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Dreams of transformation and metamorphosis--profound, life-altering changes. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Personally, I have a lot more dreams of regular, ongoing shapeshifting than of these profound one-shot make-overs (the shapeshifter list is twice as long!) but the reverse seems true for most dreamers. I've included some subtler transformations, where it's not physical form but one's perceptual world that suddenly expands.

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ALBATROSS LOVE: by Havelock Ellis; c. 1880?, a dream of unrequited love
An albatross with beautiful eyes transformed into a woman. But her nose remained a beak! She asked...
ANIMAL HEAVEN: by Wayan; 2008/8/16, an astral dream-poem; Dreamverse #6.
At a party in Animal Heaven, I fall for a rabbit-girl doomed to be human dinner.
But how can I rescue her? I'm Fate's part-time intern!
BARN OWL FUSION: by Patagia; 2006/3/9, linked transformation and flying dreams
An owl flew at me, and I fused with it. The next thing I knew, I was a redtail hawk...
THE BARRINGTON BUNNY: by Wayan; 1988/8/30, a world-saving alien-abduction dream
Alien robots kidnap me... and make me the mascot for a college football team.
But my Channel Changer slowly infuses us all with nerdy trust...
BEFORE BED: by Mary Ruefle, ca. 1995, a dream-poem on stewardship
In the cathedral, before the nation, I solemnly crown someone with my own detached head...
BELT-SNAKE MYOPIA: by Wayan; 1983/12/25, a dream of innocent sabotage.
A shy woman's belt slowly comes alive, but like most snakes, it has weak eyes. Would glasses help?...
BILLIE: by Billie's Mom; 1945/1/20, a psychic warning dream
My son Billie, his Navy uniform soaking wet, cried "Oh, Mom--it's so terrible!"
and shrank into a baby again as I held him...
BOYS DON'T CRY: by Wayan; 2000/1/7, twin sex nightmares reacting to a movie seen two days later!
DREAM 1: My date Lana changes to my housemate Alder to my dead friend Beryl, who talks of pastlife trauma...
DREAM 2: Sexy deer-girls and ice dancers get me and my sister hot, but a ghost disrupts impending incest...
TWO DAYS LATER: I see Boys Don't Cry--settings, situations, characters & even names from my dream!
THE BRUNDIBAR SEA: by Wayan; 2005/12/18, a mystical manifestation dream
Biking, I stray into the steamy Brundibar Sea. My bike dissolves!
But hot-tubbers explain the Sea manifests what you visualize. Yay! Uh-oh...
CAT-SNAKE: by Wayan; 1993/3/6, a short dream fable.
I glue cat-legs on my snaky friend, despite the scare talk
from Christians sure that snakes never change...
CAT WHO TURNED: by Catshall; c. 2014/9/29, a dream-haiku
Dreamed of a cat who turned into a man. when you rubbed...
CAT WITH A KNIFE: by Wayan, 2000/6/24, a nightmare of a Jungian Shadow changed by patience
A guy threatens me with a knife. I sit on him and wait patiently.
Slowly he turns into a huge black cat! I set him free in a garden...
CHANGE THE CORE PROGRAM: by Wayan; 1995/6/28, a dream of sudden progress.
I meet a tragic heroine--great heart, rotten luck. But I open her magic sword and find a bad chip...
CHRYSALIS: by Wayan; 1999 acrylic painting of two dreams, 1997/10/6 and 1997/11/8.
Ballooning over Middle Earth with a metamorphosing butterfly-girl, we drift into forbidden territory:
COAL FACE: by Al Davison; 1967, a recurring dream of coal-eating, magic and justice
In my home town there were tales of coal-eaters. I dreamed of a miner who
transformed the mine-owner into a canary--at a price. He became coal himself...
COEURL: by Wayan; 1980/2/26, a dream of surprise transcendence
I'm trapped in an alien hotel, my true love has gone radioactive,
and the only way out is to turn into a giant, scary...
CREATING WINGS: by Robert Southey; 1805. Beauty to nightmare to flight.
Saints and devils in a sunken statuary garden turn too real for comfort; so, creating my own wings, I fly...
