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Dragged to her Heart's Desire

Dreamed 1997/9/16 by Chris Wayan

I meet an Air Force pilot who looks a bit like a miniature Katherine Hepburn: strong cheekbones and jaw, 40s wavy perm. But she's light and small. Quite a famous aviator. But touchy, somehow alone here, though surrounded by men--they either patronize, get chivalrous, or want to compete.

On her birthday, she takes the day off to relax alone. But her squadron-mates drag her kicking and screaming (literally! She has a real temper) off in a jeep with them, out to a lonely farm where her birthday-present is. From all of them. She screams "I don't want whatever it is!" All she wants is to fly. But they drag her out back... and she falls silent. Flight's exactly what they got her. On a home-made airstrip stands her own plane, an amazing new model she's wanted to try but could never afford.

On her shakedown flight, she crosses a border into a foreign country, getting used to the plane, and learning the language over the radio. She thinks it's Dutch. But the border has changed--not space but time! She's flown into the future, where the Netherlands has shrunk as the sea rose. Shallow lagoons spangled with floating crystal cities, where most Dutch live now.

But it wasn't a physical border, really, neither time NOR space: she's really crossed into the spirit world! That's some gift they got her! An astral plane...

Slowly she learns to shuttle back and forth, guided by a guardian angel. I slowly start to see its figure. Only faintly, in odd moments--a tall glass statue. But alive, alive, alive!

I'm not even sure she realizes it... but she's learning to be not just an experimental pilot, but a shaman.


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