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Dino for a Night

Dreamed 2017/7/9 by Wayan

How'd I become an industrial spy? I try
to infiltrate a power plant--maybe nuke,
certainly exotic tech. My bosses suspect
it's a den of Mad Science. True! The guard who
catches me isn't the usual wacko mad to glue
dino bones together on the floor to reconnect
skeletons full. Too dull. No, he's out to resurrect

Rex! To Frankenstein dem bones, clone T. reck-
lessly to life. Near-there! Already he can turn
spies like me into dog-size dinos. Test cases for
Tyrannosaur. He
zaps me in the Clonotron. Ow! New colors burn
in my sharp bird eyes. Bright feathers, scales.

I roam the plant, a guardogosaur. And find
an instant friend! Chirp, chat, wag feathered tails.

Run and play! Odd--the Paleo calls that guard "he",
yet (though I'm a dinewsaur) I know a she
when I see. Aha! The script will make us two
the Love Interests! Delights me--and not just for
her sake--ooh, my girl's a feathered saur!--
But too, spy films don't kill lovers; can't let down
the romantic crowd! And the plot'll bow
to humanocentrism too;

Rubes identify with skin! So I know that we'll regain
humanity, though only once the lab's in flame; till then
we lead crowd-charméd lives! An invulnerable run
of dinosaurian... fun.

Feathered dinos in love, as a mad scientists' lab burns in background. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Pulp plot, gender-blurred dinosaurs: I just read Passing Strange by Ellen Klages. In the afternotes, she says Margaret Brundage, the pioneer queer SF painter (both SFs: San Francisco and science fiction!) painted nearly 100 pulp magazine covers; lurid masterpieces for a pittance. But she had fun, paid the rent, and they kept her independent.

Temporarily invulnerable: not from Passing Strange (gays in 1940s America were profoundly vulnerable) but a kids' book by Ursula Vernon, Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible. Harriet bears a deadly curse: to fall into a century-long sleep when she hits twelve. But she figures out that guarantees survival to twelve! Harriet tests it--fights dragons and giants, jumps off cliffs... Leveraging your capital is one thing, leveraging your curse is inspired. Ha! And my dream liked it enough to give me a taste. Dino for a day. Well, night.

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