CREATURE BECOMES CREATOR: by Wayan; 2015/2/5, three linked advisory dreams on world trends
A weird little forest god bred me from an ordinary deer into a creature who can
almost pass for human. But World War 2 killed my god, and now I'm growing into...
DANCE OF THE SUN: by Wayan, 1972/10/23, an epic mystical dream
I cross a hostile continent to a magic commune, fall in love with a flying girl who slaps a
soul-spark into my head, and follow an alien goddess leading the Dance of the Sun...
DANCING ROBBANE: by Emily Joy; 2007/8/1, sculpture of a dream sculpture.
The clay came alive, shaped itself, started dancing...and mutating.
DAPHNE THINKS: by Wayan, 2007/6/10, a dream warning of (two?) unacknowledged needs
My co-worker Daphne is snappish and stressed. She meditates, seeking the cause, and
becomes a half-newt-half-koi in a giant fishbowl. Up shambles a curious AI...
DATE GHOST: by Wayan; 1983/11/26, nondream surreal painting of a shyness fit
I tried to date a nice young butterfly but was stopped by a monster who was... my own wings?
A DATE IN MINSK: by Wayan; 2009/8/23, a possibly psychic dream of adaptability
A spacetime traveler inadvertently strands his pacifist vegetarian date in a gun-crazy mob-run town...
DEATH DATE: by Jim Shaw; 1994 (early?), a possibly predictive shamanic dream
I become a werewolf and climb into a strange attic. I find a grave marker for
an old friend--but her death date is two years in the future...
DEMON BUDGETING: by Wayan, 2011/9/27, a nightmare on letting things blow over
A demon invades our police station, takes over our captain and lieutenant, and pushes them to fight.
But I know demonic possession can't last long. Our copshow's special effects budget is too limited...
THE DENUNCIATION: by Georges Perec; August 1972, a dream of war-trauma finally healing? Dream #124
1941. My dad and I are denounced to the SS. We're put in with monsters; I'm a snake or fish myself.
But the Nazis become a photo album, I go to a memorial, I cry, it's 1947, peace...
DINO FOR A NIGHT: by Wayan; 2017/7/9, a sci-fi-movie dream poem
I'm turned into a small dinosaur and treated as a guard dog. But I meet a dino girl. We have fun,
once we see it's a movie--they won't kill off the love interests. Hollywood rules make us invulnerable...
THE DOUBLE: by Julie Doucet; Nov. 1992, a lucid alter-ego sex dream.
Looking in a mirror, Julie goes lucid. She changes herself into a man
and pulls her mirror-image through the glass...
THE DRAGON ECONOMIST: by Wayan, 2011/1/7, a surreal dreamlet prodding me
An economist gets a job as a dragon guarding a data-treasure.
Heroes plot to slay him, but I trust the dragon more than the heroes...
A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM: by Afton Jandro; c.1983, a transcendent dream
Africa. The elephant seemed attracted to a strange wave of white heat. It faded to nothingness. Suddenly we too were enveloped.
I became flame. I was consumed. I was a thought center, alone in a white void. To create a new life I had only to speak the word...
DRINK THE DOVE: by Myoe Shonin; c.1202/9/11, a pre-Surrealist surreal dream
The sparrow died in the ashes, but the dove in my hands became a blue cloud.
I drank it, thinking "This will benefit us all"...
ELEPHANT MAN: by "Bizekidz7"; 2011/1/11, a weird dream image.
An amicably divorcing man suddenly turns into an elephant to chase a little red demon! What's going on here?
EMBARKATION, or, THIS PORTAL COIL: by Wayan; 2013/8/28, a magical dream on dreams
A spiral pillow-path leads to an astral portal. But creatures arriving and departing
jam the same path! Squeeze by, hop over, apologize... flirt
Wait, isn't this a dream-image of death & letting go? Then why's it look so fun?
THE ENTANGLED MAN; 2012/5/5 by Wayan; a singular dream
On our expedition to a singularity, one researcher gets quantum-entangled with it! He could become anything...
FALL AT THE RIGHT SIZE: by Wayan; 2018/7/14, a dream shape-poem on a lifesaving indecision.
