow, deep blue--not a painted mask, but a living face. Announces he's a representative of Folk Taoism. I think. Or did he say he was an Arhat or Lohan, a guardian spirit from Tibetan Buddhism?

What I DO remember clearly: the Jesuit priest-diplomat in a corner, muttering in Portuguese "Oh, hell..." He's the only who seems to recognize that the new guy has doomed the hopes of all the evangelicals in this court, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Zen, Hinayana Buddhist, or Confucian. Central Asia's lost to them all!

For mere books and priests can't compete with an oversize, living deity. Demi or not.


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