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Dancing Robbane

Dreamed 2007/8/1 by Emily Joy; sculpted on waking. Crayola Model Magic (foam clay), acrylic paint, glass beads, cloth. 5" wingspan.


I'm molding a figure out of clay. It's my sometime-dream-lover Robbane. As I shape his face, the clay begins to move on its own. The sculpture is shaping itself! In my past dreams Robbane has had gossamer faery wings, but now his sculpture sprouts great white bird wings. Color blooms across the bare clay, no paintbrush needed.

Something rises slowly from behind Robbane's back. Two extra arms! Good for him, since the sculpture has no legs. Though a little disturbing.

Sculpture of legless four-armed winged man, seen from front, on blue cloth. He holds a yellow ball in two upraised arms.
Four arms and two wings twine, curl, flutter. My little sculpture is dancing! The two arms behind his back curve into a lotus cup, pool magic between them and summon a glowing yellow orb. A moon? The right front arm assumes a delicate dancer's pose. The front left arm mimics boredom, or surprise.

It rather mocks the gracefulness of the dance. Does Robbane's right hand know what the left is doing?

Does anyone know what the other two hands are up to?

Sculpture of legless four-armed winged man, on blue cloth, seen from above


To take the Jungian point of view, these four arms may represent the four functions: body, emotion, mind, and spirit.

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