I fall off a tower, but I can change size. Tiny things fall slower, but they also tempt the local falcons!
Be big & hit hard, or tiny & be eaten? There's a third choice, but I sorta fell into it...
FISH INTO SNAKE: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 1994/11/4; a dream painting
I'm talking to a friend while waiting in line, when a huge fish appears. It turns into an equally huge snake...
FLOATING HORSES: by Wayan, 1972/8/10, a flying/transformation dream advising patience
That day, I did bad art. That night, my friend & I get turned into levitating horses--
though some of our fellow fliers, like the mummified Inuit, are kinda creepy...
FOUR-LEGGED MONK: by Centaurquad; June 1983; a sexy transformation dream
My boyfriend's a student in an exotic monastery. But under his robe, he's gotten a bit exotic himself...
FRANKENSTEIN'S ORIGIN: by Mary Shelley; 1816/6/16, the (hypnogogic?) dream inspiring a famous book
I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing
he had put together; I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out...
FROM THE BOOK OF TIME: by Mary Oliver; c.1998, a poem of a transformation-dream
The white horse, Earth, ambles on between the stars, and then unfolds into a swan...
FURMAKI: by Wayan & Alder; 2018/11/15, anime-tinged telepathic/shared dreams.
We sneak out of the movie to explore Upstairs. My friends hide from the staff
in storage nooks for rolls of fake-fur. They turn into kitsune, catgirls & deergirls...
GARDEN OF THE GODS: by Wayan; 1995/10/6, a dream of slowth.
In the Garden of the Gods, I sit through sun and rain. For gods aren't the gardeners, they're the crop...
GIRL INTO HERON: by Wayan, 2017/11/7, a dream-poem of an uncertain choice
Four thugs stalk a gawky girl through the Everglades. She treads on a black stone and...
becomes a blue heron! Her stalkers vanish--did they become birds too? Should I step up?
GOAT DARE: by Wayan; 1984/8/22, a sex nightmare.
A girl and I climb a half-built tower to get some privacy. What can we do before my nosy parents find us?
THE GODDESS OF WYRE: by Edwin Muir; c.1920, a dream of soul-rebirth
After 25 years I land on my native island of Wyre, to touch an ancient clay figurine, who grows young and wakes...
GREEN RAY, BLUE WINGS: by Wayan, 1974/7/14, a joyful apocalyptic dream
High in the Sierra during a thunderstorm, I dream aliens steal the gold, and the sun's
going nova. But Life wants us to conquer space, so we all grow wings...
GREENBIRD SAVIOR: by Wayan; 1983/6/2, a divine comedy.
Time-travel the Navaho way! But our bread-pipe gets hijacked, so we call the Bird. Who shows up, all right...
THE HEAD FACTORY: by Wayan; 2014/8/24, a dream-poem on changing your mind
I toured the factory where they make the spare heads you put on and
take off to change your mind. Nothing creepy about it, nothing at all...
HEAL THE WORLD!: by Wayan; 2011/8/17, a messianic-inadequacy dream (now there's a new type!)
I can heal people with a touch. But they don't want to be merely restored, but resculpted...
HEDGEHOG AND WHITE RABBIT: by Wayan; 1972/12/1, a dream love story.
Hedgehog and White Rabbit stick together, through the snipers on Broadway,
through the dogs of winter, through cannibal soup...
HITCHCOCK BIRD: by Wayan, 1982/9/8, a shamanic little predictive dream
I'm trapped in a Hitchcock thriller. But one suicidal gunman turns into a songbird! Are we in "The Birds" now?
Next morning at lunch a songbird acts crazy. And then over the next year, I do change from human to...
HOMEBOUND: by Sunshine; 2015/3/21, a dream posing an ethical dilemma
Elves are making humans grow tree-doors back to Faerie. But are they invasion-scouts, or just going home?
THE HUMAN BUTTERFLY: by Peter Wortsman; 1986, a bizarre dream
I wanted to be human, but Mom said "You'll always be just a lousy caterpillar." So I slipped inside
a human girl. After some arguments with her boyfriend, I got born as a human-faced butterfly...
I DREAM OF... ME: by Linda Medley; 1990-91, a dream-comic, the seed of Castle Waiting
I wake in a hobbit-hole. My love looks worried. What's wrong with me? A badger
takes me to see wizard Sean Connery, who gives me feathers to eat, and I become...
a writer's dream comically summing up her own fantasy series.
My characters are all dancing together. Roach is flanked by friends--but they turn into elves.
As dragons, elves, tengu & robot mice join in, Roach slowly freaks...
JESSICA THE MERMAID: by Jessica, mid-1977, dream-provoked dream
At a dream workshop for kids, James's trickster dream-figures provoked Jessica to dream one chased her;
fleeing, she jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, became a mermaid, and married the trickster...
JETCATS: by Wayan; 1990/5/24, a surreal dream hiding a message about others
Our black cat Purr and our new blonde kitten fly around as if jet-propelled
dive-bombing the roof. Alarming, but their cat-reactions aren't like mine--
fast as a test pilot! For me it'd be suicide; for them, just playing...
LAURIE ANDERSON SHENANIGANS: by Larissa King, art by Jesse Reklaw; pre-2000; a surreal dream
I'm watching MTV. Laurie Anderson gets inside my remote control. I try to change channels
and she turns my head into an apple. I grope for a potato peeler, and carve a new mouth...
LIKE NOTRE DAME: by Jack Kerouac, early April? 1953, a bizarre dream
As the train pulled into the cathedral William Burroughs and I saw amid the pews
the Hound of the Baskervilles transform into a great black bird and fly...
LILY OXYGEN: by Wayan; dreamed 1984/1/19, drawn 2000; a strong psychic dream.
I'm Emily Dickinson reborn in 2100 as a breeder of hydroponic lilies, till my dad drafts me as
an Arctic energy-prospector, where I meet a ghost, a fiery Beast, a new me, and the girl of my dreams...
LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD by Wayan, 1989/2/11; a chthonic transformation dream
I go ahead of my fellow spelunkers and blunder into the Lord of the Underworld's court of glowing pools where
dragons swim. I become one! Coiled with my two mates, I stare at my old friends. Will they even know me?
LUCID FLIGHT: by Lisa Reich; March 2003, an ecstatic lucid dream of flight.
I flew as if part of the air--an otherworldly freedom so exquisite I wonder if it's attainable at all in earthly existence...
MANTA MOTHS: by Wayan; 1990/10/3, a transcendental nightmare echoing a dream 8 years before, (1982/1/22)
Manta Moths pick us off us explorers... or do they? An old scroll spoke of fear leading to transformation...
MARK'S DISSOLVE: by Wayan, 2015/7/31, a dream-poem of a world where death is different
My friend Mark is ready. He evaporates into the spirit realm--as we all do here when we die! Flesh to glass to air...
MOON-STRIPED TIGER PROWLING: by Sylvia Rosen, 1975/6/29; dream poem
The foul old fossil woman had carved and burnt her own flesh in the name of art;
we washed her till she was reborn young. It was my turn next to enter the water...
THE MUMMY: by Wayan; 2003/10/13, a Rarebit Fiend nightmare.
A horror film and Rick Veitch's dream-comix provoke a nightmare
warning me that guilt about my dad is wrecking my life...
MY DREAM OF CELIBACY: by Sibbie O'Sullivan, c.1984, a flirty lost-opportunity mermaid dream
I lie on the bottom of the pool. The life guard lifts me in his strong arms. We flirt till my legs fuse, ready to go deep;
but he says "It's only a part-time job" and turns away. In day, the highschool pool lies empty, widowed of water...
MY SINE-FRIEND: by Wayan; 1984/3/6, an emotional dream of time and rebirth.
An animal-girl I know lives like a sine-wave, first forward in time, then backwards, dying at every zero...
NEST, EGGS AND LEGS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; l993/9/7, a comic mystical dream
Two friends send energy through me, transforming me. Now that
my legs are detachable, I can sit comfortably on my eggs...
NEW BODIES: by Dreamy; around 2007/1/25, a transformation dream
My best friend and I qualify for new bodies. The new me is taller, but poor Ken may take years adjusting to his new...
THE NIGHT OF CHANGE: by Wayan; 1994/2/8, a dream on the order of deep changes.
Festival night in a strange town, where, one night a year, dancing in the street transforms you into...
NORASINGH: by Wayan; 1987/1/15, a Tantric Frankenstein dream.
I fall in love with my sculpture of a mythical Southeast Asian creature. Then a mad yogi breaks in...
ON HER FOURTH BODY: by Wayan; 1993/11/25, a psychic dream-comedy.
A sexy gene-sculpted singer (an ex-cow on her 4th body) solves the riddle that's stumping Mr Spock...
THE OTHER PILLAR: by Roswila; 2007/12/9, a double dreamku
A kinky seduction slips into something more uncomfortable: the Qabbalah? Or possibly leather...
OTTER NERD FROM TITAN: by Wayan; 2012/4/15 & sequel-dream (2013/2/9), a dream-poem on social skills
A suspicious exobiologist warns me that otter from Titan may not be the amiable, nerdy celebrity it seems. But...
THE POWER BEHIND THE GODS: by Wayan; 1972/10/25, a dream on the uses of universe-hopping
I meet the terrible Power Behind the Gods. I don't like it. So I get my squirtgun & shoot its butt.
The enraged Power chases me as blindly as I hoped! I jump into a secular universe, and...
PRAYER: by Marie-Claude Girondé, early 2009, a dream painting.
"Our resurrection is not entirely in the future; it's also in us, it begins, it's already begun..."
REBEL OWL: by Wayan; 1971/10/9, a dream so mysterious it mystified its inhabitants
My city's invaded and occupied. I become a gigantic Owl and fight with impossible stamina.
But in the end I'm dead, stuffed, on a museum wall. Can I let go NOW?
RECONCILIATION: by Martha Sherwood; 2003/6/19, a dream-parable
Even after the Resurrection, a mother and daughter still have issues to clean up...
REGRESSION THERAPY: by Wayan; 2016/6/19, an incubated dream (answering a waking question)
I dream of a therapist who allows kids to regress to crying babies; they take weeks
to re-mature to face the present. Will it work for me? Can't see why not...
RIDING MY UNICORN: by Wayan; 1993? Digital picture-poem of incubated vision.
I'm single and feeling shy. So I asked my dreams for an image of my true love, and got...
SARITA'S DREAM: by Sarita Johnson, 1980/8/17, epic dream with a surreal ending
Cops hunt my girlfriend & me all over town. Strangely, whenever I ask them to back off,
they do! Alma's resigned--lets them arrest her and put her on a raft. But she turns into a...
SELF-MADE GIRLS: by Wayan; 2000/2/15, a public dream.
Two souls coalesce from bars of light into human beings by the power of words. Words like stupid, ugly...
SKUNKERPILLAR: by Wayan; 2018/4/7, an advisory dreamlet about metamorphosis
After I (sort of) foil some elf-burglars, a friendly elfwoman shows me
a black caterpillar, then the rare white-striped skunkerpillar...
SNOT-BIRD FORGERY!: a dream by Samuel Pepys, 1667/6/29, & a nightmare by Thomas Macaulay, c.1857
Samuel Pepys dreamt of kidneystones, pee, come, & snot--or did he? Thomas Macauley dreams his niece confesses...
THE SPARE: by Wayan; 1998/6/9, a disorienting dreamtale.
I wake to find I have two penises, one connected, one free-floating! How do its sensations reach my brain?
STACY BECOMES A BLUEBIRD: by Valerie McCarney, 2012 or 2013, a dream on letting your kids fly free
My daughter got a tattoo that spread and became blue feathers growing from her arms. Wings start to bud...
A SUDDEN SEX CHANGE: by Wayan; 1994/4/18, a wish-fulfilling dream.
I spontaneously change sex! At first I'm happy, but I find unexpected disadvantages...
SURPRISE THAT PENIS: by Wayan; 1986/2/18, a subtly psychic dream.
I hijack a Lacewing Chopper to install a new rubber-band engine, but the motor becomes a talkative penis, and...
SWAN: by Wayan; 1995/4/8, a transformation dream; 3-page dreamcomic (or as ill. text)
I wake amnesic in a cabin in Alaska, in a dress printed with self-putdowns.
I track down the wizard who cursed me. He turns me into a swan! Worse?
No! His first curse was on a human being, and now I'm a bird. My mind is free!...
TAROT: DEATH (Resurrection): by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer 1979.
So you die, and to your secular surprise, your soul metamorphoses into...
TAWNY OWL by Nancy Price; April 1948, a dream of muses
On the road with a poet and a philosopher, I insist we rescue an owl.
But we get lost, and the poet turns into...
THEY DON'T BELIEVE ME: by Wayan; 1989/10/4, an unbelievable dream with 15 illus.
My dog and I are abducted by aliens who turn us into cats. We escape & go feral to survive.
How we got back, and what happened along the way, even my own shrink refuses to believe...
THUMBS: by Wayan; 1989/6/12, a dream vignette.
Worldwide, hands have gone soft and pliable. I meet
some animals evolving into people and advise them....
TIAMAT'S REBELLION: by Wayan; 1988/1/1, a dream about neoteny.
That day: I read of a young healer in rural Indonesia harassed by the local mullah.
That night: I dream she leads a revolution on a starship against her elders...
TORNADOES AND TESTOSTERONE: by Dream Junkee; 2008/9/3, a lucid dream of transformation
I've always been scared of tornadoes, until I went lucid and became one...
TOWER OF THE MARTIAN DEAD: by Wayan, 1983/7/7; a dream-poem of an exo-Valhalla
Climbing a mountain on Mars, I reach a hall where I'm transformed into a cryophilic being.
Then I feast on methane soup with the heroic Martian dead...
AN UNDERCOVER TROLL: by Wayan; 1994/7/6, a dream of personal growth taken too far...
Disguised as a literary troll, I spy on the Neo-Nazis, but my disguise
can't last much longer: I ate a magical herb, and I'm growing...
A VASE OF FUR: by Wayan; 1998/11/18, a dream of a surreal future.
A woman goes on a quest with an alien friend, and returns with only a furry musical vase:
her friend! And from how the vase purrs, I'm not so sure if she wants to be changed back.
THE VAT MESSIAH: by Wayan; 1985/2/27, a major dreamtale.
In our cult, we lie in vats of goo till we grow wings. But we’re feared more than we knew...
THE VENDOR: by Georges Perec; July 1971, a nightmare of societal amorality. Dream #77
I murder my wife. I try to sell her body as meat to a firm that'll turn her into wine.
But the transubstantiation has already happened, and the paperwork's undone...
WATERCATS: by Wayan; 1987/9/10; an epic, clear predictive dream
I dream I find a few 'extinct' watercats--in a slum! They talk. They say I'm one of them,
brainwashed to think I'm human. I wake, go to a dinner, and hear a tale of... watercats!
THE WEED: by Elizabeth Bishop; before 1946, a dream-poem on death/rebirth
I was dead. A weed grew from my heart; then two streams poured out--not
water or blood but experiences. I asked the weed what it was doing, and it said...
WHAT'S IN THE BASKET?: by Ceridwens_Descent; 2007/8/4, a dream of embarrassing head loss
I cut off my own head! But I grew a new one. Only what to do with the old one? It's starting to rot...
THE WHITE DEER, RE-ENACTED: by Wayan; 2009/3/2, a parabolic dreampoem.
I'm living in an England rendered in chalk. We wander the woods with butterfly nets,
ritually hunting the White Deer--if that's what they really are...
THE WHITE MARE OF TRANSFORM RANCH: by Wayan; 1982/2/18, a dream of my anima
I visit a dude ranch where you learn to turn into other species--see
how others live. A white mare I barely recognize says Hello...
YOUR TURN: by Julian Green; 1933/10/18, a surreal but fair-minded dream.
I was nineteen again, riding my horse down a bad road in Virginia. After three hours, my horse spoke up...
ZEMMYO: by Myoe Shonin; c.1221/4/20, a spiritual Pygmalion dream.
A doll sent from China breaks into tears over her exile here in Japan. I reassure her and she becomes real...

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